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What Triggers those Feelings

You know, I think I must still have it in my brain sometimes that I “can’t” do something. It’s silly actually because I prove time and again I can do things. But when I was young, when I was in school, I was one of “those” kids. You know, the little ones, that had no…

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Old Skool – Retro Post from May 9, 2009

What a Week!! It’s been a very exhausting week. Monday was the funeral, Tuesday WW (home late), Wednesday stress at work, Thursday bellydancing (home late) and Friday… call me passed out on the couch, not even through one glass of wine! It was a tiring, but successful week, regardless of the sadness that started it…

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Old Skool – Retro Post from April 8, 2009

you see, this is not anything “new” for me… I have to choose I have to choose between – planning journaling counting weighing measuring exercising sleeping going out working internetting and not everything actually gets chosen!! So in the past week, I’ve been on my famous “all or nothing” trip. I really must do something…

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Trigger Unhappy

The last couple of weeks have been less than stellar food-wise. Either I’ve been overeating at dinner, not planning/preparing my food for the day or eating chocolate. Not one or two chocolates. A LOT of chocolate. My weigh-in on Thursday was kind enough to remind me of just how not-on-plan I have been, with a…

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Lost and Gained

I found out recently that somewhere around the end of 2008, the scale at home screamed a painful and loud 98.7 KG at me. Yesterday I got on the scale and it was a bit friendlier at 81.7KG. That’s 17 KG I lost in 2009. In 2008 I would have never thought I could run,…

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