Fit Five Friday – How it’s Going: Five Things to Achieve in 2024

It’s Friday again! Almost my favourite day of the week!

This week I want to talk how it’s going with the five things I want to achieve this year -it’s a little deviation from our “topics” but still in line with Fit Five Friday. I wrote about my goals here in January and now that we are halfway the year I thought it’d be a good time to check in.

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How it’s Going: Five things to Achieve this Year

25 parkruns this year

So far, so good. I’ve done 13 this year so far in 4 countries outside of the Netherlands. That means I’m on track.

Zegerplas - Netherlands
Donaupark - Austria

Sonsbeek - Netherlands
Van Heekpark - Netherlands

Rothay park - England
Sonsbeek - Netherlands
Sonsbeek - Netherlands
Queen’s - Scotland

Sonsbeek - Netherlands
Wienburgpark - Germany

Sonsbeek - Netherlands
Kralingsebos - Netherlands

Sonsbeek - Netherlands

Get Control over Stress

While I can’t say that I did the things in particular that I mentioned back in January, I can say that since giving my notice at work, there’s been an incredible sense of relief. Leaving the toxic work environment is probably like 90% of the stress I was dealing with. So for now, I’m just moving forward and fingers crossed my new job is “the one”.

Continue My Walk Streak

Check. As of today, 14th of June, I’m on day 531.

Continue pursuing better mental and physical health

Check. Still working with the Internist and Sleep Neurologist.

As far as the internist goes, I have been on metformin since the beginning of the year, but not much is happening as far as my weight is concerned. Still working on my nutrition. My internist has now referred me to an Obesity Clinic. I had my intake already and am waiting to be admitted into a program there. Most likely I’ll move on to a different type of medication but what that is, I don’t know yet (not injectables). Am I excited to be referred to an Obesity Clinic? Well, yes, actually I am. Because after years and years of no results, one starts to feel a bit mental. At least now I’ll get further help.

The sleeping situation is slightly better; I have medication now for my restless legs which helps most of the time. I also have mild sleep apnea and have an MRA (a mouth guard type apparatus) which should help with that. However, I’m still working on keeping it in more than 15 minutes. The first time I put it in I had a full blown panic attack. So yeah I need to get used to it.

Register and participate in at least 5 races

Two of Five done. And one is already scheduled so I just need two more between now and December. Shouldn’t be hard; especially since I’ll be training for a Half Marathon soon.

How are your goals going?

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6 thoughts on “Fit Five Friday – How it’s Going: Five Things to Achieve in 2024

  1. These are great. Hope they are go well.

    Goals? I forgot what they were.

    But most importantly stay healthy.

  2. These are all amazing and attainable goals. I always love having something to look forward to and work towards.

    We just got a second ParkRun “near” me. It’s still almost an hour away, so now is not the time for me to go, but maybe in winter I can make the trip.

    1. I do feel like these are realistic goals and nice to see that i’m heading in the right direction.

      i’m sure you’ll get to parkrun again when the time is right!

  3. Oh so excited to see your progress! And can’t wait to see you crush that Half Marathon. As for the toxic work environment, so glad you’re getting out. My friend quit her job a couple of months ago – still hasn’t found a new one. BUT I have never seen her lighter and more happy. She’s not got endless savings (so that can be a stress on its own) but just leaving that toxic environment has already been amazing on her mental and physical health.

    1. thank you so much! I have to say I was nearing the point where I wanted to leave before having another job lined up but my initial plan was to stick it out until October when my contract was up. I was almost 100% certain they would not renew (and why would they? they moved me to a new team where they didn’t really “need” me, so if there was no position, I’d be out. How easy is that for them?). It’s unbelievable just how detrimental a bad work environment can be.

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