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That Obligatory Year End Post

Tweet Ok maybe not obligatory, but all of the cool kids are doing it, so… 2013, what a year, eh? I started off being pretty excited about the Berlin Half Marathon – I was scared but felt like I was ready to tackle the distance again. I have to say for this event I trained…

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Hmmm. This May Be Working.

Tweet After more than 2 long years of nothing happening in the weight loss department, it seems I have had some success for more than a few weeks in a row. I haven’t noted all results here on the blog, but I have been tracking on My Fitness Pal: Interesting enough is that I started…

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Three Years

Tweet Today is my wedding anniversary. Three years ago the hubs and I got married in Las Vegas with just a few people who were able to come and join us. We didn’t officially invite loads of people on purpose. We just wanted it to be small, intimate. In fact how it turned out is…

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