So Far September

12 September, 2010 Off By Renée

I did not mean to go this long without a post. In fact, I was writing up a post about my trip to Rome on my “regular” blog and I haven’t even finished that one yet. It’s been a little bit busy since I got back. My intention is always to post at least once a week to keep people interested, but also for myself so I don’t easily forget about my accomplishments.

A few things:

1) I wanted to set some September goals, but here we are at the 12th already! So basically my goals are:
a) complete 5K in Arnhem (Bridge to Bridge) – DONE (and kicked ass, thankyouverymuch)
b) complete 16K in Amsterdam on the 19th – bring it on
c) clock at least 85 KM this month running
d) go to the gym. really. just once.
e) write that letter to my grandmother

2) Our trip to Rome was AWESOME. I mean really and completely awesome. We did so many things and I haven’t even been able to sort through all the photos yet and put them online, but there are at least a few (nearly 100!) here if you want to have a look. I absolutely loved Rome and plan on going back. Oh and the food? OMG. Awesome. Seriously. I did not worry about eating while I was there. Pizza. Pasta. Ice Cream. My birthday weekend was definitely one of the best so far. The Highlight? Going running around the Colosseum. Epic. When was the last time YOU ran around the Colosseum in Rome?

3) I have been food tracking but once again the numbers are all over the place. It’s really, really frustrating. I am going to a Dietitian tomorrow, but honestly, it may be time to just accept that I may possibly weigh 80KG for the rest of my life. If I am hungry I’m going to eat. I refuse to walk around completely empty and light-headed, cranky and headachy, in the name of trying to drop a few kilos. Trust me I am not eating anything crazy. I always get my fruits and veggies in. I eat lean meats, fish, my dairy servings. How can you go wrong when you actually snack on roasted vegetables? What I really hate though? Is that people eat way worse than I do and they consistently lose weight. It feels very unfair. But I know. Mom always said “Life is not fair.”

4) In case I failed to mention it, I am doing two more races in November. One is nearly 10K and the other is 15K. They are both closer to home (compared to the 2 races I’ve done in Amsterdam and now 1 in my city) and they both include a buttload of hills. Next year I want to do more races, maybe a half and …

5) Hubs and I decided we are going to do the BERLIN Marathon next September. Berlin, people. Need I say more? It’s only one of my favourite cities in Europe and moreover an amazingly cool city to run in. Last June (2009) we were there for the second time and we’d already started the C25K, so we decided to do two of our runs that week in Tiergarten. Of course I could run a marathon in the Netherlands, but why not combine my passion for travel and running in the same trip? We are going to have to get on a training plan STAT.

For a little glimpse of what this Runner Girl eats:

Last weeks food also included: 2 cookies, 2 mini-Nuts, 2 home-made Curries (that Hubs tailors to my dietary needs)and a Mexican dinner including Mojitos (and beer and wine… oops). For the rest, I eat like those photos show you. I also ran 25KM this week (Sunday to Sunday). Last time I weighed, the result was 80.5KG, up a kilo from the last time I posted here (but down since I returned from Rome).

Ask me what’s in the photos, I love to talk about the kind of food I eat!

That’s my update for now, but I have a few other posts up my sleeve which I can hopefully get to this week as well.