Ek Lek Tik

Before my 12K (!!!) Run Sunday – set my iPod up for 85 minutes of success. Until Sunday, the most I’d done was a little over 10K. I guess I can stop worrying about the possibility of failure on the official 12K I’m participating in at the end of the month.

Anyway I was just thinking – if someone got a hold of my play list they would wonder how someone could be so indecisive about music. It’s really all over the place as far as styles go. Fact is, though, I love music- many different types – and I can not go one day without listening to something.

With that, my 85 minute playlist:

Catch 22 – Pink
Your Honesty – Madonna
You’re Not Alone – Olive
Just Dance- Lady Gaga
Big Time Sensuality – Björk
Uprising – Muse
Tearin’ Up My Heart- N*SYNC
Halleluja – Rammstein
Poker Face – Lady Gaga
Breathe – Ministry
This is Love – PJ Harvey
Wise Up! Sucker – Pop Will Eat Itself
Name of the Game – The Crystal Method
Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode
Fired Up – Funky Green Dogs
It’s No Good (Club 69 remix)- Depeche Mode
The White Room – KLF
Go – Moby
One of a Kind – Placebo
Come to Me – Björk

What Music inspires your running or your workouts?

2 thoughts on “Ek Lek Tik

  1. Thanks for posting your list! I always love to see what other people listen to for running.

    12K? Wow! That’s very impressive! Good for you and glad to see you’re back

  2. Oh Hey Debbie! good to see you too! and yeah, 12K! Insanity right?

    I am kind of stuck at the moment with music – still listening to some old stuff. I am almost embarrassed to post that I was jamming on Journey or Def Leppard. Totally shows my age! ha!

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