WRD: Week 24 Back in the Saddle

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!


Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

This week was finally a bit “normal” – I wasn’t sick, I worked four days, and I got a lot of activity in.

Little Love Note to the Commenters: I’m so sorry I haven’t replied on comments the last few posts. Life and Work has been busy; I’m hopefully going to catch up this week.

This Week In Fitness

What I had planned vs. what I did:

  • Monday – National Holiday; if feeling well enough, bike ride + strength @home beforehand 50KM Bike Ride, no strength workout
  • Tuesday – AM run/walk (3 – 4 KM), RPM
  • Wednesday – AM workout (20 – 30 min), PT, Pilates
  • Thursday – Bodypump or XCO @ gym 5KM Run
  • Friday – AM workout (20 -30 min), run after work (4 – 5KM) 6.5KM intervals
  • Saturday – Gym (not sure yet if class or just cardio/strength)
  • Sunday – RPM, run 8KM “run” + Spinning Class

Details below, feel free to skip and just look at the pretty pictures if you like.

Monday – Day off for Pentacost Monday. Ron wanted to do some other things (including running) and I wanted to get out for a bike ride, so that’s what I did! 50KM in total (approx 31 miles). Lovely day out – stopped for a refreshing adult beverage once I hit my destination (Bronkhorst) and then had to get that apple pie again that I had on Ascension Day holiday.

Finally had my change with me for the ferry across the river
15 years in the East of the country and never been to the Smallest City in the Netherlands
totes adorbs

Tuesday – RPM; I swear my classes at my old gym must have been toned down for the audience. This was my second time at RPM at my new gym where my heart rate climbed up much higher than normal AND there was a small lake of sweat under the bike when I finished. Usually I burn about 100 calories less than the guys, but this time my burn was over what Ron and Vincent had!

RPM tried to kill me

Wednesday – Last PT and Pilates; I didn’t know it, but it was my last PT session. I spoke to my physio about how we were going to go further, now that marathon training was about to start and he said that we were done for now, and to just go ahead and run and see how things go in the first couple of weeks of training. If I have any issues I’m supposed to go back and see him. Pilates was also REALLY hard. So apparently I moved from beginner level 1 to level 3 on Mondays, but because of the holiday I asked if I could come to the 7pm class instead of my previous 8:30 class. This class is level 4. And I can tell you, I had level 4 pain in my abs and shoulders afterwards.

A lot of Sun and Rain this week. At the same time.

Thursday – 5KM run; I decided i just wanted to go run after work and do 5KM in one go. That’s my 2nd 5K since Liverpool and, indeed I did it in without any walking intervals. I was boiling though; right before I left Ron told me it was raining. I was overdressed anyway and then I put on a jacket. Of course it stopped raining 20 seconds after I started! Extra calorie burn? haha!

5KM overdressed run – loved it though!

Friday – running at Runiversity; Ron suggested that I go to training since they were doing 200’s, so I asked my trainer if he could put a workout in TrainingPeaks for me and I would also join in. This was much tougher than my run on Thursday, even though my tempo was pretty decent (based on the fact that I haven’t run much; I wasn’t expecting to already be in the 6:15 – 6:20 minutes per kilometer range). Our assignment was 200’s at 100% (which, based on the Cooper Test I did is 5:27) and then 100 just a bit slower (so around 5:47). I honestly didn’t think that was going to happen at all. I went all out of course, and nearly killed myself in the first round. Had a wee chat with my trainer who told me to not worry about the time as much as my running form and it would all work out. So I straightened up and picked up my knees and feet more deliberately and I’d ultimately give the effort a B-. The 100’s I ended up walking 50 and then jogging 50 before starting the next interval. 6.5KM completed.

head blew up at intervals

Saturday – gym time! Ugh. I was not feeling it at all. BUT, I kept my appointment with myself and Ron decided to join me. He did a run and some strength and I did cardio and strength/ balance. I need to burn a bit more calories right now if I’m going to lose a bit of weight but it’s tough finding the balance. I also don’t want to work out for 4 hours like a Biggest Loser contestant.

Sweaty Betty

Sunday – decided already Saturday that I wanted to build up to my first long run in 2 weeks time, which will be around 12KM. That meant today’s goal was 8KM, preferably in one go. BUT… I already told M-J that I would go to RPM with her at 10am. I figured running would be harder after RPM so I got up early and headed out around 7:15. I do not know how you guys do it. Kim, I’m looking at you specifically. 5 miles at 5am??? O. M. G. My legs never, ever warmed up. I didn’t FEEL tired but obviously my legs were not happy with the situation at all. Knowing I’m not accustomed to running in the morning, I did give myself and hour to do the distance. And it took me that whole hour plus a few minutes. Good thing was, I got up and did the distance. It was also a glorious morning. Perfect temperature, no one really out so no traffic and tiny little breeze here at there. I ran down to the river and it was just beautiful.

gorgeous morning for a run!

