Dietitian II Part II

20 October, 2010 Off By Renée

First a wee little update.

Monday’s plans went out the window. There was no gym. There was no healthy dinner. There was however a 4 hour commute home and a pizza delivery service. Yeah. Shit happens. And lately the commute has been so bad – every single day something; trains cancelled or late or suddenly having a diversion. I have spoken to my boss now about how this is pretty much affecting my health. I didn’t really want to discuss my weight loss (or lack thereof) with my manager, but to be honest, this whole situation I am in IS actually affecting me. I think about looking for a new job too often for someone who actually loves where she works, simply because I don’t want to commute like this anymore. So I just told him and proposed that I somehow find a way and a good schedule to work from home at least one day a week. He said he didn’t want to lose me, and if I had to do one or two days even I should do it. So now i have that to think about and make work for me and my team (I’m the supervisor, and it’s handy for me to be there for them). Something to think about and put into motion.

Finally I went running again! YES! Yesterday evening, once again problems with the trains, but hubs had to go and study so he cooked our Monday dinner before I arrived home and had to eat without me. I was pretty unhappy that I wouldn’t even get to see hubs, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I got home, had half a portion of dinner and the got ready to run. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head, mostly ones that were trying to prevent me from going. I’ve learned in just the last month that I still have a long way to go before I have really changed and made habits that are really, truly who I am. There is still a sizeable (no pun intended) part of me that is lazy. Period. So I ran. 5 minute warmup, 15 minutes running, 5 minutes fast walking, 15 minutes running, 5 minutes cool down. In total 6 kilometers. It’s not a half-marathon, but hey, you have to start back somewhere.

In keeping up with my plans for this week, I also went to the Dietitian today, so I worked from home. I packed my stuff and took it with me so I could go straight from my appointment. I cycled to the gym., did a 20 minute cardio warmup on the elliptical, and then went through my circuit. To be honest, it felt good in the beginning, but I was extremely tired halfway through. I pushed through though and then cycled home again. Oh and I did check about spinning and bought a different water bottle so that I could actually drink during spinning (my water bottles are not really handy for sports).

So yeah. The Dietitian. We talked a bit about how it was going. She asked me if I lost any weight. This morning I did go on the scale, because I knew she would ask me. If I remember correctly when I saw her the first time, I weighed 80.5KG. This morning I saw 79.9KG. After my weekend in Amsterdam and London I saw as high as 81.5KG. But these kinds of fluctuations don’t faze me anymore. I expected to go up from my weekends away. A kilo’s not a big deal. Seeing 79.9KG isn’t a big deal either. I can’t and won’t get excited about this because I need it to stay this way or go lower for me to truly believe I could be past all of this. Anyway. I told her my weight and I told her I’m doing better in a few areas.
1) I haven’t been exercising at all in a month. Well not really. I went bicycling in London but that’s it. So I haven’t been as hungry as I usually am.
2) I have been sleeping more, because I haven’t been exercising (going to bed late) or getting up early to prepare my meals.
3) I tried the tips and tricks for the afternoon hungries but they are not working. I am still very hungry by the time I get home, even though I’m eating from 3.30pm onwards.
4) I have come to the conclusion that dinner is still too much.

She gave me more ideas and suggested that I definitely make sure that I have higher protein based snacks in the afternoon, plus she gave me a list of a few other suggestions that I will have a look at (but there are already quite a few things on the list that I have tried and do eat regularly.

I mentioned to her that I have the feeling I have to just accept that this is my weight and I’m still very frustrated. She told me not to give up yet. She told me that we are just going to keep trying, that maybe we will not have fast, easy results, but we will figure it out. I have another appointment on the 17th of November and I need to send her a food diary of minimum three days prior to then.

No super exciting, just more things to try. I need to figure out how to structure my life. Work. Exercise. Food. Everything. Kind of overwhelming. Where do I start?