2014: Time to Choose

So we are now a couple of weeks into 2014 and finally I have figured out how I want this year to be for me.

A lot of people have goals or themes or a word that they’ve decided has meaning to them.

I often have had words that I’ve used to get me through something or words that I’ve thought of to describe myself. Words like driven, determined, disciplined. And I can still use those words as I feel like I am those things, at least much of the time and but mostly when it comes to training for a race.

I don’t think I’ve been very driven, determined or disciplined with food. Well, it’s a fact actually if you look at the fact that I gained weight over the past year. I did a modified paleo thing for quite a few months and was super disciplined about it but it’s just not sustainable. I knew that when I started it – though some would say I was projecting failure – but I did it because my personal trainer suggested it and because, well, why not, I’ve tried loads of other things, right?

So as I was thinking, how can I refocus, how can I actually reach my goal weight at some point in my life… I mean I’m doing this for almost 5 years now…what is it going to take?

And then it dawned on me –

I have to CHOOSE this.

I have to CHOOSE to not let stress get to me by overeating on junk, chocolates, comfort foods, etc.

I have to CHOOSE this. I haven’t actually chosen this for a really long time. I have been going through the motions. I know what the right thing to do is and what the right things to eat are and generally speaking I do pretty ok at that since I’ve managed to maintain my weight for the last four years.

But it’s time now to CHOOSE. I’m going to CHOOSE what’s right for me and I’m going to CHOOSE my own goals over stress and I’m going to CHOOSE to think in the long term rather than this very second.

I don’t have goals per se. I just want to have control over my life, my food choices, my schedule, my stress levels. That’s what I’m going to work on this year. This is the year I truly CHOOSE what’s going to get me where I want to be.

i choose

What is your word for this year? Or do you have specific goals you set?


  1. Brooke says:

    Choosing is soooooooo much harder than it sounds. Especially when I want to choose pizza and a smaller size pants. Gah!

    1. Renée says:

      It’s so true! But I’ve been going for the what I want right now thing for so long and it’s clearly not working!

  2. I love this. I only have 1 goal this year and it is to live a happy and healthy life. That way I am not stressed out in trying to accomplish a ton of goals.

    1. I love your goal Dani. I think it’s an amazing way to focus on life right now!

  3. Angela says:

    I have read and posted a link to this post from my blog. Excellent outlook on life and this crazy quest for fitness in a world of indulgence, sugar, alcohol and couch potato-ness. (I made that one up, but it is oh-so-appropriate, don’t you think?) I am in the States, married to a Frenchman and spent 13+years in France. I love your blog. We are the same age, I have teenagers too… and simply found a lot in your writing to which I can relate. I have my own weight-loss saga going on, called “Mama Fitness”; encouragement, ideas and my own experience trying to get back in shape after 5 babies. The one thing I must give up for 2014 is running. That’s OK, while I love almost any other type of exercise, running was something I did and felt great about AFTERWARDS. Good luck to you…I will be reading!

  4. thanks Angela for commenting and how crazy about the similarities! I will definitely check out your blog!

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