Without Even Trying

Today is the 9th day in a row that I’ve done some sort of activity.

Now that isn’t much really if you think about it.  I mean, if you want to talk about someone making a an effort to move every single day then you would definitely need to look at Kat, who is an amazing inspiration for daily activity!

It started with my bike ride on Easter Monday.  I only went out for fun, to enjoy the day, get some fresh air and get some movement in.  It ended up being nearly 30KM as you all know.

Then on the Tuesday I went back to Zumba.  I did a Zumba technique class so I would feel like such an uncoordinated dork with all the different moves, but I hadn’t actually been back to a regular class.

On Wednesday I went running.  Since I’m signed up for the Zuidas 6KM in Amsterdam, I’ve been working on reaching that 6KM within a certain period of time (my initial thought was 40 – 45 min, but I can do it under 40!).  Hubs went with me (because the way he supports me is to also go along with the running and the different events.  That’s just how he rolls.), we had a good run, a great dinner afterwards and went to bed exhausted.

But he woke up in the middle of the night sick.  Like deathly ill.  I’ve never seen or heard him that ill before.  With him up in the middle of the night, that meant that I was up in the middle of the night.  I think we must have fallen back asleep around 3.45 or so.  With him being ill that meant no ride to the train station for my morning trip to work.  So I biked to the train station, and back home afterwards on Thursday.

On Friday he was still ill.  So I cycled again.  Then I went running after work.

On Saturday I got up fairly early to spend the day with my girlfriend shopping in Germany (just over the border really, to Oberhausen).  We spent the whole day shopping, talking, eating, drinking coffee.  We arrived back at Arnhem at around 5.30pm – she went home and then later Hubs and I rode our bikes to the train station to meet her again and her husband for dinner.  So more cycling to and from the station.

On Sunday we met with friends in Utrecht.  Again, cycling to and from the station.

Yesterday hubs needed another day at home, so I hopped on my bike again.  And I ran in the evening.

And here we are at Tuesday.  Hubs is going to the doctor this morning, so I’m on the bike again.

And you know what?  It feels good.  I am fully functional.  I can feel the strength in my legs, the power (and a little pain, but that’s ok) when I’m pushing up the hills (which seems to be the only hills in this country, right here in the town I live in).  I really like it.  This is what I missed the most when I was very fit and at my ideal weight several years ago.  I don’t have to miss it anymore.  This is what I do.

(I’m off to Zumba tonight too.  I was planning on a day off tomorrow, but I’m kind of liking this movement thing I’ve got going on!)

7 thoughts on “Without Even Trying

  1. I think this is like faith forcing you on track :) I hope he’ll get well soon but are you gonna keep biking to and back to the station? I hope you will. Or at least may be certain days of the week you could schedule it. Just keep moving !!

    1. it’s true, right? and I love that the Dutch are so bike friendly for example. It’s so very easy to go everywhere by bike or public transport. As long as I can move, I really, really want to! I don’t want to take advantage of my body and health anymore. It’s easy to be lazy but at what price, you know?

  2. I should note that I did not go to Zumba last night.

    I did ride my bike again this morning and hopefully I’m not too late home tonight so I can go for a run.

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