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A Quarter Marathon

Tweet sounds amazing right? it’s a fancy way of saying 10.5 KM. 2 of that is on the beach. 3 will be up hills. The rest will be along the dikes and through the village. I think… That “blue” stuff you see on the photo? That’s the North Sea. I’m crazily running near the sea,…

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30 Day I’m Not Going to Eat Any Work Crap Challenge

Tweet (I actually wrote this on Wednesday 5th of January, after having a stressfun-filled day at work Tuesday) There is something that pisses me off immensely about myself. Time and time again, especially when feeling stressed I eat things that are “in my face” on the work floor even though I have plenty of healthy…

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Just a Quickie

Tweet I had an awesome post written up for today and I just ran out of time and couldn’t post it. I got some great help from my loverlies on Twitter and I just wanted to share how I’m working on turning a situation around. I’m proud to say I had no junk at the…

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Positive Post: 1st Monday of the Year Edition

Tweet Usually Mondays are fairly tough to get cranked up. A typical Sunday night is to struggle with sleep and/or wake up every few hours and then when it is actually time to get up, there is more struggling taking place. Last night was no exception but I had already had it in my mind…

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More Running, less Whinging.

Tweet Every new year I imagine myself as one of those people who come up with brilliant goals and resolutions and every year I pretty much come up with not-a-whole-lot. In 2010 I lost exactly 1 kilogram of weight, which was not really my intention, no, in fact, I really thought I would have hit…

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Challenge. Strategy. Result.

Tweet I know it’s been a little while since I posted and I there are a few reasons for that. If you have been following along the last wee bit you know that there’s been a lot of stress at work again, mainly due to lack of personnel to do the work, which equals me…

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Bear With Me

Tweet I’m trying to change the blog a wee bit, but I don’t have loads of time to just sit down and do it all in one go. . Hopefully everything will be working again properly in 2 – 3 days. . xx

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December Goals Part I

Tweet In the spirit of a complete attitude adjustment, there are a few things I want to focus on this month that are not scale related. Part of those goals is to revamp the blog a wee bit and include my food and recipes a bit more (though I will never claim to be a…

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