Weekly Wrap Week 2 – Revisiting the Foot Saga

I’m joining Wendy and Holly this week (and hopefully next week too, hey!) for the weekly wrap! Join in with your fitness related post to get and receive support from other super cool and fabulous bloggers. 




Week 2 is down and we are ready to keep pushing forward!  


But first let’s review



Monday – Rest Day, walked at lunch

Tuesday – thought I had a training group run but didn’t, couldn’t bear the dark, rain and wind so i did HIIT kettlebell workout at home.

Wednesday – lunch walk


FridayIntervals; 2KM warmup, 10 x 600m with 200m rest, 1.5KM cool down back home

SaturdayRPM, was supposed to do HIIT but didn’t manage it

Sunday – Long run; 15km with steady heart rate zone 3 – didn’t happen, couldn’t deal with gale force winds and rain. 35 Burpees done and a HIIT workout instead.  Also started a 30 day plank app, so I did one 30 second plank (I know, I know, really pushing myself!)

Running KM’s: 11.5
Gym: 2 x
Home: 2 x


Weigh-in Wednesday

I started re-logging everything in the WW app on the 3rd of January, which was basically the first full day we were back from Berlin.  And I think it’s proven time and time again – when you really keep track of what you are doing/ eating, you should see the result you want on the scale.  The scale is obviously only one way to measure.   I’d like to have other ways to measure as well.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, result for WI Wednesday:   Down -600g / 1.3 lbs


Happy with that – not really interested in trying to lose any more than this per week (less is also ok) because I need food/fuel for energy for running and fitness!


Ron’s Birthday

Saturday was the Hubs’ 51st birthday – very low-key compared to last year (our trip to Naples) but hey you can’t go all out every year, right?

that time my hair matched my scarf perfectly – Ron’s 50th


We started the day with RPM and after we dropped Vincent back at home we went to get the birthday boy a piece of cake.  Cake is a necessity for one’s birthday, don’t you think?



Once we were back home there was lunch and lounging – Ron went to do his intervals that he missed from Friday (we had friends over for dinner) and I couldn’t take being awake much longer so I had a quick catnap (literally with a cat on top of me) while he was battling the elements.  I did want to do my HIIT workout and I did want to do my burpees from Rachel’s 21 Day 100 Burpee Challenge but it just didn’t happen.  We left the house around 6:30pm to go into town (The Boy was already with us) to meet The Girl to celebrate papa’s birthday together.    I felt a little bit bad that it was so low-key but Ron said he really enjoyed his day so I’ve got to believe that.  


I was inspired LAST YEAR to buy this shirt during Rachel’s challenge
proof I do get off the ground when doing burpees


HIIT workout instead of my long run – holy sweat drops, Batman!


Log food in WW app: every day
No junk at work: every day (worked 3 days this week)
10K steps per day: 5/7 days
take stairs at home: every day
vitamins: 5/7 days

I missed my vitamins and 10K steps on Tuesday and vitamins on Sunday (I actually need to restock). Tuesday and Sunday were also less than 10K steps days.

Not overly impressed with myself that I skipped two runs and I’ll not bore you with the excuses.  I will say though that on Tuesday I had the opportunity to just go during the day, after my appointment, but because I had training (I thought) I didn’t.  I left for training and sent a text that I was on my way and found out there was no training so I turned around and went home.

and finally… the Foot

The reason I only worked 3 days this week (instead of 4) is because on Tuesday I finally had the long-awaited second opinion appointment with another orthopaedic surgeon at a private clinic (instead of at the hospital).  i was planning on going in in the afternoon but after thinking about it more last weekend (and feeling rather upset about the whole thing again) I thought maybe it was a better idea to just ask for the day off.  Turns out I wouldn’t have really made it in but for a few hours anyway, because we were there nearly the whole morning and the clinic is quite far from where we live.   Anyway, the gist of it is –  after apparently a more thorough ultrasound (echo) the problem has actually now been discovered.  When a surgery for a neuroma removal is done, the surgeon not only has to remove the tissue mass, they also need to cut the ends of the nerve going into the mass.  There is one on the right and one on the left.  It would seem that my surgeon only cut the one on the right.  The one one the left is a sort of anatomical “abnormality”  (it’s just a difference really); it is more left than “normal” and therefore it could be that the surgeon thought he cut it but it was just fibrous tissue that he snipped.

an “x” where the right nerve is cut and on the left you see a bit how the nerve runs more to the left

Nerves are so small anyway, right?  And what the ultrasound technician found is that my abnormality is just 4/10th a millimetre further than where it should be.  This means only one thing:   another surgery is eminent.

