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Review: The Hormone Reset Diet

Tweet Recently I purchased and read The Hormone Reset Diet by Dr Sarah Gottfried. This post isn’t sponsored, it’s just my own review of something I thought would be helpful for me. A Bit Different Than I thought I was not really aware that this would be a “diet” book but more an elimination of…

By Renée 11 February, 2020 25

A Late February Wrap Up

Tweet I meant to wrap up much sooner than this but I’ve been incredibly busy. These were my goals in Feb: Diet, Health and Fitness Food – Log in MFP, strive for on target or a deficit each day – I did not have a deficit each day but I was more consistent, logging everything for…

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The “Week 1” That Wasn’t

Tweet Last week I had the intention of starting my marathon training up again – a sort of “pre work” to the real Week 1 that officially has a start date of 6th of June… So on Wednesday, 1 June I thought to myself “hey! let’s get this party started! It’s Global Running Day anyway!”…

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