WRD: This is what we call Plan B

Welcome again to the Weekly Run Down!

Hey everyone! it’s time again for the weekly run down. I am participating even though I am not running, because the WRD is actually a link up for health & fitness bloggers – mostly runners, I admit – and it’s a great way to meet like minded individuals and to receive and give support. And sometimes you need more support than other times, am I right?

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!


Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

Weekly Run Down Blogger Linkup

I mentioned last week that I was ready for a reset. But was I? Honestly, I still struggled a bit. I am not ashamed to say that my mental health has really taken a toll since August, and though there have been some good moments (Hello, Chicago trip), my head still gets filled up with anger and sadness from time to time. And it’s not just about not running, it’s everything. I guess menopause doesn’t help either. I do miss my outlet – running is still the number one way to release stress and anger so it’s just been tough to not have that. Forgive me for saying it again. I’m a broken record, I know.

Fitness This Week

Back at the gym

My plan was pretty simple:

  • Gym at least 2 times
  • Food logging on MyFitnessPal
  • Get my 10K steps per day, every day

And here’s what I actually did:

  • Monday – gym, 60 minutes
  • Tuesday – lap swimming, 45 min
  • Wednesday – pilates
  • Thursday – gym, XCO class 45 min
  • Friday – PT in the morning (wasn’t much), not much else
  • Saturday – nothing
  • Sunday – gym, 1.5 hour


I logged in every day to MyFitnessPal, but I didn’t log my food every day – almost; 4/7 days (assuming I finish logging after this goes live, but so far so good). Food choices weren’t that stellar. Hey, it’s a reset. I’m getting there. Progress not perfection.

10,000 steps per day

In total (at the time of publishing) I did have 70,303 steps, however Tuesday, Friday and Saturday were (well) under 10,000 steps. I still think this is a realistic number to achieve, so… onwards.

In addition to walking, I did have a bit of extra biking as well, but nothing major. My regular commute, plus an extra 11KM biking back and forth to the gym on Thursday.

Going Through the Motions

I acknowledge that at this moment I’m kind of going through the motions, but I think after a few weeks it’s going to feel more natural and I’m going to be enjoying it more.

Coming up Next Week

My plan:

  • Monday – Gym, strength program
  • Tuesday – RPM
  • Wednesday – strength (at home- I switched days off) and Pilates
  • Thursday – Aqua Spinning
  • Friday – Gym (maybe I’ll try PowerYoga)
  • Saturday – walk, bike or workout at home
  • Sunday – RPM

Goodbye Sweet Kitty

Unfortunately, Spooky was sick before we left for Chicago, ended up having two teeth removed and had a week of antibiotics. We thought she was on the mend. While we were away though, she was again not really eating or drinking and our friends were quite concerned, but tried a few tricks to get her to eat which seemed to work.

After we came home though, we noticed it just wan’t going well at all. I thought she again had some issues with her mouth so after days trying several ways to get her to eat, we took her to the vet again. Turns out that she actually had a tumour in her mouth which was likely quite painful and stopping her from eating. There was no real cure, only prolonging her life *maybe* a couple weeks. or a month, OR removing part of her jaw (!!) and yet still there was no guarantee that she would make it longer than a few months tops. So we had to yet again make the decision to let her go for the Big Sleep. That’s two cats in less than a year. Heartbreaking.

RIP Spooky – hope you find Frankie and Elvis in the big cardboard box in the sky

I’m just so ready for some good news and good stuff happening, y’all.

That’s pretty much a wrap

How was your week? Did you reach your health and fitness goals you set out for yourself? Are you on MyFitnessPal and are we following each other? Do you try to achieve basic fitness goals each day like 10,000 steps a day?

33 thoughts on “WRD: This is what we call Plan B

  1. I would say that you’ve done a great job at getting back into a workout routine since getting back from Chicago!

    Awwe I’m so sorry to hear about Spooky :( It’s so hard to lose a pet – they really are like family.

    1. thank you Kim. I feel like this coming week is going to be better. And yes, they really are family. We already had a feeling, but didn’t expect that there was nothing they could do to actually make her better.

  2. Oh, I am so, so sorry about Spooky. I’ve never lost two in one year — even one is just too much. Poor, sweet Spooky. Hugs to you..

    Sometimes you really do have to fake it until you make it. I don’t hold myself to 10k every day, and mostly I’m over that on the average of a week, even with a 6k (and sometimes 4k) day occasionally. Yesterday was actually over 30k. Haven’t seen that in a long time — and won’t be probably for another long time).

