WRD: Week 15:2021 Going with the Flow once again

This week felt kind of long. Busy at work, and having to change my routine ever so slightly always makes me feel slightly unbalanced. I like being spontaneous, but only to a certain degree! Ha!

This week was also my first test of setting up my own workout plan for the week and it went well beginning of the week but sort of sputtered out towards the end. I still haven’t made a new plan but before I go to bed there will be one in place.

Don’t you love when certain words trigger a song? You’re welcome!

(I feel like this moment has happened previously – either I’m getting old or having déjà vu)

Let’s get to the Weekly Run Down, Shall we?

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Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

Week 15 – diving into more Les Mills Classes

Monday – 3.5KM morning walk, Bodypump 107 (40min) RPM United Remix (30min)
Tuesday – 4.75KM morning walk, RPM 74(45min), Bodypump 106 (35min)
Wednesday – 4.8KM walking (to/from massage), Bodystep 118 (35min)
Thursday – 7.8KM run (6 x 1KM with 6x 300m rest)
Friday – 5KM walk
Saturday – 5KM notparkrun, 2.7KM walk w/u + c/d
Sunday – 6.75 KM walk


This week at work we not only had to do our normal jobs, we also had a virtual conference for 2 days where our online attendance was required. On top of that I had a massage appointment on my Running Wednesday so I moved my first run to Thursday. Running during the day wasn’t really happening on the days of the conference.

It was actually the best day to get out, with the weather still being very weird. I decided we would do 3 rounds in the park instead of parkrun-2-rounds and that I would do intervals of 1 kilometer with 300 meters in between.

This run went really well, I even felt quite strong going up the hills! Consistently running and walking the hills in my new area is clearly paying off. However, my knees (both, ugh!) were really sore afterwards. This is the reason that things sputtered out with the rest of my workouts.

On Saturday we headed out to the park again to meet our usual 8:30 crew and one of the guys even brought his girlfriend along. So there were 7 of us doing notparkrun.

I wanted to take it easy because of my knees, but again I stayed consistent and got up the hills with no issue. Back to 34 minutes for the 5KM. No big, it’s about the ability to do it and not the pace.

I had to give all my money to Goodr this week (2 new pairs…)


I got some decent walking in this week, but I had hoped for a bit more. Monday and Tuesday were in the early morning, which I really am enjoying! The freshness, the way the sky looks and the birds chirping just makes me smile! After Thursday though not only were my knees sore, my left foot started acting up (I even have my feet in my special massager as I type this).

Wednesday’s walking was practical, but because Marieke (massage therapist) lives on the other side of Hoogte 80 (a park on one of the highest points in the city) I thought I’d walk all the way up through Klarenbeek to get a bit of a workout in (I almost had to limp home after she got a hold of my calves!!). It should be noted that when I needed to walk it was supposed to be dry. It rained and then it even hailed.

Friday was more practical walking; I had to pick up bread from the bakery, my contact lenses and I had an appointment for in-store shopping to pick up some pillows (I was able to find them on the website but for some reason could not order for delivery).

back to the graffiti in town where I found the monarch butterfly on Tuesday

Sunday I also wanted to walk more than I did, but the feet were mostly complaining on this walk (which was again mostly uphill)


The week started off well on Monday with Bodypump 107 (*upper body) and then RPM United Remix (30 min) after work.

Tuesday was Team Pie Gym Day (luckily I had time before the afternoon session started with the work conference), so I did RPM 74 (45 min) while the hubs went on the Treadmill. Then after work I did Body Pump 106 (*lower body).

Wednesday I did Bodystep 118 after work and I swear to dog, I picked the hardest step class available! Step is really hard to follow and a lot of times I have done it without the step, especially the smaller one I had. Since I got the proper LM step, I thought maybe it’d be easier. WRONG! Luckily I got some suggestions from the community group for an easier to follow step class.

Thursday my intention was to do a full hour bodypump class; I ended up icing my knees on the couch.

Friday my intention on doing an RPM class. I iced my knees and my foot after my walk and called it a day.