Not going to lie, I’m happy and angry at the same time.  I’m glad the issue has been found, but I’m angry that for 2 years I’ve gone in between orthopaedic surgeon and the neurologist trying to get them to dig a bit deeper into the issue.  My ortho is fine, but kind of worthless (sorry, not sorry) – he’s one of those who is definitely empathetic but not one to really take action himself (everything i had done was because I pushed it – the cortisone shots, 2 MRI’s,  1 x-ray and 3 echos).  My neurologist – forget it.  She was absolutely horribly apathetic and downright bitchy.  I’m sure she is also good at what she does but she should not have contact with patients, ever.   My future was basically “take these pills for the rest of your life if you don’t want the pain to come back – otherwise there’s nothing we can do.”   I’m sorry but I can’t live like that.    I’m angry because in ONE APPOINTMENT the issue was found.   One appointment.  And now i have to have surgery again.  AGAIN.  AGAIN this throws a wrench in my plans for this year.  AGAIN I have to miss out on races that I was planning for and AGAIN I have set goals for myself only to have my foot dictate that I need to move on to Plan B.

I’m not as angry as I was on Tuesday and I know that this is the best thing for me and when my new surgeon fixes the problem then I will never have pain again AND I can get off the medication I’m taking at the moment for nerve pain.

I don’t know my surgery date yet, but as it’s a private clinic it will likely be in February or early March.   I’m working on Plan B now and will be sharing that soon.


So that’s pretty much it for this week.  I have been reminding myself often that I CHOOSE to eat well, I CHOOSE to run and I CHOOSE to be kind to myself.   I think keeping that in mind has helped me stay positive this week (in general; Tuesday was not a great day).  So the only way is forward and to roll with the punches!


How was your week in fitness?  Are you feeling positive about the new year and all the possibilities it’s presented?  Most importantly, have you started Rachel’s 21-day 100 Burpees Challenge yet?  Has Kim convinced you to use the stairs as a workout yet?



29 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Week 2 – Revisiting the Foot Saga

  1. Great week of workouts Renee! I’ve also been logging my food in the WW app since January 2 and also meal prepping which is helping me stay on track. I just hope I can continue doing both. I always start off strong and fizzle out.

    Kudos to you for doing the burpees challenge! I took one look at it and knew I just couldn’t fit it in this month with my other workouts, but maybe I can revisit it another month! Also, where did you get your “Do Epic Shit” shirt? I need it!!

    I am glad that you finally, FINALLY have an answer for the cause of your foot pain!

    1. I finally lost my streak this week on the WW app. It’s ok. It gets obsessive and then I just need a break, you know?

      To be honest the burpees don’t take that much time. I always split them up in 5’s anyway. I’m not the best burpee-er ever.

      That shirt was given to me from a friend of mine through Fitbloggin :) She had it made for me :)

      me too – though I am still a bit annoyed that I have to go through this again. It’s hard to let go of that, but I need to choose to do so so it doesn’t affect me mentally as much.

  2. Like Kim said above-that burpee challenge looks too intense. I hate burpees. I did not realize that your foot is so bad that you need surgery. But at least you have found out what the problem is. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    1. I hate burpees too, believe me! And yes, unfortunately, the first surgery I had almost 3 years ago created this new problem. I’m not excited about it, but fingers crossed it does the trick. Thanks for the birthday wishes (He was surprised to have so many happy birthday greetings from ladies he didn’t know haha).

  3. Ugh, glad you have an answer but how frustrating to need another surgery
    I have an 1130 day food logging streak. It’s the only thing that keeps me in check.
    Congrats on that loss. I love your scarf-matching hair!

