The Last Foodie Friday of 2011

We made it guys! WHOO!!

This week has not be stellar for me once again but we are not surprised by now. After all this is NOT A WEIGHT LOSS BLOG so no real reason to expect that I’m a green, mean, clean eating machine all the time, right? With the holidays coming to a close, finally the biscuits, cookies, chocolates, cakes, special breads, etc., will stop being put in my face until next year and I can at least go on with my life in the way I actually MEAN to go on.

Remember last year I did the 30 Day I’m Not Going to Eat Any Crap At Work Challenge? Well it’s time to have that challenge again. This is utterly ridiculous and not who I am.

It’s funny because we have stuff at home right now, chocolates that my husband bought, but the thing is, I don’t like them, so I don’t eat them. I don’t like half the shit I’m shoving in my face at work, but I’m still eating it. I’m not hungry, I’m eating it. I’m looking for stuff to shove down my neck. I know that it’s stress related.

But it’s amazing (here comes the broken record) that even though I know it doesn’t help I do it anyway. Really annoying. I can quit smoking, but I can’t stop shoving crappy things in my face?

Anywho. I had some really good stuff this week too though. I must be such a food/health dork because I just LOVE a great salad. I am definitely going to refocus and get my good food on next week and beyond :)

Thanks to Tracy, I had these Cheddar Snack-a-Jacks with lowfat Philadelphia and 4 slices total of chorizo for breakfast. In hind-sight, I agree that these are more a snack item and not breakfast as I was just too hungry too soon. Lesson learned.

Another breakfast: Green Eggs. I used spinach (frozen, thawed out from night before), spring onions and courgette (zucchini) with two eggs and two egg whites, about 10g of parmigiana and (sorry if this sounds weird) used the pan that had a wee bit of oil (< 1TBSP), garlic (whole clove), chilies and cumin fried in it the night before. This was delish and definitely more filling than the snack-a-jacks.

Curry (Dahl) – OH MY GOD this is insanely delicious and healthy, really! Lentils, tomatoes, chicken, spices… with basmati rice and the “topping” as mentioned above ^^^^

The topping, in the pan:

Wait that’s not food! (Nena, Kitty #2 hanging out)

Another breakfast: this was good, but only semi-filling. I had a couple weeks there where I was doing all right but lately (maybe again lack of good sleep) I’m hungry by the time I get to work. Again need to revamp and figure this out. Ah I’m in a constant state of reinvention, no?

2 Hard boiled eggs, leftover rice and two small ripe tomatoes:

This week I also had, but did not photograph, leftover chili con carne with rice (yum), leftover Dahl (no chicken, no topping) and I had some leftover rice, steamed broccoli, chicken, courgette and red onion that I whipped up together for lunch yesterday.

With all the not so healthy choices (and chocolate/biscuit face shoving) there were some healthy ones in there too.

What did you eat this week? What was amazing and healthy? What could you improve upon? Did you also almost eat up a cute kitty cat?


  1. FeeneyFooFoo says:

    Your cat is absolutely stunning!!!! Love looking at ur food boxes!! Gives me ideas for when I’m taking lunches to work… New job so will be boxing up pretty soon xxx

    1. Renée says:

      Oh Simonne I didn’t know you were starting a new job soon! Would be great to exchange ideas on lunches then! always love to change things up a bit!

      and isn’t she just adorable? That face!!

      thanks for commenting :)

  2. Your food pics are making me HUNGRY!

    Re: you can quit smoking but not stop shoving crappy foods in your mouth… I completely understand. After all, an alcoholic, drug addict, smoker, etc aren’t required to ingest their poison of choice in order to sustain life. Food addicts are. Kinda hard when you can’t quit your drug of choice or you’ll die!

    1. Renée says:


      and I agree with you to a certain extent. I won’t die without cookies and cakes and chocolates. I totally can choose to have something else. So kind of like with smoking, I choose to not smoke, though I’ve been tempted I still say no. I “think” I can apply that same exact strategy with foods I simply don’t want to have anymore. I want to learn some control and moderation.

      thanks for commenting!

  3. Penny says:

    Some mindless eating going on here, but I know it’s the holidays and I tend to do that and then move on when they are over. Looking forward to a fantastic New Year filled with exciting new adventures XX

  4. Emilie Smith says:

    Like I twittered.. I love your foodie posts. I’m curious – what are you taking your photos with? My iPhone 3GS isn’t up to nice images like yours so I’m wondering what I should upgrade to :)

    1. Renée says:

      I have a blackberry but the photos are about all that it’s good for – am usually wanting to chuck it from a moving vehicle… will be in the market soon for a new phone though with a decent camera, but I’ve heard that iPhone’s cameras are generally not great so it’ll probably be some sort of Android.

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