Afterwards, I got home, ate something and got ready for RPM. And… it was a spinning class. Which meant it was 15 minutes longer than usual and also unchartered territory for me. Basically put Tuesday’s class to shame. We all (Ron went too) were completely shattered when it was over. Once I got home I had lunch (I was starving) and then had to lay down for about an hour!

with my boys out for Father’s Day dinner (back out at the riverside again)

This Week In Numbers

Biking 78.7 KM (49 miles)
Running 3 x total 19.5KMS
Gym RPM 1x, Spinning 1x, Cardio + Strength
AM Workout nada
Steps *89,907 or around 12.8K steps average per day

A few side notes:

Clearly I am still struggling with AM workouts. Obviously it’s not that I don’t want to do the work, because I am clearly active. I just don’t sleep well so getting up early is really hard. Sometimes I also have to choose between that and preparing all my food for the day. Both things are important, but honestly, keeping my food in check is kind of priority. I do want to learn how to be an AM runner; it’s going to help me in the end. So even just small workouts in the morning would be a start. Let’s see how that goes in the upcoming couple of weeks.

Food and weight: This week I’ve logged everything in My Fitness Pal and I mean everything. I didn’t weigh myself last Sunday, I only weighed in on Tuesday this week when I decided I was just going to do it. So this week, with all my activity and keeping my calorie intake at +/- 1950 or less (my base amount is 1580 but then if I have a lot of activity I may need more food) I did lose 800 grams which is 1 3/4 lbs. I also tried a little experiment; allowing myself to have things I like, only learning how to control myself. Sounds silly but I cannot just have a piece of chocolate or a handful of chips (WHO DOES THAT!??). This is one of the reasons that I have now the “no junk at work” rule and that has worked out mostly well this year (slight blip about a month ago; it’s fine, I’ve moved on). So anyway, I bought myself a 200g dark chocolate and almond bar which has exactly 10 squares of 20g each. I told myself that if I have the calories to spend and I wait until I have my tea in the evening, one square is mine. And so far… it’s working! I still have 2 squares over (Ron had a couple of squares, otherwise it should have lasted me 10 days). This is definitely a habit I want to have! No denying myself anything, but MODERATION. I can easily moderate alcohol. Why not chocolate?

Pilates – you guys aren’t going to believe it, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to sign up for the next “school year” of classes, as long as I am in a more challenging class. There’s a Monday level 2/3 class at 5:30PM; this one costs a little bit less and it would be so amazing to not be home at 10PM on Pilates night! I’m so surprised that I’m thinking differently about it now!

Coming up Next Week

Don’t hate; I work 3 days this week and then I’m on vacation until the 15th of July… you read that right! I’ve got a lot going on though so this is pretty much the plan for next week:

  • Monday – Pilates
  • Tuesday – RPM
  • Wednesday – Run and maybe XC0 at the gym
  • Thursday REST (concert in Amsterdam)
  • Friday – Run
  • Saturday – Gym; Cardio and Strength
  • Sunday – 10KM Run, New Release RPM

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Did you get a lot of activity in? Did you race? When is your summer holiday (if you have one)?

29 thoughts on “WRD: Week 24 Back in the Saddle

    1. for sure! and the Dutch are crazy for apple pie so I consider it part of my ongoing integration into Dutch society :)

  1. I have a goal to try to get in 2 AM workouts during the workweek this month. It’s such a struggle since I start work at 7:30am, but I’m hoping that it will stick eventually.

    Great week of workouts! Your workouts that you listed for today made me tired and I didn’t even do them, lol. Way to go Renee!

    1. the continuing saga of not sleeping is really hindering me from AM workouts. I would really struggle if I had to be at work at 7:30 that is for sure!

  2. Wow that’s some serious bike mileage! I really have been slacking on my outdoor rides and doing lots of Peloton rides. That is my goal this week. Early am workouts are not my thing either. It’s challenging for sure. Thanks for linking up

    1. My mileage always varies depending on how much time I have for cycling. Also helps if it’s not bucketing down all day!

  3. You totally crack me up ;-) It’s exciting to see you trying to acclimate to the early morning routine. Trust me, it didn’t happen immediately for me, either. I had specific runs that needed to get done (ha! back when I dutifully followed a plan with no exception), and I hated waiting all day to do them (in case the weather would change or I’d be tired from work, etc.). FOR me, it just made the most sense to do the runs/workouts early, for peace of mind. Eventually, it just became a habit and worked for ME (obviously, everyone has different goals/lifestyles/priorities). You are doing great rallying back from your surgery ;-) Rock on, Girlfriend!! (and thanks for linking with us!)

    1. Thanks Kim. The fact that I struggle so much with sleep really makes it hard. I’m going to keep trying. Sunday I want to run 10KM but at 9am we have the new release of RPM that I’m signed up for. It will be quite warm afterwards. So, I’m just going to get up early and do it. It’s making the mileage that matters the most to me, not the speed. So that helps!!

  4. Oh brilliant, you’re back on the running! Re the early morning workouts, it does take a while to work into them: I’ve increased the distance I can run before breakfast. But I wake up naturally early anyway so it’s easier for me to do that, I think. Yay Pilates, too!