  4. I get being angry as well as happy with the news about your foot. It’s so great to finally have an answer, but it sucks that it took so long and that you’re facing another surgery. Hopefully, you can get this done and over with as soon as possible!

    BTW I love your Do Epic Shit shirt! Where did you find it?!

    1. I really hope to have more info next week/ before the end of the month!

      my friend (another Michelle) from Fitbloggin had that shirt made for me :)

  5. I understand your mixed feeling about your foot but it really is good news to know what is going on AND that there is a fix for it. It sucks to have to revise your plans already, but it will be worth it to be well!

  6. You are so right…we get to CHOOSE how we respond to life (and the crap it sometimes sends our way), we get to CHOOSE to be kind to those who are mean, we get to CHOOSE to see the positive in tough situations. Although it means another surgery, I am glad you finally have some answers. I wish you lived a little closer, because I’d gladly CHOOSE to hug you in person. I had forgotten about your pink hair….totally funky and so YOU ;-)

    1. I would choose to hug you back! thanks for your kind words :) oh and I made an appt for my hair Feb 1st… we’ll see what happens!

  7. It’s a well-known fact that there are no calories in birthday cake. Keep on making those good choices. You have a great, positive attitude. Thinking about you and your foot and sending good vibes your way!

  8. That sucks about the foot. But at least you have a plan B. Excited to hear about it.

    Kudos on being positive. Sometimes that is hard

    1. thanks Darlene. still working on Plan B, checking out some options :) it is not always easy to be positive. I’d say this news has definitely affected my mood the last several days but I’m trying.

  9. OK so we ALL want that tshirt! I cannot believe people actually do a burpee challenge – I do about 15 of them in my circuit training and I find them so hard (and I actually don’t feel I get off the floor sometimes!!).

    So sorry about the appointment and all the crappy feelings about your other medical practitioners that has brought up. I’m glad you have a reason and a solution but that’s a lot of wasted time and pain and I think anyone would be angry. I am sure you will get through it, you seem like a really strong and resourceful person, and the pain will be got rid of. But ugh, too.

    1. yes the shirt seems to be popular :) I actually wore it once to spin class and my instructor loved it so much – he kept yelling “come on! do epic shit!!!” haha! and burpees are tough. don’t think that I’m great that them because I’m not! I have to split them up in 5 at a time anyway. Rachel posted a horizontal burpee (that is a real thing, she was completely up in air horizontal) and encouraged me to try it… ugh no. 1) I’ll never get off the floor, 2) I’ll likely break something if I do.

      thanks for your words – it is frustrating, but hopefully over very soon.

  10. Aarrgghh! So firstly, I am happy that they have FINALLY found out what the issue is. But I really feel for you that you’ve had this problem for so long and it’s taken this much time to find out what it is, mostly because you have been pushing and pushing for answers. So sorry to read this. But on the plus side – at least now you finally have a solid plan forward, even though it will of course disrupt your plans. Wishing you all the best.

  11. Good for you and your persistence. Working in healthcare, I see apathy in medical providers everywhere. I say it all the time: I’d really hate to be a patient. Until you find the right provider. I’m glad you have an answer, even if the news isn’t all good. Hopefully you’ll get it fixed and that will be that.

    1. thanks Wendy – fingers crossed I’m done after this. and no more meds and no more “could be” diagnoses.

  12. I totally understand how you are happy and angry about your foot. Always good to have an answer but sheesh! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since you ere in Naples. Seems like a month ago. Time flies.

    1. yeah still slightly annoyed. anyway, trying to get over it and on with it. I know it’s crazy to think it was a YEAR ago!!

  13. Oh no, I am sorry about how long it’s taken to get a diagnosis and that it will require another surgery. :(

    On a bright note, you’re doing great with your eating, your goals, and your weight loss. Congrats!

  14. What a frustrating experience with your doctors! Glad you at least finally found the problem and will be able to fix it permanently.

  15. Oh my goodness, how frustrating to think you’ve taken care of the problem, but such a tiny mis-snip missed part of the problem. I hope you can get it taken care of soon!

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