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WRD: Week 2:2021

Tweet Pretty much the same, right? I don’t mean that in a negative or positive way, just neutral. So for some positivity, let’s just go to the Weekly Run Down! Because I can tell you that reconnecting with blogger friends (and in-person friends) really makes things feel positive! That’s kind of what this week was…

By Renée 17 January, 2021 13

Fit Five Friday – First Edition

Tweet It’s a brand new link up with FIVE amazing hosts – me, My First 5K and More, Running With Attitude, Runs with Pugs, Zenaida every Friday for Fit Five Friday! Ready for some fun? First Edition It’s the beginning of the year and typically the time when many folks jump on some form of…

By Renée 15 January, 2021 23

WRD: The Decision

Tweet Hey Y’all, can you believe it’s already time for the Weekly Run Down? Sometimes I’m surprised how fast things go, especially since everything was turned upside down from covid. So what do I mean about The Decision? I’m just going to get right to it, because you’ll figure it out anyway when I talk…

By Renée 28 June, 2020 17

WRD: More Movement

Tweet It was another busy week. As you can maybe tell from how late I was with the weekly run down linkup and with not responding to comments again. I could use a bit of a lesson on managing my time more wisely! Anyway, based on my goals for June, I’d say this was a…

By Renée 21 June, 2020 27

WRD: Still on a Flexibility Theme

Tweet It’s been another busy week. And I don’ t mean in regards to work. Yes I had to go into the office Monday and Tuesday but it wasn’t as stressful as last week. But let’s dive into all that in a minute. I’m recapping and joining in the weekly run down, trying to at…

By Renée 14 June, 2020 27

May Report Card

Tweet Once again it’s been a while since I came by to update and since we’ve made it through another month, now seemed as good a time as ever. Normally I would join in Weekly Run Down hosted by Deborah and Kim, but I’m too late to join the link up. I’ll be making the…

By Renée 1 June, 2020 7