Spinning Around

18 October, 2010 Off By Renée

No, we are not talking Kylie here

and we are not talking Dead or Alive

Though admittedly I probably could work up a sweat in a club dancing to these two tunes, I’m talking about Spinning:

Photo Courtesy of Jagyba Sport and Health

I have been wanting to try spinning for a long time now, but I am actually scared to try it.

I’m scared to try a new sport where I have to interact with others and hear and understand the words that are being spoken to the class.

My language skills are fine, I do speak Dutch, but I am sometimes insecure. Any time I do a class of any sort I am nervous and insecure. I remember the same feeling I had the first time I went to Weight Watchers and that was nearly 11 years ago. My language skills have improved considerably.

So what am I afraid of? What if I don’t understand the directions? What if they yell at me because I’m doing something wrong and I won’t understand what it is? What if I look like a complete idiot? what if I just can’t do it?

I’ve gotten some feedback now and I keep looking at the schedule and I keep wondering… am I going to do it? Will I dare to do it?

I might.

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