WRD – Week 22/2023 Glorious

What a fabulous week! More of this please!

Last week I mentioned that I was about to go for a bike ride – and our first ride of the season is in the bag! Of course we thought we were Renée and Ron from 2018 or so and directly went for 40+ KM. My butt still hurt as of Wednesday. Lesson learned – wear bike shorts no matter what!

seeing a new to me mural makes my day

Shall we dive into this week?

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Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

Week 22

Plan vs. Actual

Monday – HOLIDAY – 3.1KM walk/ extra parkrun in Nijmegen (volunteering)
Tuesday – Work in Amsterdam 1.2KM walk
Wednesday – DAY OFF – 5KM run/ 2.85KM walk/ 40 min gym
Thursday – 2.90KM walk/run after work
Friday – 5.25KM walk/gym + 6KM run (5KM intervals, last KM cool down run/walk)
Saturday – 5KM walk/participate in parkrun 5KM/ gym
Sunday 2KM walk/ dance my tush off at Harry Styles – + 40min gym

Monday – AMAZING parkrun day in Nijmegen! 75 participants in total and lots of Sonsbeek regulars were there which just makes me really proud! We wanted to support them and support we did! Eventually I did go for my walk in the afternoon as I didn’t really record anything in the morning. 3.1KM recorded but almost 10K steps done.

posing with a group of German and English parkrunners

Tuesday – UGH. Back to work means up at 4:45. It was tough. I shortened my lunch walk to get a massive dose of coffee from Starbucks.

a brave face for the office

Wednesday – Day off! I would love to work just every other day. Who can arrange this for me???

First up, walking to the gym, strength, then walking home. Then I waited for Ron to have his lunch break and we headed out for a run. YAY! It was a beautiful day, glorious, if not just a pinch too warm for running but hey, I will take it!!

Thursday – OK it’s the first of the month. I’ve decided to walk at least 15 workdays this month, in the morning. Hopefully this will help me acclimate to my upcoming training for the Amsterdam Half Marathon. First early AM walk done!

Wanted to run after work but also promised to cook dinner. I thought Ron would be home much sooner than he actually was, and in the time I was waiting for him I could have gone. Oh well.

we had an after dinner walk together

Friday – Up early again and walked to the station to see how long it would actually take me. So to complete my challenge properly, I may walk to the station on my office days instead of bike. It took me a iittle less that 20 min which means I would only need to leave 10 minutes earlier (also to have a bit of a buffer – there is nothing I hate more with commuting than rushing for a train in the morning). I may or may not have stopped in at Starbucks and ordered a 3 shot tall latte…

At lunch Ron and I went out again for a run – this made up for my run yesterday. Gym after dinner.

Friday Triple – stopped the watch at 5 for the photo and time

Saturday – parkrun day! What an absolutely beautiful day it was! Ron and I headed off to the park around 7:45 to start setting up the course and then we both got to participate. parkrun #41 for us both, done! Worth noting is that there were 51 participants, which is up from our average of around 35. Walked to and around the park for set up (recorded 2KM). Then later in the after walked another 3KM to buy new pots and pans (so domestic) toiletries and ice cream -ha!

Sunday – Gym in the AM to make up for the plan on Saturday. I’m off to Utrecht to my friend’s place and then later to Amsterdam to see Harry Styles!


Obviously still walking 1KM per day. 

Monday – walk, maybe run in the evening
Tuesday – morning walk (concert in Dusseldorf in the evening)
Wednesday – DAY OFF – run/ walk/gym
Thursday – walk/run after work
Friday – walk/gym
Saturday – walk/ parkrun in Maastricht
Sunday – walk/ gym

More challenges next week but I’m determined to make it work. I’m staying the night at my friend’s tonight because of the concert, but I have to drive home early Monday morning. I would like to run in the evening though even if 3KM or so. Tuesday I do NOT go to the office because I have a half day off, and again a concert in the evening and late home. Everything should be normal again as of Wednesday, fingers crossed.

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Have you got a lot going on as well but sticking to your schedule?

30 thoughts on “WRD – Week 22/2023 Glorious

  1. Schedule? What’s that? Even if I schedule things, life happens — like it does to everyone. I’ve learned to (mostly) go with it and do what I can.

    So happy that you had such a great week! I’m worry that work is interrupting the fun stuff.

    1. work is so overrated LOL. I just want to have fun, sleep, run, walk, bike and travel. is it so much to ask??

      thanks Judy!

  2. What Judy said. Work interrupts the fun stuff.
    Kudos on your active week.

    Park runs seem so fun. Do they happen in the US?

    Btw. I love your hair.

    1. thanks Darlene! it sure is helping that I’m connected to all you active people again! parkrun is definitely in the US, but the US is a big country so they aren’t quite everywhere. there are none in NY, 2 in MA and looks like 4 in PA. But hey, maybe in your travels you come across one? You could sign up and just show up – and only one registration is needed for life :)


      thanks – I finally got used to it being shorter and am enjoying my hair again!

