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Week 34: The same theme continues

Normally I would be sharing my weekly update ont the Weekly Run Down link-up. But I’m late and am going away for a couple of days so it wouldn’t be very good blogger etiquette to drop a link and run, am I right? Last week was again busy, but in mostly a good way, however…

By Renée 30 August, 2021 4

WRD: Week 33 The Minimalist

Here’s my same old song and dance again… too much going on and I basically did the absolute minimum this week. On Monday the garden guys arrived to revamp our entire back garden area. It was too much concrete for my liking, the plants seemed to just be weeds and a poor old Dogwood tree…

By Renée 22 August, 2021 14

WRD: Week 31+32:2021 More of the Same

Unfortunately I missed updating last week because I just couldn’t fit everything in. And I don’t want to post my own blog if I know I won’t have time to properly go to other’s blogs! A condensed version of the last two weeks I could update everything but it’s all too much. Rest assured I’m…

By Renée 15 August, 2021 19

WRD: Week 30 Zen in the Chaos

There wasn’t really much change in the work situation this week, but the way I approached it was different. I started earlier (7am), but then made appointments all week to be at Cryotherapy by 8:30, and additionally I also made sure I took a proper lunch break. Only on Thursday did it go a bit…

By Renée 1 August, 2021 25