I'll take a new attitude, for $100, Alex

Gaaarg I feel like a real Cranky McButterpants lately.

I’m opting now for a new attitude.  I am going to think about at least one positive thing per day about myself and embrace it instead of putting it in the background.

I feel like I have a lot of growing and thinking to do.

I have accomplished so much so far and not just with weight loss.  Weight loss is almost becoming secondary.  There is a reason why all of these thoughts and changes are occurring right now and I don’t need to know that reason, I just need to accept that it’s there.


Expect positivity.

Expect good things.

Expect changes.

Expect that I will be in charge of what I do to my body.  Not negative thinking.  Not the past. Not a jar of chocolates.  Me. Right here, right now.

It’s all going to happen people!


  1. karen says:

    Thanks for stopping by and adding time on my bike ride! I’m hoping it’s going to be the kick in the pants I need to get my ever-increasingly-fat-ass active again. Maybe I should make it a regular thing!

    I love the new attitude post. I have a couple of books on mindfulness (specifically where it relates to food/health) that arrived RIGHT before we left for our mini-vacation Wednesday and I’m hoping that they’ll help with my own attitude some.

    Change is scary … especially if we’ve been in the negativity rut for a while … but hopefully it will be exciting, too!

  2. pinkymcpie says:

    Hey Karen! Whatever it takes to get you started up again, eh? Hope it goes really well!

    Change *is* scary, but if we are scared then chances are it’s a good thing, no matter how afraid we may be!

    thanks for coming by as well!

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