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WRD: Week 13: 2021 Just Blurgh

Tweet Sorry all; I’m just feeling really sick of things again. I figured out that some of my feeling is indeed FOMO; people are either getting vaccinated and getting their own life back and making plans, or quite the opposite – acting like nothing is going on and keeping the rest of us in lockdown.…

By Renée 4 April, 2021 30

Fit Five Friday – March Runfessions

Tweet Hopefully you all are still enjoying this new link-up with  me, My First 5K and More, Running With Attitude,Runs with Pugs, Zenaida every Friday. I missed last week’s post but back again, this week with an additional link up,  Marcia’s Runfessional! Every month Marcia opens the runfessional – a place to let it all out and cleanse your soles; if you…

By Renée 26 March, 2021 11

WRD: Week 8:2021 Harnessing Positive Energy

Tweet Sometimes the weeks just kind of melt into each other. That was this week. A repeat, in a way of so many other weeks. Get up. Work at home. Work out. Eat. Watch Netflix. Go to bed. Rinse. Repeat. That said, my attempts at getting out of bed earlier resulted in two morning walks.…

By Renée 28 February, 2021 17