Friday Five – Goals for November and The Ultimate Coffee Date

Hey y’all. Here we are again. Since it just happens to be November 1st, how about a goals post for this month?

If we were having Coffee

I’d tell you that it’s going just as “badly” outside of my blog as it is inside my blog. I’m trying VERY hard not to be negative on social media, but I’m also an advocate of being truthful and transparent (not saying anyone I know here is not, just saying “in general”). No one wants to hang out with a Negative Nancy, not even me, so why be one? Well I feel a little bit consumed with everything and have a really hard time getting it out and processing it. I’m not only talking about being injured or not being able to run, it’s everything or rather it feels that way. So I want to put it out into the universe that my first goal for November is to find something to be positive about every day. I am allowing myself to feel my feels but I also want to find something good. So watch my socials for positive vibes this month. If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I know it’s kind of common, that “everyone” does gratitude posts in November, and then I’d tell you that it’s just coincidental (and that I don’t care if it’s cliché- ha!).

If we were having coffee

coffee and cats – two things I can’t live without

I’d tell you that I’m still trying to find the “right” workout schedule, with activities I actually like to do and I think I’m getting closer to pinning down a plan. I still have a couple more swim classes to try but my second goal for November is to have a good schedule in place by mid month. That gives me a couple more weeks to check things out. If we were having coffee I would admit that I feel like I shouldn’t have left my old gym, even though they changed owners. They still have RPM (Les Mills “spinning”) every day and my gym only has it twice a week. AND… sometimes only once a week. I went last Sunday and the instructor was sick so the only person who could take over was a spinning instructor. Personally I think spinning is too intense for my capabilities right now. Besides that, I just like RPM more. If the schedule says RPM, then make sure it’s RPM, you know? (Also, the class is at 9am. I could have slept in)

If we were having coffee

how about a cup of joe, with a splash of love?

I’d mention that I’m sleeping like absolute crap at the moment. So my third goal for November is to SHUT DOWN at least a half hour before I go to bed, remove my phone from the room and use my old fashioned alarm clock again. I don’t think my sleeping is ONLY affected by the phone or computer, but it doesn’t help. So, I need to go back to that again. If we were having coffee I’d ask you if you also shut down before hitting the sack or if you have any tips on how to wind down and go to bed in a relaxed state.

If we were having coffee

swimming in the black liquid of life

I’d tell you how incredibly annoyed I am with myself. The beginning of the year I was doing so well with no junk at work and I think because I”m not feeling great I just keep turning to sweets to somehow make me feel better. Every day I tell myself to not eat the junk at work and every day (almost) I give in. If we were having coffee I’d ask you if you had any tips or tricks on really succeeding not eating the crap in the office. Honestly most of the time it’s stuff I’m not even crazy about. That’s why my fourth goal for November is to put an end to this once and for all. I’m not saying no junk food ever! I’m saying be choosy, and go for things that you really like and that are worth it, like a gin and tonic in the weekend (am I right?).

If we were having coffee

me without coffee

I’d mention again that the weight thing is really bothering me. Which is the reason my fifth goal for November is, with a combination of fitness, better sleep, no junk at work and following a good food plan (and logging my food on MyFitnessPal) I would like to lose 1 kilogram. It’s not much, it should be possible, even with menopause and everything else going on. If we were having coffee I’d probably talk about the menopause thing a bit more and ask you if you are struggling too or if you take any special supplements to help your symptoms.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

Would obviously be that we could talk about all these things and more in person. I can only hope to one day enjoy coffee (or that gin and tonic) with all of you lovely link-up bloggers. You never know, right?

What would you tell me if we were having coffee? Do you have special goals for this month? Tips and tricks for sleeping better? Ways to be more positive or find positivity in an otherwise not so positive situation? Are you struggling with weight gain due to menopause?

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19 thoughts on “Friday Five – Goals for November and The Ultimate Coffee Date

  1. One thing that has helped me sleep better is time release melatonin. I tried regular melatonin but it didn’t work but the time release has been super helpful.

    I am not happy with my weight at the moment either. I kind of let some of my “good” eating habits fly right out the window during marathon training and now it’s hard for me to get back on track. I told myself that this month is the month I really zero in on the issues and get my eating under control.

    1. I will look into that. I’ve taken melatonin before but didn’t notice any difference. now that I have less hot flashes maybe it will help.

      marathon training is hard if you are trying to not eat all the things! I am feeling less sorry for myself now so it’s time to get it together!

  2. Sorry that you are having a rough time. Finding something good/to be grateful for is a great idea and scientifically proven. :-) I have horrible sleep habits. I usually fall asleep watching tv and climb up to bed in the middle of the night. I’ve bern trying to break that habit.
    Thanks for joining the coffee date!

    1. Thanks Coco. Yes I do think if I’m looking for the good it will help. Then I’m not focusing so much on the bad.

  3. SInce February, every day I have made a list of at least 3-5 things that I am grateful for each day. It’s helped me flip my perspective on a lot of things. Before bed (in addition to the gratitude), I have a glass of tea or of Foursigmatic reishi hot cocoa and read a book for 15-20 min. It’s become routine so that it primes me for bed.

    1. oh I’m glad that’s helping Becca! I do also have a cup of Moroccan mint tea but I don’t read in bed because I have no good lighting in my room for reading. Maybe I should fix that! because I’d rather be reading than on the internet!