  3. Nice job on all that walking! As you know, I’m a huge advocate for walking…it’s so simple, yet so effective. I can relate to the work dictating much of one’s fitness schedule/regimen. That’s why most of my stuff happens in the early hours. About the biking butt syndrome…I’ve gotten so I don’t bother with the “diaper shorts” unless I’m going 25+ miles. Sure, they do provide the extra padding, but I’ve found I’m alright without them for the “shorter” long rides. Call me weird, LOL.

    1. thanks! still working on the morning thing as you know… I wear bike shorts for anything over 20KM but also sometimes with a spin class just because things go very quickly, up, down, you never know where you’re going to land on your seat haha! and you are weird anyway ;-) that’s why we love you x

  4. What a great week! And yes- definitely wearing those cycling shorts. No wonder your butt hurts.
    You got to the gym three times which is great- for me, that’s the hardest thing to schedule. And it sounds like you had two amazing parkrun days! I’ll bet the beautiful weather brought out all the people. Have fun tonight!

    1. thanks Jenny! it was a great week! luckily the bum has recovered too haha! riding this wave for as long as possible!

  5. I love how much walking you do! When my foot is healed I’ll enjoy walking a LOT more.
    My husband started cycling a while ago and has been suffering quite a bit this week, since he also did glute work in the gym! Now he’s bought bike shorts. :)
    Are you the organiser of that park run? How cool!

    1. oh I really understand this! I have had foot issues more than once and really enjoy walking now.

      yes I am the Event Director for. the parkrun in my city, along with another lady I somehow managed long ago to recruit from twitter haha! we have a core tam of 8 people and a volunteer pool over 50 which is just amazing.

  6. Great week! Congrats on the great turnout for your Parkrun!
    I’m still struggling to settle my schedule thanks to work but I’m determined to keep trying. I think you’re doing great!

  7. I haven’t had issues without bike shorts except for PeloFondo… haha… I should really get some.

    The park run sounds so fun. Are you part of the organizational committee? (It sounded like it.)

    1. Yeah honestly I can do about 20KM before I feel like it’s going to be a painful recovery haha!

      so indeed I am the Event Director in my city for the one parkrun we have here (all Dutch locations have only 1 parkrun per city right now) and before we actually launched I worked with the team in Nijmegen (they started before us) and we since have a good relationship with each other. I love it. I actually started parkrun in Scotland on a long weekend away.

  8. 40K without bike shorts? Yikes!

    Sounds like you had a pretty good week! I love how much you and Ron do together. My husb and I ride together, but that’s about it exercise-wise.

    1. yeah dumb move. I don’t know what I was thinking lOL.

      We have been good for each other in that respect. Often he doesn’t feel like it and I don’t push, but if I know he’s not really been out in the fresh air much I’ll gently persuade. I’ve also had periods where I didn’t feel like it or had too much stress. I’m glad it’s like this because when you are not feeling strong it’s kind of lonely getting ish done.

  9. Look at you! You’re back on blogging and getting things done!

    Did I tell you that I registered for my “local” parkrun and will be going next Saturday! They are doing some kind of attendance record attempt so I figured it would be a good day to start. I’m terrified: it’s about an hour away in a place i’ve never been, but I’m going to do it!

    1. thanks Jenn!

      you’ve got this!!!! just try to be there about 15 min beforehand so you are sure to find the start! I hope you love it!

  10. What a week! Love it. Working every other day would be so nice- but same pay, right :) ha! I have only done one parkrun here so far, as I usually long run on Saturdays, but I could tie it into a long run…Need to embrace that amazing parkrun community more while I’m here!

    1. LOL yes, same pay please haha! you know what parkrunners call a parkrun included in the long run? A parkrun sandwich hahaha! My very first one in Glasgow was exactly that – we were training for a marathon I think. 8KM there, 5KM parkrun, 8KM back. Should not have been that long but we got lost both there and back ha!

  11. Nice week Rene! Way to get it done! Work has been crazy for me so running has definitely slipped to the back seat so to speak. How fun to see Harry Stiles!

    1. thanks Marcia! you’re on your whirlwind tour now so I can imagine you had lots to do before hand!

  12. It sounds like you had a great week all the way around! How great that your ParkRuns are back to attracting lots of runners again! Once per month I have a super busy week, and this week is it (thus commenting on blogs later than usual).

    1. it was excellent!! and no worries commenting late. It takes me a few days for sure to get to everyone.

  13. I love that you saw Dave again at Extra parkrun, and also well done on your turnout – is 41 a special number? Do you get number collectors there – primes and fibonaccis? We get O-collectors but also 250 different parkruns in 250 runs and the number folk. Did I tell you I’ve become an RD officially and on the roster properly? Power, power!

    1. Yes I knew he would be there! loved connecting with him thanks to you! Dutch parkrunners are not fully up to date with all the challenges but there are plenty who are challenge chasers. I also just realised I had a quarter Cowell on my way to my 26th different location last week. Nice that you are an official RD now!! woot!!

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