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It’s true, it’s a story

Tweet So, Hey, how are you? Sorry I haven’t really updated lately. Even the 11×11 post was not meant to be published yet. Bloody hell I am not so great with this stuff am I? So a little update on the last couple of weeks: Gym: I’m going to the gym! I realize now I…

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Week In Review:: 20 Nov – 27 Nov

Tweet So, yeah. No idea what happened. Actually, yes I do know. Work happened. A LOT at work happened. It was a very stressful week. I didn’t even get any photos for my Friday Foodie Post. That’s how bad it was. I did prepare food again last Sunday for my lunches and that really came…

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That Little Berlin Trip

Tweet I mentioned that I was nominated to go to Berlin for a special event that was taking place there for our German Retail Market. The reason that I and a few others from my office had been selected was because the CEO of the company was unfortunately not going to be stopping off in…

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