Fit Five Friday and we’re Marching on with Coffee

3 March, 2023 24 By Renée

March 2023

Welcome to this week’s Fit Five Friday – it’s the first Friday of the month and you know what that means…

ULTIMATE COFFEE DATE! *cue celebrations*

Welcome to the Fit Five Friday

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If we were having coffee

I would definitely share with you that I’m really proud of my stats for February. There were three less days in the month yet I still averaged 2.6KM walking per day, like I did in January. Also, while still not as consistent as I would like, I had four 5KM run/walk sessions, and one was even my own parkrun! So January I had only 1 session, but that’s also because I was still coughing a lung up, but in February I managed more, thanks to finally feeling better.

Always a pleasure to participate in my own parkrun!

I still haven’t made it to the gym again, seems like that one time in January was kind of a fluke. Ron and I are now discussing how we want to approach gym-going. He’s not too happy with our current gym so it could be we are going to quit and go to another. This weekend we will make a plan on which gyms to visit and when and hopefully make some sort of decision next week.

How was your February? Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

if we were having coffee

I would mention that I’m mentally struggling with getting older. It’s wild to feel 30 on the inside and have your body not reflect that. Recently I went to a clinic just to inform myself about different treatments there were for bags under the eyes (I just feel like I LOOK so tired) and was basically told that treatments wouldn’t help me… it was just elasticity loss and gravity and the only thing that would really help would be to have surgery. Oh, man. For real? I felt depressed when I walked home from the appointment. It’s not that I’m vain (well, maybe a tiny bit – aren’t we all?), it’s more like facing reality.

While I was there I also asked about my age spots on my face – those they were able to do something about! This week I had two spots removed; so first I’ll get two lovely scabs and then once they’ve healed there should be no evidence they were ever there.

Do you ever have little moments where you realise you are no longer young, vibrant and full of beautifully taut skin and no wrinkles?

if we were having coffee

I’d say “speaking of getting old…” We went to a concert a couple weeks ago and had SO MUCH FUN. There was so much energy and people of all ages and we all couldn’t help but dance like there was no tomorrow. The next day though… YIKES. I hardly even drank anything so I wasn’t hungover, but my HIPS LIED and my ears were ringing more than normal…

Funny thing as well – we ended up spending only money on parking while there. Two guys approached us while we were in line for beverages and asked us to get them their drinks and they would give cash, plus pay for our drinks. You see, it was card only transactions and they only had cash. Then later when we were waiting for Röyksopp (the band we went to see) Ron and I were speaking in English with each other (as we always do… I know, it’s weird) this other guy overheard and started talking to us – he’d just flown from Chicago to see this concert! Like arrived that day! Anyway, HE ended up buying us drinks the rest of the night! We didn’t even get a chance to reciprocate!

Do you still go dancing / go to concerts?

if we were having coffee

I would tell you that even though last month we planned on a parkrun in Maastricht, we didn’t make it because of being unwell and also because the friend we were going to visit was back home in the States because her mom died. We are *finally* going to another parkrun tomorrow, but this one will be in Almere. We will go to Maastricht in a month or two, will be really nice when the weather is nicer.

if you look carefully you can see Ron’s tiny head here – we supported them at their launch event

Are you getting sick of my parkrun chats yet? HA!

What would you tell me over coffee?

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