Saturday I felt fine enough to do a Sprint workout after running – that was truly my intention; I ended up going through boxes (only 1 box left in the living room!), cleaning and organising a bit.

Other Stuff

As I mentioned above, Saturday I spent some time Saturday emptying the boxes that have been in the living room since we moved. I still don’t have a place for everything which means I need to get rid of stuff. I just find it so very hard.

Most of what I have that has no real place anymore are my cd’s and DVD’s but also I still have so many stuffed animals… I know I am a grown woman but these things are super sentimental. A Bear that one of my bestie’s in Chicago gave me when I moved to Portland in 1990, a Paddington Bear I bought in London, Woody, Buzz & Jessie from Toy Story that I bought for the kids, Bearista bears that Ron bought for me… I don’t know what to do! Thankfully I have a husband with a soft, fuzzy and warm heart that also wants to find a place for them.

They are all resting on the step at the moment

I was also inspired this week to change up my interior ever so slightly. I bought new cushion covers at Ikea (I had to do the drive-through pickup thing) to have more of a “spring” look, rather than a “fall” look. And I bought 2 new small cushions for my bedroom (and new covers from etsy but they won’t be here until earliest next week). Ron also picked up some new flowers for me. I just love fresh flowers!

Since the weather is finally improving, I also tidied up the majority of the sunroom; I still need to throw a few things away and get a new floor covering. The cats are really loving it in there.

Speaking of Cats – Leo really wanted to help unload the dishwasher today:

This Week In Numbers

Walking: 27.5KM
Running: 12.8 KM
Bodypump 2x , Bodystep 1x
Spin bike: 1 Short Remix, 1 Full RPM
Total steps: 80,453 (avg: 11,493daily)

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Did you manage all your workouts? Do you ever change your interior to reflect the seasons? Do you like having fresh flowers regularly?


  1. Wendy says:

    I feel you on the knee pain–it has been an issue for me all week! Glad you were able to do a lot of walking. Your weather sure looks similar to ours!

    I also feel you on having to get rid of things. So many CDs and books–now that everything is digital, there’s no need for all that stuff…

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      yeah the knee pain sucks. especially when I already only run 2 times a week. give me a break already!

      I’m trying to figure out why I need to keep all this stuff. In a way it’s like a part of my identity and what makes me feel safe. sounds weird, cd’s making you feel safe. but I’m in a foreign country, no family here, nothing really that ties me to “home” – at least I have my music… I don’t know. It’s odd.

  2. jenny says:

    Hmm! Do you think it was the step class that hurt your knees? I hope they feel better soon!
    Love the spring pillow “refresh.” And I love the picture of Leo (with his little beard.) I always like seeing people’s pets on their blogs!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      No I think I did step after running?? And Leo says thank you :). glad you like pet pics because you’ll likely see more haha!

  3. therightfits says:

    Glad you could get out and do lots of walking! Your kitty is so cute. The spring cushions and pillows look fantastic!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      Thanks! and doesn’t Leo just know how cute he is – haha! I got two new cushion covers this week and even bought a couple of plants! who am I, even!?

  4. Such lovely scenery, Renee, and love the Butterfly photo.

    I used to buy new throw pillows but then what the heck do you do with them? I keep trying to downsize.

    I was never much into stuffed animals. Mr. Judy gave me a few that resembled our furkids (all now gone), and eventually I donated them on the sly. Just one more thing to find a place for! But that’s me, if it makes you smile, I’m sure you’ll find the right place (and lucky you to have a sentimental husband, mine just can’t throw things out, LOL!).

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      thanks Judy! I loved seeing the Butterfly paintings last week!

      I think that’s the nice thing about just buying covers – you don’t really need the extra pillows, you can just change them from time to time.

      I’m going to have several conversations with myself about letting go of things. I think in the end I’ll feel better about it. At the moment they stay I guess.

  5. Lisa says:

    I used to take Body step awhile ago- it can definitely be hard to follow! Sorry about the knee pain. Hope they feel better!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      it looks easy! just like the other programs Les Mills has! Then you die in class!

