The Update that Wasn't

I mentioned last week that the plan was that there was no real plan and that I was travelling to London in the week.

I can also tell you that I did not weigh in this morning, which was also the plan.  Maybe that’s like believing that Denial is Only a River in Egypt, but does it really matter?

On Monday we flew out, on Thursday evening we were home again, VERY late.  On Friday I had a birthday party to go to in Rotterdam. 

Did I make good choices or did I throw caution to the wind?  Well, a bit of both!

Our hotel apparently didn’t get the memo that toast and cereal as the included breakfast was kind of outdated.  Nonetheless, I can say I had nary a fry up whilst in Old Blighty.  Normally I MUST have a proper English breakfast if I’m in the UK, but I didn’t.  Not even a breakfast after having breakfast at the hotel.

So each morning we carb-loaded.  Not my favourite thing to do, but I discovered I also won’t die if I don’t have protein for breakfast.  I have been known to adamantly swear – dramatically – that I can simply not LIVE on bread alone but looks like I made it through the carb storm.

Tuesday we had pub food for lunch, did some shopping and drank beer (or lager or bitter or ale, whatever it may be called), we also walked for ages in the rain, then later met up with a friend of mine for Mexican food (which we did also in Amsterdam when she was visiting!) and cocktails.  On Wednesday we carb-loaded again but then went to Hyde Park for some jogging and afterwards ate a Giant Burger and Fries at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen (the Garlic Mayo burger – major stinkage, but sooooo very tasty).  We drank beers before the concert, had a sandwich at the Royal Albert Hall and had beers afterwards.  We walked again for ages on the way back to our hotel (probably about 1½ KM before we gave up and grabbed a cab). 

So there were good choices and fat choices and I’m good with everything. 

Pub Food – I had the falafel burger and a side salad (I did not eat those chips/fries, a small victory in ChipLand!) 
pub grub

Drinking with Pride
Drinking With Pride

Today I start over again. So the plan for this week:
1) Log my points on my online WW program at least 5 days
2) Go to the gym: at least Sunday and Monday evening Zumba
3) Go to WW meeting in Amsterdam
4) Run at least twice

Hubs is at the grocery store as I type this armed with a shopping list that Mother Nature would be proud of.

100 pushups did not get done – we’ll start Week 3 tonight!

7 thoughts on “The Update that Wasn't

  1. Sounds fun!!!! I’m glad you went first, now it’s my turn to go to Mexico with a big group of people and see if I can behave myself and manage to get some exercise in and then just start over again when vaca is done. I like the “not weighing” thing you did right after vacation. Why heap worries on, right? 100 pushups? ? ? I can do like 5 girl pushups before I die. Good for you. Must work on that.

    1. You know, K, just make good choices while you are in Mexico. Substituting salads for fries or drinking water between cocktails is better than nothing! Taking opportunities to stay active really helps! You will be fine! The only reason I am not weighing until next week is simply because of the last time I got on the scale I let it affect me. There is no law that says you have to weigh every day or even every week. Think about all the other things that make you feel GOOD about this weight loss trip you are on and keep those good feelings!

      the 100 pushups is a program to build yourself up! you should check it out! my arms are looking quite good lately ;-)

  2. Okay you are about the cutest thing ever. I love the pic of you in the pub with a beer. I actually am sitting here sipping a Jamison’s and I clinked my glass to the screen.
    I suppose I could comment on diet or tracking or something, but what the heck. Cheers.

    1. thanks! that was before my manicure went south (which it pretty much does 3 days after I do my nails!)! The falafel burger was really tasty (I didn’t skip the chips the next day, though…) :)

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