WRD: Another Catch-up Week 21 + 22

2 June, 2019 Off By Renée

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!

I wish I had about 36 hours in each day so I had more time to blog consistently! Oh well. It’s a luxury problem! I’ll try to keep it short, sweet and fairly readable!

Week 21:

  • Total Steps – 111442 average of almost 16K steps per day
  • Biking – 26.5 KM
  • Lunch Walk x 2 – 6.7KM
  • Physio x 1 (including running on treadmill + balance and strength)
  • Pilates x 1
  • RPM @ old gym
  • Bodypump @ new gym
  • Running x 1- 5KM Race (approved by physio at 4/1 intervals)

Week 22:

  • Total Steps – 82472 average of almost 12K steps per day
  • Biking – 79.5KM
  • Lunch Walk – nil (only two working days this week)
  • Physio x 1 ( (including running on treadmill + balance and strength)
  • Pilates x 1
  • RPM @ old gym (last one with Anne)
  • Cardio + Strength @ new gym
  • Running x 2- 7 KM


Last week Friday we were off to Liverpool again for the Rock’n’Roll Marathon weekend. We had an amazing time as per usual. I’m going to TRY to do more of a race report/ highlights of the weekend in the coming week. But I can tell you a few things already:

My 5K Race was a success! My physio said I could run it in 4/1 intervals and that’s exactly what I did. We ran in “fancy dress” (what the British call dressed up or in costume) and because I only knew at the last minute that I’d be able to run, I just used some Halloween stuff I had and did my make-up as a Sugar Skull. i should have known that my face was going to melt into my eyes though, being that it was water based! haha! It was loads of fun, once again, and we have plenty of fun costumes.

of course no Rock’n’Roll race is complete without Amy Winehouse!

I got to cheer on Liz during the marathon and meet her properly the next day at coffee. My friend Charlotte and her friend Nikki also joined us as well as Liz’s partner Matthew. Super nice time with them!

Matthew was kind enough to take the photo – that’s Liz in the middle and my friend Charlotte to her left. Ron and Nikki are standing.

This week Thursday was a holiday here in the Netherlands (in Europe and Scandinavia too, actually) and I spontaneously went for a 40KM bike ride to get myself out of the house. It wasn’t the best weather, but it was dry, so I went. The way back was a bit of resistance training with the wind though! I am going to head back the same direction probably in a few weeks, to visit a few other places (I wanted to go to Bronkhorst, but had no change for the ferry to cross the Ijssel).

I couldn’t resist sending another talking cow photo to Ron while I was out. This lady was just staring at me and not moving a bit!

Even with a trip to Liverpool in between the last 14 days, the rest of the days were fairly normal; working and staying active. At Pilates last week they did ask me if I wanted to go to the Monday class instead of the Wednesday, which really changes my whole perspective on the class in general. Apparently it’s a much more advanced class, but small enough that my instructor would keep an eye on me and help me out where needed. Nice to know they understand that I need to “feel” like I’m actually doing something. I thought maybe I would just stop after the last class on July 10th (summer break) but now I don’t know. It is actually really expensive so I still need to think about it. Unfortunately next Monday is another holiday as well (I know, another luxury problem) which means I will have to go to Wednesday class yet again.

I did go to the new gym last week (and Saturday) with my friend M-J and we did Bodypump together. I’m super impressed with the changes they’ve made since I left years ago (I think it’s been 5 years) and, as far as the class and the instructor go, top scores for them! Of course they did not remember me at all but as I predicted, as soon as Ron walked in on Saturday and they were all “HEY, RON, YOU’RE BACK, GREAT TO SEE YOU!” Ugh. Ladies Love Cool Ron.

Coming up Next Week

  • Monday – Pilates
  • Tuesday – AM strength and balance, walk @ lunch, RPM
  • Wednesday – PT and Bodypump
  • Thursday – AM Walk 30 min, 20 min strength and balance (goodbye party for a colleague after work)
  • Friday – Running
  • Saturday – Gym (not sure yet what I’ll do there)
  • Sunday – RPM

I have some plans for June and I’ll be sharing those as well in the upcoming week.

That’s a wrap!

How’ve you been? Have you ever dressed up for a race? Do you ever see animals and imagine they are saying something to you? How’s your training going? Have you run a race in the last couple of weeks?