    And yeah, I raced. So many races this year (three)!

    1. I’m curious how I can change the am workouts/ running thing over the next several weeks! You are rocking the races this year so far!

  5. It looks like you had beautiful scenery on your Monday bike ride. And that’s great about the moderation. I have to avoid having certain things in the house because I end up binging :( Chips are one of them and weirdly cereal.

    1. I LOVE cereal! Seriously! it’s something I have rarely bought in years because I swear I can eat a whole box in one setting if I had enough milk for it :) ridiculous!

  6. Definitely totes adorbs!
    Way to go on the chocolate rationing.
    I don’t know if we’re MFP friends, but happy to be since we’re clearly not connected on enough channels :D
    Enjoy the time off!

    1. the chocolate rationing is still going well! i’m kind of proud of myself haha! I’ll see if I can find you on MFP!

  7. I’m thrilled your foot is feeling good AND you’re done with PT! That’s awesome you’re all set to start marathon training. What a gorgeous area for a bike ride!

  8. That little town–yes, totes adorbs! LOL. Glad you had such a good week on the bike. Enjoy your time off! I can’t even get one day off without a guilt trip…

    1. it took me YEARS to not feel bad about taking a lot of time off in one go. In fact it still feels kind of weird. At the same time my colleagues all take 3 weeks in the summer and I just thought I want that too. So I picked my three weeks and here we are :) I have a ridiculous amount of time off from my company. It’s like this pretty much all over Europe. I wish the work life balance was better in the States. There shouldn’t be guilt trips for taking time off!

  9. You had a great week. LOL on the level 4 pilates pain! It’s great that the new RPM challenges you more. I’m sure those puddles of sweat will pay off. Vacation until JULY 15???

    1. yes July 15th! it’s crazy right? But I have something like 42 days off a year. And technically because I don’t work Fridays, I only am taking 12 days off. Today (Thursday) is a day off switch from last Friday when I worked to cover others who were on vacation.

  10. If I read it correctly, you work tomorrow and then it’s a huge vacation party for you!!! Have fun!

    That little town is so cute! I want to ride my bike through there with you! :-)

  11. Wait, eat chocolate in moderation? No way! Who does that? :-) I know it is hard to do a morning workout but eventually you do get used to it. Haha, that is what I tell people but I don’t think I’ve convinced anyone.

    1. i know right? haha! but I’ve been managing it!! If I can really do chocolate in moderation that would make me SO very happy. You aren’t the only one who is trying to convince me about AM workouts so there must be something to it!

  12. Love the photos of that beautiful town & the one where RPM tried to kill you.

    You got in a lot of activity, for sure. I wonder how tall you are? Even when I burn a lot, I pretty much can’t eat 2000 calories & hope to maintain my weight (but I’m also 5’1″). Right now I don’t track food at all, though, so no idea how many calories I’m eating.

    It took me a LOT of years (decades) to get the point where I can eat (most) favorite foods in moderation. I went out to lunch with my mom yesterday (wasn’t planning on it) — ended up getting a sandwich & chips. Ate 3/4 of the sandwich & yes, maybe half the bag of chips (luckily I’d also brought some carrots with me or I’d would’ve been starving). Then again, chips aren’t really my thing — don’t go me wrong, I like that, but if I’m going to treat myself, it’s going to be sweets.

    And chocolate? I eat really dark chocolate (like 85-88% –had to work up to that) & yes, I can eat just 2 small squares — I also let it melt in my mouth, so it lasts a whole lot longer than just eating it.

    I am somehow not at all surprised at you for signing up for Pilates!

    1. I’m 5’6″ and according to tdeecalculator.net the calories I could eat to maintain my weight is 2584 based on age, height, weight, body fat percentage and activity level. So to lose I should subtract around 500 calories. I just recalculated this and adjusted my daily calories to 1984 instead of 1584 which is clearly too low. I think this is actually what is going on. I am not eating enough so then I don’t lose weight. Well anyway that’s what I’m seeing so far. I’m too early into this experiment to really know what the right level of calories should be.

      I can do a lot of other things in moderation. i even do leave food on my plate these days when I’m full but that also took me a few years to understand the signals. There is also a greedy part in all of this – some things I just love so much and then I tend to overeat, but this is mostly stuff like a great Indian curry or pizza.

      The chocolate I’ve chosen is also quite dark and with almonds or hazelnuts. Definitely savoring it too, that’s the best!!

  13. YAY to all that (deserved) vacation time!! I also laughed out loud to “I had level 4 pain in my abs” after the pilates class – too funny but being that sore is no joke. I hope you can start to enjoy morning runs more. I’ve always been a morning person and now, in the summer, I sometimes have to wait until 8:30 to run and it’s HOT and I’m antsy to get out the door!! Lastly, the photos of that little village are just adorable. OMG love it and want to move there :-)

    1. you guys are all trying to convince me that morning runs/ workouts are the bomb! I’d like to get to that place too!

      come and visit! we can ride anywhere you like. I’m a mere mortal though, so just try to remember that ;-)


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