ProPoints, I’m done with you!

As of right now, I am no longer following Weight Watchers ProPoints.

I’ve had enough.

I am still using the program to give me guidelines on serving sizes and what ranks higher in nutritional value.

But I’m done counting.

I’m going to trust myself.

This is not a license to go off and get crazy. This is a license to carry on down the path that I have been going down for a very long time now. Only now without the confines of the numbers which clearly do not work for me and do not make me feel better about myself.

Eating well, listening to my body, running, gym, cycling, being active in general, these are the things that make me feel GOOD about myself. Yes I am still technically overweight, but right now I’m going to focus on something else. That’s me LIVING and treating myself with the highest respect possible.

12 thoughts on “ProPoints, I’m done with you!

  1. Good for you! Points can be extremely restrictive, and so long as you’re being healthy, your body should follow suit.

    (Eat when you’re hungry; don’t when you’re don’t. Eat until you’re full but not stuffed! DRINK YOUR WATER! EAT MINDFULLY! ;P)

    But yeah, congrats and good luck, m’dear. :) This is just the next part of the adventure!

    1. Thank you Tracy! Like I said this doesn’t mean that I’m immediately going to start ordering pizzas and other takeaways. I just need to stop looking at the numbers as they are driving me NUTS!!

  2. Renee you need to make the best decision for you as long as your happy then this is a better direction for you to go in. otherwise why would you keep doing something that doesn’t work for you and makes you miserable.

    1. exactly! it doesn’t work and it makes me miserable! WW does not have a program for those of us who are very active. WW DOES work, I do not deny that, but it’s just not working for me anymore.

  3. It sounds like this is really what you need right now. Maybe not worrying about it all will help the pounds melt away. I haven’t always believed that but now I think that might actually be true.

    1. isn’t that also what they say when women are trying to get pregnant and can’t? hahaha! just stop worrying about it and it will happen :) Either way, focusing on my physical strength and endurance is where it’s at right now methinks!

  4. Yes, I think they say that to women TTC as well. Must be all the stress, and there is some evidence to back up how stress prevents weight loss. Last week I relaxed how I counted at dinnertime and I lost 5 pounds! I find that trying to count every damn point at dinner makes it hard for me to just start cooking healthy food at home, which usually has me relying more on pre-packaged foods and stuff, which must be counter-productive. So I tried eating reasonable portions of a main dish and eating lots of veggies on the side, and that actually seemed to work. Still counting all day though. I think it could be fun to try some of this with you!

  5. Yes I think this is the best decision for you at the moment.

    Keep us updated how it works!

    As I mentioned before I did WW few years back and that didn’t really work for me either it certainly made me think about what foods I was eating and it really helped motivate me to keep a balanced diet, but that was it, it was all about the food and not really much focus on the exercise. What is silly is someone who is running 5km a night needs a completely different diet to someone who does a light aerobics workout 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately WW isn’t that sophisticated.

    Good luck with the next course of action, I think you’ll find it will help! :O)

  6. I didn’t want to follow the WW program anymore too. Right now I’ve been counting calories since the end of July. This week I’ve had two days of not counting and rely on myself and I did fine. Today I’m counting again, can’t be trusted on the weekend :)

  7. I hope this turns out to be the right decision for you. But being how frustrated you were with WW, I definitely think that trying something different is a good idea. For me ProPoints is working really well right now, and as long as it continues to work this well, I’ll keep following it. Looking forward to following your progress off WW.

  8. Thanks for all the comments :) I’m still pretty much eating the same, just not counting at the moment, trying to follow guidelines a bit and then also trying to trust myself. All a learning process right?

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