  6. Ugh sorry about your knees – glad you were able to get so much walking in.

    I love to do a seasonal refresh – in fact I was hunting for some new throw pillows and rug for the family room today. I like your pillows! And, yes to fresh flowers whenever possible!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      Thanks Michelle. I just keep moving forward as long as I’m not causing more pain, you know?

      I’m so on the hunt for another rug for our sunroom now! of course online I can’t find the size I need so I may need to go to a shop…

  7. Coco says:

    I am really lazy about changing up our decor — about all I do is put up a Christmas tree in December. ;-) I have a big basket of beanie babies in my bedroom from when my daughter was little.

    Sorry to hear about your knees and your foot. I hope they feel better soon. I haven’t done a step class in ages, but it always took me a while to pick up the moves.

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      I never used to refresh at all – but thought it was a lovely idea that I heard from an interior designer locally. and why not? it’s the little things, you know? I like your basket idea for the beanie babies. I actually re-looked at the space downstairs and not sure I could do something like that. I wish.

      Thanks – still sore this week. Boo. I think any class just takes a few times to learn.

  8. Kim at Running on the Fly says:

    I love seeing all the walks you do! As you know, I LOVE walking, too. Those early morning walks are the best (when I’m not running)…I’m glad to see the sunrises appearing earlier and earlier ;-)

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      Thanks Kim! Yes I know you love your walks too!

  9. All the walks during the week are great. Now that it is warmer, I am back on some more walking as well. Hope those knees feel better! Yay for having 7 people at your run

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      Thanks Deborah!

  10. runswithpugs says:

    are those mini cows? mini horses?

    I love your new Goodrs, and your gorgeous hair, and the butterfly wings and murals! You are really getting it done out there! So proud of you for pushing through!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      mini horses! Love them!

      Thanks ! gosh all the compliments!! *blush*

  11. Liz Dexter says:

    Oh don’t get rid of the soft toys, find a nice place for them on the top of a bookshelf! I’d be really sad to lose my last few (I did donate some beanie babies my ex had given me to a women’s shelter for the kids!). Great photos and hope the knees feel better soon x

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      Maybe we’ll build some sort of shelf for them downstairs. Ron doesn’t really want to get rid of them either. I already sold many, MANY Starbucks Bearista Bears – the ones we still have are the ones we really wanted to keep. So to be fair I already have gotten rid of tons! Thanks so much Liz x

  12. Keep the stuffed animals. I have some cassettes that I KNOW I need to get rid of. My car no longer has a cassette player so cannot even use them anymore. :-)

    Bummer about the knees and your feet. A foot massager sounds wonderful!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      I found a cassette the other day LOL! But I think the majority I got rid of a few years ago and then again before we moved. Thanks Zenaida – still sore this week but trying to be sensible with the workouts.

  13. I just got some flowers for my birthday today. So pretty! I don’t get flowers regularly, so it’s a nice treat when I do. I didn’t think I knew that song, but sure enough I do! Your pillows look very pretty. I never change my decorations – I should!

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      nice! happy belated birthday! flowers are always so so lovely to have. Thanks! of course it’s not necessary to change your interior, but it could be nice :)

  14. Marcia says:

    Sorry about the knee and foot pain this week. I love your spring decor and yes! I love changing things up in our home. Fresh flowers are an absolute must in spring especially.

    1. run.laugh.eat pie says:

      Thanks Marcia! and I agree about the fresh flowers especially in the spring!

  15. I hope your foot and knee pain goes away quickly. Foot pain, especially, is so worrisome because, well, we need our feet for pretty much anything we do.

    Other than holiday decorating, I don’t tend to change up my decorations for the seasons, but I love it when others do. And yes, I love freshly cut flowers!

  16. run.laugh.eat pie says:

    Thanks Debbie. Unfortunately I think this foot pain is here to stay. I just have to find a way to deal with it .

    Fresh Flowers are the best!!

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