Positive Post: 1st Monday of the Year Edition

3 January, 2011 Off By Renée

Usually Mondays are fairly tough to get cranked up. A typical Sunday night is to struggle with sleep and/or wake up every few hours and then when it is actually time to get up, there is more struggling taking place. Last night was no exception but I had already had it in my mind that no matter what, I was going to not be cranky in the morning.

Sunday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Usually the rush to get my lunch and snacks ready for the next day happens too late, as in somewhere around 9.30 – 10pm when I should be winding down and getting ready for bed. Instead, I spent the afternoon making carrot soup, roasted veggies and quinoa for the week. That means no prepping at all this morning, just making breakfast (steel cut oats courtesy of @foodiemcbody, @eddiemonsoon and @rissamama3) and packing my lunch in my backpack. I will continue to prep in the evening this week so that there is no rushing going on in the morning (this is a source of stress that I would like to eliminate).

I have set up my training schedule on Nike+ for the Half Marathon which means I need to keep the appointments to run so that I will be successful at the end of April in Utrecht. Another thing that I will be doing is going to the gym twice a week. Tuesday evening the Hubs and I will (hopefully) go together (or I’ll go on my own). All of the feedback I have received over several months is that I need a variance in training, ie not just running. I need to strength train as well. I would like to get myelf to the point where I go to the gym on the weekend at least once as well, but let’s not set too many high expectations for myself just yet.

With the stress at work I just need to remember to breathe. Deep, cleansing breaths. I have a new guy starting today but of course it’s quite possibly the worst day to have someone start, but I will get through it with my team. I just need to breathe.

I’ve got the control back this week. No more letting the stress of life, work, lack of sleep get me down. Keeping my appointments with myself will in turn do a lot for my self-esteem and give me a sense of accomplishment. I’m ready!!

What positive things are you doing for yourself this week to set yourself up for success?