Fit Five Friday – 5 Reasons to Blog Again (and why it could be my last year to do so)

Say what???

I know, I know. I kind of gave the impression in my last post that I was going to be more active blogging again. And … we all know what happened there. I’m finding it easier to micro-blog on instagram than to sit down and try to be clever week after week on my blog.

Suddenly it dawned on me (likely for the billionth time but my memory is crap)… I DON’T NEED TO BE CLEVER!

Anyway, it’s Friday, let’s at least jump in with a…

Fit Five Friday

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For this little comeback post I want to talk about the 5 reasons I have to blog again and why it *could* be my last year to do so…

Reason One – Consistency

Back when I blogged regularly, which just so happened to be before the corona virus landed upon us all, I was way more consistent with just about everything related to my health and well-being. So the main reason to come back is to get that consistency again.

To be honest I am still active (mostly) every day and that is usually is about keeping my mental health in check. But a lot of things are kind of on the fly (Sorry, Kim for stealing your line) and that is not helping me much with proper training. There’s being active (which I don’t 100% believe needs to have a plan) and there is training (for an event, but even preparing to train for an event) and that’s where my consistency.

And even though I have a coach, my training has been sub-par, but that’s more to do with my body (which is a whole ‘nother post).

Reason Two – Active participation

Joining in on the link ups, even if it was just the Weekly Run Down had me not only being pro-active, planning my week ahead, but also had me actively participating in other blogs, sharing our ups and downs, supporting and even getting inspired by others. “They” say that when you surround yourself with what you wish to be, it will manifest itself as such. Or something like that. I guess you know what I mean by this.

I can’t expect a lot from passive participation. Time to flip that switch again.

Reason Three – Getting Back to Normal

The pandemic threw a real spanner in the works for me as I’m sure it did a gazillion other people. I see so many people “getting on with it” even though I’m not quite there yet. In every aspect of my life. I’m struggling just going to the office once time a week. I’m struggling to take care of myself by eating well. And well I’m still struggling hormonally (can I blame that on the pandemic too?).

Back when I was blogging regularly it was normal, it was steady, things were rolling along. Not everything was perfect but there were things to look forward to, gym nights, travel, weekly food prepping and planning, running events. Most of this was just lost from the get-go. While I’ve managed to work out at home, I’m running less and less and, if I’m honest I don’t take as much care of myself with food as I was before.

So blogging isn’t the answer to all this. It’s not suddenly going to solve mine and the world’s problems, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Reason Four – To chronicle my Training

Though my Berlin Half Marathon fell through, thanks to my knees, I have another one in mind (not even in mind, I’ve signed up, bought plane tickets and booked a hotel!) for August and of course Chicago is coming up in October.

And I’m going to run that damn marathon if it’s the last race I ever do!!!

Reason Five – It’s a test to go on or not

From a purely economical standpoint, it is not cheap to have this blog online, based on the hosting, etc, that I have chosen. I’ve just renewed for another year, so this is it. And If I’m not regularly and consistently blogging again then it will be time to say goodbye.

This little blog has been around since November 2009 and there is so much history and happenings – it’s so great to be able to look back at how life changed for me once I started running (around Feb/March 2009, but only started the blog later). But also the ups and downs of life in general. So it has been amazing to have and I’m really hesitant to stop.

So I’ve got eleven months to decide what to do, and with some luck and motivation (that I’ll be digging up from within me) I will just carry on again into 2023 and beyond.

What are your reasons for blogging?


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Here are the guidelines:

  • Your link should center around some kind of fitness (exercise, wellness, mental health, nutrition… the possibilities are endless!)
  • Please link back to your hosts! It’s the right thing to do! 
  • Share the link-up love by visiting and commenting on your hosts and at least two other Fit Five Friday bloggers!
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  1. Yay!!! So good to see a blog from you again! Your first two points really resonate with me – when I’m blogging, I find it’s easier to stay consistent with my running and thinking of content inspires my running. I also love the support and encouragement offered by the blogging community. There are some things that only runner bloggers get! Wishing you all the best ton your return and selfishly, I hope you are here to stay!

    1. Renée says:

      Thank you so much! I really am going to make the effort, and it’s high time I’ve caught up with my favourite bloggers again!

  2. Oh, I sure hope to see more of you (blogging or elsewhere)! My blog is more of an online fitness journal, so I keep most of my family stuff out of there (believe me, my kids are quite alright with that, LOL). Even if I didn’t participate with any of the link-ups, I’d still keep blogging…but that’s just me (and my need for writing and expression). I agree, though, the connections and support from others definitely feeds my inspiration ;-) Glad to see you again!!!!!

    1. Renée says:

      Thanks Kim. I think my biggest dilema is how the blog started, how it changed and now… I don’t know where I’m at. End of the day everything is all a work in progress anyway!

  3. jenny says:

    Well hello! Nice to see you again. These are all the reasons I blog too- connection, inspiration, accountability (how will I feel when I’m writing the Weekly Rundown if I have to admit I skipped the workout and slept in?) We’ll be interested to hear what’s been going on with you- hope you enjoy your return to blogging!

    1. Renée says:

      Thanks Jenny! One big issue I have at the moment is that I don’t feel like my weekly run down would be much of a run down at all! I know we are all different but I am coming to terms with my body not behaving as it used to and I don’t want to feel bad about missing workouts and such. I think that’s key for me – that it’s also a safe place to say it like it is. And I must admit, y’all have never judged me so I’ve truly nothing to worry about.

  4. Darlene says:

    I am so happy to read this. I miss your posts.

    I’ve blogged for a long time and I’ve thought of quitting many times… I mean what else is there to say. Who cares anyway?? And the time I spend blogging could be spent on other more important things…

    Yet here I am still blogging..


    It keeps me on track. If I post about my plans to race and run, I feel compelled to do it.

    I like to recap my races and it helps if I run the same race again or maybe correct some mistakes I’ve made.

    Most importantly, I have made friends that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t blog.

    It sounds corny but I’ve never met a running blogger I didn’t like. LOL

    1. Renée says:

      all of this Darlene! I’ve felt for a while “who cares anyway”. and actually I do. I care. And I want to continue to care about what I’m doing and what others are doing who are actually inspiring and motivating me to keep going.

      also never met a running blogger I didn’t like!!

  5. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I can totally relate to this. I have been torn on whether to keep blogging or not. I agree that the consistency helps, and I used to love sharing my weekly training recaps. I’m glad that you’re giving it one more shot!

  6. I think about not blogging, not gonna lie — I think a lot of us do. My interests have changed & I think my time might be better spent elsewhere. Yet I am still blogging away — it’s a journal, of sorts, and I’ve met so many cool people through my blog.

    However, I don’t spend a lot on mine. I do wished we lived closer! I wish we all lived closer!

  7. First, I’m so happy to see you back in this space!

    I totally agree with Judy – I’ve definitely thought about shutting my blog down on multiple occasions. But, at the end of the day, I stay for the reasons you’ve cited – blogging has always provided a level of accountability/consistency and connection. I love the people I’ve met through my blog!

  8. runswithpugs says:

    I love writing but I hate critique, so when I have my own blog, I have to answer to no one but me. However I love the connection, the creativity, the people, the accountability and the opportunity. I hope we get to keep you.

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