Old Skool – Retro Post from March 31, 2009

Fact:  People don’t care what you ate or plan on eating today

I read this once  –  OK so maybe it’s not a fact per se. just the general consensus.

Whatever.  I need to write it down.  I need to figure out the points values based on Weight Watchers here in the Netherlands.  Today is over.  I’ve cried over my frustration, my half-assedness, my tiny little pound lost in the last two weeks.  I want to give up. Yet I don’t.  So, it’s nearly 11pm and here I’ve prepared my food for tomorrow:

B – egg and laughing cow sandwiches – 6 points
2 HB egg whites
2 triangles Laughing Cow
4 slices of bread
cucumber slices
wee bit of Hellmans Fat Free dijonnaise


L – tuna and whole wheat pasta salad – 7 points
1 tin of tuna
whole wheat penne
3 roma tomatoes (approx 180g)
steamed broccoli (approx 150g0
Hellman’s FF dijonnaise (approx 20g)
Calvé Very Light Mayo (approx 50g)
balsamic vinegar
el tapatio hot sauce
spinach (approx 80g)

1 can of Diet Coke

Snacks – strawberries (approx 180g) with 125g 0% Fage Yoghurt – 1 point
3 mandarins with 1 kiwi
1 carrot stick
1 Triple Tall NF latte – 1 point

D- 150gr chicken, 100g rice, green beans, 2 tsp olive oil, sweet soy – 9 points


Total points per day allowance: 23/ consumed 24
Water: 1 litre
Exercise: 25 min walk/jog 5am – 1,5 activity points
Attitude: snarky but awake


  1. I was casually glancing at this post when all of a sudden I realized your lunch sounds REALLY really tasty to me! Tuna pasta salad! I need to make that very soon, clearly ;).

    1. pinkymcpie says:

      and I just looked at that again Hilary… I haven’t had that in a while! I think it’s time to make it again :-)

  2. Hey, I like how you broke up the meals and told what was in them. Also, love the new look of your blog.

  3. Hey, it worked this time. Go figure…

    As a rule, I’m not too interested in what folks eat. I eat what I eat, you eat what you eat. I’m more interested in the mental aspects, what’s going on inside the blogger’s head and why they’re doing this.

    It’s funny, I can usually tell from just two or three posts whether that person is going to be successful. You get a sense that there’s no stopping them.

  4. pinkymcpie says:

    Hey Katie, thanks. I think I’m going to stick with this blog theme for a while.

    and for you and Jack – sometimes I write what I eat, especially if I’m having a hard time staying on track. I also find it interesting every once in a while to see what others eat, especially when they are on a losing streak. That said, even when I’ve tried different things it doesn’t necessarily help me to eat like other people. So yeah, I get that :) The mental thing is so much bigger than what you actually put in your mouth anyway so …

    Thanks Jack – appreciate you saying that!!

  5. […] tonight after we picks up some groceries. I have been craving this like crazy ever since I read a post from Renée yesterday! It’s such a summery dish that I associate with my mom and with being a carefree […]

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