    You’re still keeping yourself busy, and that’s the important thing! Don’t beat yourself up.

    1. Thank you Judy. I’m taking it day by day. It will get better even if I do have to fake it at first.

  3. Oh Renee, I’m so sorry about Spooky and that you’ve lost two cats this year, that’s simply heartbreaking. I wish I could give you a hug right now.

  4. I’m so sorry about your kitty! It’s hard to say goodbye to a pet. It’s sad that we only get to live with them for such a short time, but they sure do bring a lot of joy into our lives!

    Just keep moving, Renee. It’s like money in the bank. When your body is ready for more, you’ll be ready. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Wendy – I know you are right so even if I don’t feel like it, I’m still moving !

  5. I’m so sorry about Spooky :( We’ve had to make that decision a few times and it’s so heart breaking. Hope your week picks up. It’s hard to get out of a mental slump. Sending positive vibes your way!!

  6. Please continue to join bc we love you and also this linkup is for all fitness not just running. We all get injured at some point inevitably and it’s nice to have support. I agree nothing really replaces running but looks like you have found some great alternatives to keep busy and active. Thanks for sharing and joining us

    1. Thanks Deborah. I’m definitely still going to keep joining in the link up. You guys probably don’t realise how much you help and inspire me to keep going!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I think if I keep planning my weeks and keep moving forward I’ll eventually get in a good rhythm. I feel like I’m close now, so that’s good.

  7. So sorry for your losing Spooky. Our youngest had to make the the horrid (rather spontaneous) decision to put down one of her guinea pigs this afternoon (sudden ill health & dramatic decline in the past couple days). Absolutely heart-wretching. But, congrats on an active week. You’re making the best of your situation, so keep moving forward and the running will return when your body is ready.

    1. thank you kim! sorry to hear about your daughter’s guinea pig! so awful :( I am making the best of things, I think; eventually I’ll feel better.

  8. I’m so sorry about Spooky. Having just been through this with our boy, know that you made the right decision for Spooky, in kindness and love. Sometimes we lose touch with that fact, I’ve found.

    And I am with you on going through the motions, esp with the blasted steps. I’ve taken to calling it my Grim Walks which is probably not helping. I can’t run every day but the walking is a bit lonely and tedious. Not sure what to do about that as can’t rely on walking to find my dog-walking friend every time!

    Hang on in there. You’re healing and you’ve got this.

    1. Thank you Liz – I know you just recently went through this, big hugs to you! I’m not sure calling it “grim walks” is helping… I often listen to music when I walk and try to choose something that I KNOW lifts me up or is one of my favorites.

      1. It’s so tricky as I have headphones on for work as a transcriber and really don’t like walking with them on, but I think I’m going to have to bow to the need! I have a lot on next week so hope to get steps in naturally!

  9. I’m so sorry about Spooky! I know you made a difficult decision and I think it was the right one, but it is never easy to say goodby to our furry friends.

    I am going to have to force myself to get back to the gym starting today. I didn’t go in the weeks leading up to the marathon and it’s time to get back in the habit!

  10. Oh I’m so sorry about Spooky. So very sad and I’m sure that was a hit on your mood as well. I think you did a great job of finding alternatives to running. Next week will be better! I loved seeing you in Chi and you looked fantastic! xo

    1. Thanks Marcia! no it definitely didn’t help my mood. I feel like we are running out of things to go wrong but I’m hoping not to jinx myself by saying that! I loved seeing you too and wish we’d had more time! Thank you for the compliment *blush* You looked great too! I know you are also having some body issues too – stupid menopause and ageing!!!

  11. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about spooky :( That’s so hard to deal with losing two pets in less than a year. Given everything you’ve been dealing with, you did a great job with the first week of the reset. Going through the motions is generally the first step in things becoming routine.

  12. Progress, n ot perfection is such a great line. That’s still 10K on average. Getting back into step goal when I wind down training is going to be a challenge. I’ve let myself come in way low on off days.
    So sorry about your kitty

    1. Thanks Cari. I think when I focus on my steps I do move more automatically because I really want to hit that goal!

  13. So sorry about your cat! It sounds like you’re doing the best you can to stay positive even though things haven’t been easy for you. It’s great that you have other goals to work on related to your health and fitness even when you’re not running!

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