No time for chit chat

I had this great post written for you guys (on my work laptop) and really have had no time to put it all together. Here’s some highlights of the last week:

Food at the Festival: could have been worse. could have been better. did I have a great time? YES! We did stay a wee bit active as we rented bikes to go to and from the festival instead of driving. Approx 8 KM Friday, Saturday, Sunday. did not run or go to hotel gym.

Gym: Haven’t been.

Running: Ran Monday. Was a GREAT run, felt good! Twisted my knee a bit after I got home. Hence no gym and no further running. Knee is feeling better now, but had it in a compression bandage for a few days.

Food: Tracked until… Wednesday afternoon. Haven’t tracked since then. Not on paper or online journal anyway. Was thinking about it this morning and realised that I don’t track as well if I’m out of my schedule OR if I have stress. Wednesday I worked from home (out of my regular routine) and I had quite a bit of stress at work this week. I also have been very hungry, but I put that on hormones (which also were a bit “elevated” let’s say this week).

Reading: Picked a book – Club Dead (3rd of the Sookie Stackhouse series), haven’t started reading it yet.

Writing: No letter to grams yet.

Scale: Been very tempted. Why I’m tempted during a more eating, stress, hormonal period I will never know.

Victory Log: did have a sweet victory on Thursday; am going to update that right now.

Appointment for my tattoo: Am going to make that damn appointment! I’m running out of cash though so I’ll do it for end of the month (after the bankroll comes in).

What else? Going on an epic bike ride now, will only have my blackberry but I’ll try to get some pics!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fran says:

    Get back at tracking girl! I’m like you although as soon as I’m out of routine I stop tracking. Yesterday I didn’t track and noticed this morning I had trouble getting right back at it but I did.

    Hopefully next week will be less stressful so you can get back at tracking and at your workouts.

    1. Renée says:

      I know I should. I literally have not tracked since Wednesday! I am being mindful, yes, but still… you are right, it needs to be done!!


  2. Ahhh, stopping to track once you’ve been ‘bad’ because ‘now it doesn’t make a difference anymore anyway’ is a trap I fall into easily as well. I have decided for now that I will track, even if it takes me over points for the week (like last night’s dinner did).
    Let me know how you like the Sookie book! I love them. I’ve read them all and also watch True Blood.

    1. Renée says:

      ARG and I’m still not tracking. Though I *am* being very cognizant of what I’m eating and not going crazy. But yeah. By the time I actually get on the scale again I have no idea what is going to happen.

      I will definitely let you know what I think of the book. I’ve read the first two and I have two more after this one. I like the series so far but I’m not so sure about the television series (though admittedly I haven’t really given it a chance)…

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