Spinning Around

No, we are not talking Kylie here

and we are not talking Dead or Alive

Though admittedly I probably could work up a sweat in a club dancing to these two tunes, I’m talking about Spinning:

Photo Courtesy of Jagyba Sport and Health

I have been wanting to try spinning for a long time now, but I am actually scared to try it.

I’m scared to try a new sport where I have to interact with others and hear and understand the words that are being spoken to the class.

My language skills are fine, I do speak Dutch, but I am sometimes insecure. Any time I do a class of any sort I am nervous and insecure. I remember the same feeling I had the first time I went to Weight Watchers and that was nearly 11 years ago. My language skills have improved considerably.

So what am I afraid of? What if I don’t understand the directions? What if they yell at me because I’m doing something wrong and I won’t understand what it is? What if I look like a complete idiot? what if I just can’t do it?

I’ve gotten some feedback now and I keep looking at the schedule and I keep wondering… am I going to do it? Will I dare to do it?

I might.

15 thoughts on “Spinning Around

  1. I’ve tried spinning and I absolutely think you’d love it. It’s very intense and will easily get you to work up a sweat! :D

    Give it a shot!

  2. DO IT! If it ends up being too awkward, try another class. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot to begin with though! :)

  3. Just try it!

    I did it once and I hated every minute of it. All I could do was watch the clock if it was over yet. But I’m me and you are you and you might like it.
    It’s really a very good fat burner as I’ve been told.

  4. I say, GO FOR IT Renee! I just started spinning recently, and the workout is incredible! I really, really enjoy it.

    The first class will probably have your really sore around your lady bits LOL but eventually you’ll get over that and you’ll be used to it. The calorie burn is so worth it. When I’m done with the spin class I have the same feeling of accomplishment as I do after a run.

  5. You should know how I feel about spinning by now. :D

    As Jamie (sweatyhugs above) says, your ladybits will probably hate you after your first class. Your legs may refuse to climb stairs on the day after or the second day after. It’s normal and worth it, because when you get to the end of the class and you’re covered in sweat and grinning like a lunatic and burned hundreds of calories?

    Yeah, totally worth it.

    If it’s the language you’re worried about, make sure to say that to your instructor when you go in. And then nab a bike where you can see him or her, and if you don’t understand the instructions, wait until they start physically doing whatever they’ve instructed the class to do, and join in then.

    (This is how I learned the word “pullbacks” – not a word I even knew in English, but I watched and learned. I still can’t do them, but I know what they are now.)

    Hopefully you’ll find a class with good music and good people and an excellent instructor and that’ll make it even better.

    Just give it a shot! :D


  6. Renee you will love it!! it’s a staple in my week and I didn’t know at first but I love it now and have increase my indurance because of it!

  7. Just do it ! You gotta start one day, right ? I’ve never done it but like you, I scared of it. I feel like I’ll die on that machine. How about I start with jogging ? (Yes I realize you are a runner *lol*) Once I master that, perhaps spinning won’t look so much like the devil.

    You though should go for it.
    You only live ONCE ! (Well, who really knows ? *lol*)

  8. I tried spinning too. It is a good workout, but I had a similar experience to Miz. I hear you can buy special cushion seats to make the bikes more comfortable. BTW, thank you for your tweet yesterday about running. It helped to motivate me to get out for my first run after an ankle injury last month. It felt good!

  9. OK you guys!! THANKS SO MUCH for the great responses!!

    I went to the gym today and talked to my Zumba instructor (she was working the front desk) – I told her I was nervous and she told me not to be afraid, to just listen to my body and be sure that I check in with the instructor to tell him it’s my first time. She also told me NOT to wear gym pants (so I’ll wear my bike shorts) and to do one of the 45 minute classes rather than the one hour classes they have on the schedule.

    So, I AM going to do it, I just have to figure out when. could be Saturday, could be Monday :)

    <3 you guys for the help and support!

  10. I love spinning and I was worried the same as you that I’d look silly if I didn’t know what was going on (and I don’t have the language problem!). I found that most of the time you just need to copy everyone else. If you happen to not be working at the same heartrate or resistance level – it’s no big deal. Good idea to quietly tell the instructor at your first class that you are new and they should explain it all to you.. after that it’s easy!!

    I’m just about to go to my Friday evening class – haven’t been all week so really really need to go! I hope you like it when you try it :)

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