Friday Five: Things I’m loving RIGHT NOW

11 January, 2019 Off By Renée

happy friday!  i’m linking up again with Meranda and Lacey for the Friday Link up! 

Today I just wanted to share a quick post with you on Things I’m Loving Right Now:

    1.  Not a material thing, but I’m loving the feeling of positivity right now with the fresh start of the year.  It just seems like people around me are setting goals and feeling good and that is spreading like wildfire!  I am feeling positive about my goals and am actually enjoying looking into classes and things I can do to achieve them.  Of course I need to also take action right?  haha!  don’t worry, that’s happening too. 
    2. I’m loving these new hair slides I bought from Etsy  – I’m constantly on the fence on what to do about my hair;  I decided to grow out my bangs which I’ve never managed to do fully, but now I have the issue of my hair always in my face!  I have a few hairclips but they didn’t feel age-appropriate (did I even just type that?  I mean really, what’s age got to do, got to do with it?).  Anyway I was looking for something different and came across Adrienn’s shop, ordered them and I finally received them this week. Super happy with them!   (still on the fence though – cut my hair? don’t cut my hair?  color it again?)

      wrapped up so sweetly!

      aren’t they cute!?

    3. I’m loving the power of social media – this week I posted this on Instagram and an IG friend responded that this was her lunch walking route as well!  HUH?  We literally work across the street from each other! So after a few messages back and forth we agreed to meet up and walk together!  I knew Linda was also an expat / immigrant (from Sweden) and had lived here quite a while, but in the 25 min we spent walking and talking we found out we had even more similar situations and things in common.  So this week, I’m loving Instagram for bringing us together!   More lunch walks in the future for sure!

      the road in front of the building I work in.

    4. I’m seriously loving the Simple Habits app that I mentioned in a previous post.  I’m so motivated by the prospect of checking off my list each day before bedtime!  Maybe it’s crazy but this little thing has reminded me to do the things that I really want to do each day, things I want to be a habit, things I would like in the future to just be the same as getting up, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, etc.!    Can you believe “no junk at work” is my longest streak so far?

      work in progress!


    5. I’m also loving tea right now.  I’m a serious coffee drinker but I really can’t stand the coffee at work so I’m now drinking herbal tea pretty much all day (when I’m not in the restroom because of aforementioned tea).   But I also love this tea from Higher Living (not an ad – I just like their teas and pay full price for them haha!).   I still am not sleeping well so I have a Morning Mojo when I’m up (and then coffee with my breakfast) and it’s just so vibrant and tasty!

      green tea and ginseng and probably unicorn dust in here!



All these things are making me feel good which = healthy!  Positivity does amazing things for us, don’t you think?


What are you loving right now?