WRD – Week 29/2023 What A Time to be Alive

It definitely was a less busy week this week. I finally went to go see my GP about the fact that no matter what I am doing to lose a little bit of weight (as much as I do not want to talk about my weight, here we are again) nothing is happening at all. I have tried to let go of this so many times, I have tried to reframe it, I am working with a nutritionist that work provides us, I am being consistent in my workouts, I am being mindful about how I fuel my body and yet… nothing. Sigh.

She’s now taken me off the medication I have been on for ages (originally for the tingling in my foot) to see if this may help me. I’m fine with this because I have been questioning if I really still need it or not.

She’s also referred me to participate in a national program which is nutrition, movement and lifestyle based. I’m seeing someone next week to see if this is really something for me. Not sure it is because, while the antiquated and not really formulated for women BMI scale says that I am obese, I am already active and have changed my lifestyle obviously years and years ago. I will go anyway to see what they say. My assumptions could be wrong.

Anyway. I shall digress no further. Let’s get into how the week went fitness-wise:

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Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

Week 29

Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 1 KM walk, W4R1 35 min 4.45KM + 550m cooldown, gym (appt with PT)
Tuesday – 3.40KM walk
Wednesday – 2KM walk, W4R2, 40min steady run 5.05KM + 450m cooldown, 50 min gym + 7KM cycling
Thursday – 4KM walk
Friday – 3KM walk, 50 min gym
Saturday – 1KM walk, volunteering at home parkrun
Sunday – walk, (W4R3 60 min) 10KM Pride Run in Amsterdam – still to do


This week I feel “neutral” about running. That’s not negative in any case.

Monday I ran at lunch since I had a short walk in the morning and was able to start at 7:30. My runs are time goals and not pace or distance. I had already done a few 30 min runs so I knew I could do this. Nothing major to report. <<— This is what I wrote last week and pretty much applies to Monday’s run.

Wednesday – My day off. I went to see my GP in the morning (biked) and to be honest wasn’t really feeling like waiting to run until after Ron was finished with work (he couldn’t go at lunch and we agreed to go together). It was warm and muggy. I did walk to and from the gym and did my strength program. Then Ron basically persuaded me to go with him after work. It wasn’t stellar, but I got it done.

Sunday – admittedly nervous about the 10KM today. I have had to change the conversation with myself from “I hope I can manage it” to “I’m going to do this” and have had it on repeat.

Total running this week: 10.5 KM so far + 10KM race this afternoon.


Last week on Sunday I mentioned I still needed to go to the gym. Happy to report I did exactly that! So last week did hit the 3x mark.

This week will not be the same. I thought my appt with the PT was Monday Evening, it is actually tomorrow 24/7 ha! I was planning on going Monday after work to the gym, but I have an issue with my telephone and my stepson came over for dinner and to help me switch to his phone so I can send my own in for repair. As many of you know, backing up a phone and then starting up a new phone is time consuming.

Nothing major to report from the gym. 2 times this week. Got it done.

fun fact: my current gym used to be a swimming pool


No major cycling this week, only biked out to the GP and back, 7KM


Still need to walk today, Day 204 of the walk streak. The best walking day was Thursday morning, 4KM in the park. It was lovely. The worst day was Friday morning, it was 7am and around the corner from my house, at the park where a petting zoo is, was a dead baby goat on the sidewalk. Police were already there. No idea what happened but I was absolutely shook. Total walking so far: 14.4 KM

at least Thursday’s walk was gorgeous and sunny

Coming up Next Week

Week 30

Still walking …

Monday – walk, gym (appt with PT)
Tuesday – walk
Wednesday – walk, W5R1, 40min easy run, gym
Thursday – walk
Friday – walk, W5R2 intervals 6x 2min, gym
Saturday – walk, volunteering at home parkrun
Sunday – walk, (W5R3 2x 40 w/5min walking in between)

Next week Ron and I are also taking care of our friends Gerrit and Marcel’s cat Zus. They live close to us so I can still combine walking and running with going over there to feed their little princess.

That’s a wrap!

Tell me about your week! Did you have any exceptionally great workouts?

12 thoughts on “WRD – Week 29/2023 What A Time to be Alive

  1. Looks like an active week to me.

    Hope you enjoy that 10k today.

    Good news about the gym.

    I slacked off last week about the gym and I anticipate the same this week. Things get in the way. At least I got my runs done. I need to add in those walks.

  2. I am sorry that you are so frustrated on the weight front. It can be so upsetting to be doing everything “right” and not seeing the progress you are expecting. Keep on doing what you are doing!

  3. YOU are so inspiring with your “get it done” attitude. I really admire all the walking you do, and all the biking (especially as a means of commuting). Keep on keeping on <3

  4. Oh, I hope the medicine change makes a difference. Trying to lose weight can be so frustrating.

    It sounds like you are getting in a groove with your new work schedule, even when you have to switch things up.

  5. Nice week and its okay to air some frustration, but maybe this program will still have something valuable to add? It’s hard to say, but access to the experts is always a good thing!

    I hope the race was fun today!

    OMG the baby goat…that would shake me too. Could it be a fox or a coyote or something like that?

  6. I hope the 10K went well! Sounds like you had a good week. About that program your doctor is recommending- I’m just guessing it’s for people who aren’t really active and aren’t already aware of their nutrition. So it could be a lot of what you’re already doing, but who knows? You’re wise to keep an open mind. I was a little frustrated this week as well- as in, “am I really seeing any progress here?” It’s discouraging to be working and working and not seeing results. Well… maybe going off that medication will help you- I hope so!

  7. Oh no! Poor baby goat. I assume that that is weird to see there?

    Keep an open mind about the program — you really just never know. Sometimes all it takes is one small tweak (and ignore the BMI, you know that’s not a true measure of fitness!).

  8. I’m sorry you’re struggling. I gained a little bit of weight after Mr PugRunner’s incident, and it’s really hard to get that under control, especially at this age. Ugh.

    I’m here if you need to chat. <3 I'm proud of you for always pushing through.

  9. Oh I am so sorry you’re struggling on the weight front – it’s so frustrating to do everything right and nothing is happening. I hope you can figure it out, and in the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing! It sounds like you have a good routine down, so don’t change a good thing ;)

  10. Hope the 10k was a hit!
    That’s so upsetting about the baby goat. I can’t even imagine what might have happened. I’m sorry you are frustrated with your weight. I totally feel you on that. As I age its like everything continues to change and my metabolism is sh!t. In my experience the medical community has not been terribly helpful. Sigh.

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