Friday Five: 5 Things to do at 5 AM

22 November, 2019 Off By Renée

My 5 AM Challenge

As I mentioned in my WRD from last week, I really wanted to challenge myself to get out of bed at 5 o’clock and do something -ANYTHING – to get myself in the habit of rising early. I’d like to teach myself and my body that 5am is a great moment to get up and get busy. The podcast I listened to basically said to just start, get up and do something. Later you can add the exercise or other things you want to do.

5 Things I did at 5 AM

  1. Fold Laundry – that’s right; on the first morning, I was very tired but had no idea what to actually do, then I realised I had several mountains of laundry that needed to be folded. This is one of the side effects of being able to workout again – lots of towels and sports clothes. (FYI: it took two mornings to get it all done)
  2. Food prep – What a nice feeling to prep food in the morning without my husband and on being on top of each other in the kitchen! Wait. That didn’t come out right! Well, you know what I mean. The space is small we do tend to crash into each other at times.
  3. Ok this one is going to sound weird but, I spent time putting our savings stamps in the booklets. We buy stamps because the supermarket actually gives a better savings interests than the bank. But… for some reason no one likes to put them in the booklets. Kind of like laundry, we are both waiting for the stamps to sort themselves out.
  4. Catch up on Social Media – One thing I’m doing is putting my phone away in the evening , out of the bedroom, so I go to sleep without checking my phone at the last minute. Also, a tip from the podcast I mentioned on my WRD was to put your alarm (my phone) in room close by so you literally have to get out of bed to turn it off. Then you stay out of bed and you don’t hit the snooze button 10 times! I’m busy at work these days and either go to the gym/pilates in the evening and sometimes have other appointments, so I don’t always have time to reciprocate on the weekly link-ups. I don’t want to be the person who doesn’t comment (not judging because I KNOW people get busy) on blogs or various social media. I feel like I had more time this week because I got up early.
  5. Go back to bed – ok so I really tried, but I’m tired y’all! This morning I got up, turned the alarm off and then went back to bed. 4/5 weekdays isn’t so bad for the first go-round, am I right?

The 5am Club

Are you a member of the 5am Club? Do you do things besides exercise? Catch up on social media, television shows, read, fold laundry?

I’m linking up with Meranda and Lacey over at Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday link-up! Why not join in the fun?

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