  4. Something I’m gonna get back to in November is gratitude journaling. Nothing major, just writing something each night that I’m grateful for (pretty sunrise or missing all the red lights on my commute or an extra snuggle with my dog, etc.). Even on days that are downers, finding one thing to be grateful for is a great way to end the day. (just my thought LOL) I am doing ZERO snacking these days because of the Invisalign…I have to brush/floss every time I eat or drink (if it’s not water), so that curtails a lot of unnecessary crap going into my mouth. Do you keep a toothbrush at work? Maybe that would be something to try?

    1. You always seem to have good perspective on things but I do really appreciate that you mention at times you also are challenged! I don’t keep a toothbrush at work – we all have flex desks (which is dumb because in my team we all sit at the same desk everyday anyway) and these desks have no drawers :( I have one shelf in a cabinet that I can use and that’s it. Usually I keep only my work papers, notebooks, pens&pencils there and that’s all I have space for. II think I just need to walk away for a bit if the urge is that bad, you know?

  5. I’m with you on the sleep thing. Hmm. Time released melatonin. Have to try.

    You are too hard on yourself.

    Once you are back to racing I bet you feel better.

    Hope November is a good month for you.

    My goal is finish my first marathon and return to normal running

    1. I AM too hard on myself, it’s true. I know for sure I’ll feel better when I can run again. In the meantime…

      thank you! Your goal is great and you are going to be amazing!!

  6. I feel you on the menopause thing. This year, for the first time in my life (I know, cry me a river), I put on weight, just like that. All around my waist. It was so upsetting to me! That and my RA made me make big changes in my diet. I pretty much stopped eating bread. Ok, I’ll occasionally have a bun on a burger or thick crust pizza, but other than that, it’s out. No cereal. I drink smoothies for breakfast and eat kale salads or omelets for lunch. My clothes fit better and I have more energy. Who knew? The only thing I need to cut back on and I haven’t is wine and beer. I know it. i just love it…you feel me, right?

    Sleep is an issue sometimes. I can’t figure out what makes it better, so I just roll with it. No screen time before bed unless you count me reading on my iPad. I’m sure the cutting back of alcohol would help too…

    Hang in there. You’ve got lots of company.

    1. I so feel you! I am already a few KG’s overweight but now my menopot is out of control! and since my Hernia Hell it feels like everything sticks out further. It’s odd! I do try to limit my carbs and eat complex carbs when I’m focused – but when I’m not you can usually find me face first in a cookie packet :( I don’t even drink that much but I’m not willing to give up the odd drink now and again!

      Thanks Wendy. Good to know I’m not alone.

  7. Sounds like you’re having a tough time at the moment, I’m sorry. Maybe try to get some things under control and you’ll feel a bit better. I don’t really know, as I’m struggling myself! Always there if you need to message me though. I had a really crap day yesterday and did talk about it in my photo-a-day (closed, secret) group and it did help, although I still felt crap for feeling so rubbish about things that were so much less than what other people are dealing with.

    I am trying very hard from now on to be in bed with only a book at 10pm every night. I do sleep, thanks to my meds, but I need to take them earlier as otherwise I’m groggy when I go to get up.

    We can do this!

  8. I am so with you on the weight and sleep issues! I’ve been trying to focus more on winding down in the evening – tea, a book, and a 10 minute medication seems to be helping of late.

    I returned to gratitude journaling as part of a #last90days challenge I’ve been doing to close out the year on a strong note. Work has been a cluster for past couple of weeks so focusing on gratitude has helped.

    I’m sure once you get a workout routine you’re happy with and can do it consistently that will feel pretty good. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Hang in there!

  9. Well, my friends ask me how it’s going, and seriously, it’s not going great so what can you do? I try not to be a Debbie Downer, but if you want to feel happy, just don’t ask me how it’s going!

    I shut my phone off at night. Completely. And it’s not in the bedroom, either. I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I read before bed. This past week I’ve been so busy, I haven’t read, I’ve gone to bed way later than normal — but there wasn’t anything I could really do about it because it was seriously just stuff that had to get done.

    My mom told me I looked really tired. Gee, mom, ya think? And WHY do you think I look really tired? Of course she’s exhausted as well, but she’s roughly 34 years older than me. I see my future and it doesn’t look pretty. :( Downright scary. Oops, there I go again!

    I do think this time of year effects how we eat, and that it’s normal to gain some weight. It’s a matter of trying to keep it in a certain range. I’d say when you’re tempted to eat something you don’t even really want, go off & breath deeply for a minute. If you still want it, then have it, but enjoy it!

  10. These are all great goals to have! I’m starting my new job this month and am trying to put together a good schedule as well! Best of luck to you on your goals for this month!

  11. All good goals, Renee! I am having to think of my new running and fitness goals now that MCM is over too. I think I am going to focus on shorter runs and maybe try to improve my speed. I know exactly what you mean about junk food at work. I was a teacher, so there was not really the opportunity to eat junk food during the day, but hubby worked in an office. He has lost about 15 lbs. since he retired, mostly because the temptation to eat junk food at the office isn’t there anymore!

  12. I think a lot of us struggle with screen time before bed! I try to cut back too. I have no problem with sleep but I often suffer from eye pain/strain because of it. I have recently heard about some (non prescription) glass that can be worn while reading on our devices that should help with a lot of that.

    I hope November is a good month for you and you finds lots to put on your gratitude list. -M

    Thanks for linking up with us.

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