Thanks. I needed that!

I haven’t run for two weeks. In fact I’ve hardly done anything. What with my parents being here, plus the travel and then the exhaustion from work on top of that it just wasn’t happening.

But today I decided to put my running gear on and try to motivate myself to go out and do something. I’m not feeling really great about myself, my body and I know that running always helps get my mind in a better place (with the exception of the Half Marathon).

So while procrastinating I was on twitter and noticed that Monique Rubin was supposed to be running a 10K today in Den Haag and also wasn’t especially in the mood, so I said to her “just go and do it and I’ll go out and walk/jog 10K as well”.

As I really don’t like to go back on my commitments, even those made on twitter (and mind you, sometimes we HAVE to go back on commitments), I finally made my way outside to run.

I walked the first kilometer. Needed to feel like I could do it and it took me exactly that long. Then I headed around in a different way than I normally go running, but very close to a way we drive to the station in the morning. I went then through a part of Klarendal and back around to the Velperweg. At that point it was time to head home. My knees were hurting and I wanted to stop. I walked a bit again, checked my phone and saw that Monique was definitely doing her 10K. I knew then I just had to go for it. All in all I probably walked 2 – 2.5KM of the 10K and I’m totally ok with that.

It was good to go out again. I don’t fully feel like I have my mojo back, but thanks Monique Rubin, I really needed that!

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