Whatever You Want To Call It

So, hey guys – who listened to Two Fit Chicks Podcast #14 this week? As I love MizFit and Shauna, I of course was very keen on hearing their episode on Intuitive Eating. There were a lot of things they talked about which made a lot of sense, some things I had heard before and some things which I really could relate to. It really got me thinking about the subject.

I am no expert by any means, and really, the only “expertise” I have is knowing what it’s like to be on and off and on and off and on and off track.

What’s this track of which we speak? Lately my mindset has been (thankfully without legal or illegal substances) altered into thinking much, much differently about the “journey” (ugh, someone please come up with a better word; I hate this one!) I’m on to become more fit and healthy and live the best life that I can, accepting my body, my mind, my spirit, essentially my life.

And maybe this is getting off topic a bit, but on top of being on tracks and wagons and various other things, what about cheating? The word “cheat” in itself indicates something negative, like you are not allowed. I mean I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to “cheat” at poker, sports games, tests at school, etc. Is it horrible that the use of this word really makes me crazy?

Or what about saying that one is “bad” or “good” – since when is eating or drinking what you want “bad”, ever? Did you want it? Did you choose it? Are you responsible for it?

When I think of intuitive eating, especially now, I do think of it as being much more mindful in what I have chosen to put into my body. Yes that may very well be 6 pints of lager and 3 shots of Jaegermeister because I’m out with friends on a Friday night. How did I feel doing it? How did I feel the next day? What will I do differently (no more shots, for example) in the future?

Perhaps this also sounds strange but this is why I turned to Weight Watchers in the first place. I know that Shauna really hated the little food planner forms that WW gives us to fill out (and I agree Shauna, there is never enough room on those damn forms!), which is why – when I DO track – I use the online system. Besides, like a true nerd I love all the graphs and charts and numbers and entering my own food items and recipes. I could be very wrong here, but I’m pretty sure Weight Watchers is meant to teach us a few BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL things:


Intuitive eating to me is:
1) Eating when you are hungry. Being in tune with real hunger vs. cravings or THIRST
2) Are you craving something? What is it? What made you crave it? Is it EMOTIONAL or PHYSICAL?
3) Are you enjoying what you are eating? Have you noticed how it smells, tastes, what the texture is?

I think once you learn, Weight Watchers style, how to eat, THEN you can start breaking it all down.

It probably sounds VERY strange, but I very rarely have cravings of any kind. I don’t crave chocolate or other sweets for example. CRAVING and WANTING are two different feelings. I would say 99.9% of the time that I WANT chocolate, it’s because of an emotional trigger. STRESS, ANGER, LONLINESS, BOREDOM.

When I eat “bad” foods, I just eat them. I want it, I choose it, I am responsible for it. What I have found is that I am now ENJOYING it rather than shoving it in, eating in secret or going overboard on it (don’t talk to me yet about beer, because I still tend to go overboard when I go out for drinks). So for example, recently we had a special pre-opening event of a new store near my office and I had some brownie samples (maybe half a brownie worth), two bites of lemon cake (didn’t really enjoy it so didn’t eat more of it) and instead of having a frapuccino like I had original planned in my head, I opted for a one-pump sugar free vanilla latte.

This is an amazing feeling of freedom to just TRUST yourself, choose and enjoy.

This is the definition of intuitive eating for me, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s about learning what works and what doesn’t work and working towards something sustainable. If you can not or are not willing to do (or not do) something for the rest of your life, you will go “off track”.

I’m much more relaxed lately about when I reach my goal. I know now that I have to adapt to what is going on RIGHT NOW and TRUST MYSELF so that in the future I am that Healthy Person I want to be.

I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I’m looking forward to updating you all when I get home!

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  1. That is a great post! I agree with so much of it. As I get older, I’m really trying not to “punish” myself for being bad vs. good. Everything in moderation and I think for the most part I make good choices. Ya gotta have some fun!

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