OK. Seriously?

13 February, 2010 Off By Pinky @lowfatpie

Before I do a proper update for this week… I just want to say…


It wasn’t a perfect week, but 5/7 days completely on, working out like crazy, making sure I did everything right and the scale is staying pretty much the same???  In fact, I gained 200 grams this week???

5/7 days tracking, exercise, fruits, veg, water, blah blah blah.  I’m growing tired of this whole thing.

So, basically I’m not allowed to go out and have fun if it involves food and drink, ever, if I want to lose weight?

I’ve been in the 81 – 82 KG range since beginning of December. 

I KNOW.  It’s good.  I’ve still lost weight.  I’m getting fit.  I took my measurements, yes. I’m healthier now, yes.  It’s not a race, I know.  It’s not about WHEN I reach my number goal is that I actually reach it. 

I gained 200 grams this week.  Next week I’m in England.  I’ll have a gain next week too.  Oh sure I can be “careful” and still track everything and stay active blahblahblah, I don’t have to have a gain, but hello.  I am not stupid.  I have never gone to England for a few days and not gained weight.  Oh, I know, I’ll just drink water and eat salads while I’m there.  That should be fun.

I KNOW that “fun” doesn’t have to mean food and drink but what do I do when good food and drink is something I enjoy???  I’m meeting up with an old high school friend for dinner, meeting people for pre-concert drinks – everything revolves around food and drink! 

I KNOW I’m just ranting and spewing and raving and I’m going to get over this.  But right now I’m pissed off and frustrated.  Right now I just wonder WHY I bother when it seems I’m MEANT to be a Fat Girl the rest of my life!!!