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WRD: Somebody to Lean On

Tweet Welcome to Another Weekly Run Down I want to thank everyone for being so kind and caring lately. I just want you all to know it definitely helps. I had a better week, though I have to say it was stressful at work and not all my plans came to fruition, but that’s fine.…

By Renée 24 November, 2019 32

Friday Five: 5 Things to do at 5 AM

Tweet My 5 AM Challenge As I mentioned in my WRD from last week, I really wanted to challenge myself to get out of bed at 5 o’clock and do something -ANYTHING – to get myself in the habit of rising early. I’d like to teach myself and my body that 5am is a great…

By Renée 22 November, 2019 27

WRD: No Clever Title Here

Tweet Another Week Bites the Dust It’s that time again. It wasn’t a bad week, but here I am on Sunday, struggling to feel OK about things. Please don’t think I want to feel this way or that I don’t try to find the positive in every day. I promise you I do. I’m just…

By Renée 17 November, 2019 33

WRD: Week 44 Week of Workouts

Tweet It’s time for the weekly run down! It was a good week for planned vs. actual. It was a week still needing improvement on the mental and emotional side, but I’m taking things day by day and that’s all I can do right? Monday – Planned: Gym, strength program Actual: exactly that Tuesday –…

By Renée 3 November, 2019 18

WRD: This is what we call Plan B

Tweet Welcome again to the Weekly Run Down! Hey everyone! it’s time again for the weekly run down. I am participating even though I am not running, because the WRD is actually a link up for health & fitness bloggers – mostly runners, I admit – and it’s a great way to meet like minded…

By Renée 27 October, 2019 33

Time to reset

Tweet I’m back from Chicago and while I had an amazing time it’s time to get back to a “normal” routine.  I’ve already been off a routine since the middle of August and I’m really missing it. I still can’t run until January, but I can do other things; I’m just not doing much… One…

By Renée 21 October, 2019 25