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WRD: Week 31+32:2021 More of the Same

Unfortunately I missed updating last week because I just couldn’t fit everything in. And I don’t want to post my own blog if I know I won’t have time to properly go to other’s blogs! A condensed version of the last two weeks I could update everything but it’s all too much. Rest assured I’m…

By Renée 15 August, 2021 19

WRD: Week 29:2021 – The Best Laid Plans

I’ve decided I’m not going to talk about the stress at work anymore until there’s no stress at work. That way my weekly updates won’t become too redundant with the “omg y’all, work is so stressful blahblahblah” posts. Maybe at some point I can tell you how amazingly wonderful my work days/weeks are. The Best…

By Renée 25 July, 2021 33

WRD: Week 18 Another Wonder Weather Week

I mentioned in in Friday’s Post so I won’t yammer on too long about it. Suffice it to say the weather here in The Netherlands has left a WHOLE LOT to be desired. It didn’t matter too much this week because I was sooooo busy with work, but still – not one single early morning…

By Renée 9 May, 2021 Off