Beach Bodies

(written from the Beach in Stalida, Crete)

At the beginning of each year, we are blasted with suggestions to “lose weight” and “get fit” because of course we have to look good for Valentine’s Day or Spring Break. Then around March we are blasted with all kinds of diet and exercise tips so that come summer we have the perfect “beach body”.

What is all this noise about perfection and looking good though? I mean, my opinion of what looks good is clearly different than what others’ opinions are. As I sit here on the beach, with a differently shaped body than the last time I “enjoyed” (I didn’t, in fact) a summer holiday, I see nothing more than normal, imperfect people. Skinny, fat, short, tall, blubby, muscley, white, burnt, over-tanned. I make jokes about guys with their bellies hanging over their speedos (a punishable crime in my book), or ladies with ill-fitting bikini tops (did they not look in the mirror?) But you know what? It doesn’t matter!



What matters is the time spent with family and friends. The belly guy walking hand in hand with his wife, still loving each other after 30 years together. The father building sandcastles with his son, the almost teenager enjoying her time with her family and
building great memories to look back on. Do we need body perfection for this?

Yes, it’s important to be healthy. Being fit also helps, especially when it comes to playing with your kids, running for a bus, or walking a lot whilst on holiday. Isn’t THAT closer to perfection?

When I see in front of me that no one is perfect (even the body builder who is so tan he’s nearly black) I realise that there is nothing wrong with my body. Sure I could use some tightening up here and there, and according to health calculators I am still in the “overweight” category. But in this world of imperfection I am sitting in the middle of “perfect” – Sun, sea, sand, watching my husband play in the sand with my stepson and hanging out, relaxing on a beachbed with my stepdaughter. What more could I want right now?

I know I will always need to stay focused on my health but this bliss I’m experiencing is WAY better than a number on the scale!

(by the way, the hatred of my legs stopped this vacation. they are really not so bad after all)

5 thoughts on “Beach Bodies

  1. I’m glad you’ve come to this realization about yourself. I checked out that vid where you showed the perfect espresso and you looked haaaaaaaawt. And I never type “hot” like that for anyone!

    I don’t know where the self-consciousness comes from. I imagine that it’s alleviated when you’re married for 30 years and your wife is still willing to hold your hand or when you’re on a beach playing with your family and they don’t care what you look like because to them you’re mom/dad/whomever.

    And looking at those legs… *whistles*… if you ever find you have an issue with them… I’m sure I could drum up a little leg worship if that’ll help! *rawr*


    1. haha! thanks Ron, you totally ROCK! you will definitely be my go-to guy when my self-esteem starts to slip!

      for the record though, I haven’t been married for 30 years, but I am in a different place in my life now than I was, say 10 years ago. I was actually AT my “perfect” weight then, but clearly lacking in self-confidence. I had to go to a pretty deep place to come out of it and actually learn something from it this time though. Maybe that’s the difference?

  2. Pinky pinky pinky Renee I mean!!

    Yesterday we (Sjoerd, Rachel,Rod and Michel) mentioned your weight loss Twitter, Rachel was really interested and wanted to know how long you had been dieting and how much you had lost, we of course didn’t know all the details but all agreed that you don’t need to lose weight you are looking great as you are right now.

    And let me just add, out of all the people on your pics above probably the most silly looking person on there (in my opinion) is the guy with the big pecs and roasted like a dry but oily roasted peanut, and he is probably proud of the way he looks!

    1. Liss I <3 all of you!

      YES that guy! He's the overtanned one I mentioned! I could never get him close enough to get a good photo of him, but it was horrible to look at!

      I shall have a chat with Rachel but for the record I started WW (again) in March 2009 right after I got married at a loverly 99KG. I am now down 20KG and have around 10 to go. Of course I would love to lose weight still but I'm focused on a few other things - the running and looking hot in and out of my clothes :)

  3. Hiii again, Just came to have another glimpse at your blog as I am “trying” to motivate myself to get on with writing my blog… that story is to be continued haha

    Well thats really great! I just saw some of your before pics and wow you have done really well! keep it up, I know how difficult it is but you are really on the right track.

    Both Rachel and I lost alot of weight over the past years, next time we meet up I promise to bring you a pic from around yr 2000 for you to have a laugh a ;O)

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