That thing about Weigh-In Day

To be honest, I saw this pattern a long, long time ago and yet I still let it mentally bother me each time it happened.

Whenever I would weigh-in, I would somehow, somewhere throughout the day go overboard with food. It’s like whatever the message was on the scale, subconsciously my brain decided I was going to overeat.

Lost weight! Whoo! Brain thinks it has “room” to eat a bit extra.
Gained weight? Bummer. Screw it, have a treat.
Maintained! Well, nothing new there. I may as well have a (insert whatever food item you like here).

It’s amazing that after all these years I am still psychologically affected by this stupid mechanical machine that rarely ever gives me the answers I want. There have been periods where I just don’t get on the scale, days, weeks – simply because I don’t want my mind played with in this way. And I lived! Imagine that!

There are those who will argue that the only way you can get real control over that number on the scale is to be consistent with calories in vs. calories out AND weigh yourself at the same time every week (in the same way). Some people weigh themselves every day (I remember when I used to do that – after I lost weight with WW and was on maintenance) – I think this particular method would send me into a frenzy.

At least I know myself by now. Weighing myself every day is not going to help me mentally at all. Monthly weighing gives me too many excuses not to try my best every day. So what about weekly?

I was thinking that on my weigh-in day (which I’ve now officially chosen as Wednesday) I should just leave it as an open day. I guess some people call it a cheat day but I don’t like the term “cheat” as it implies I am “bad” or “wrong”. 90% of the time I am really conscious of what I am eating, even when I am over-eating! I’m conscious that I’m making that decision to have whatever it is at that moment. I think if you looked at my food journaling you would also see that what I’m overeating is not exactly “bad” stuff, most of the time it comes from my evening meal – like too much rice, or pasta. Everything else you see is fruit, vegetables, low/no-fat dairy, lean meats, good oils, whole-wheat bread. So if I just tell myself, Wednesday is an open day, I wonder if that would help, or if the brain would say it’s a free-for-all?

Well. I’m just going to try it. I think also one of the reasons it happens is because for several days I’m working very hard on being at or under my calorie goal for the day and I get pretty hungry. So by Wednesday, nothing is really making that emptiness go away – I have to actually eat more to stop that feeling. And I’m not saying stuff myself, I’m just saying eat something reasonable.

I have tried very hard to convince myself that there is nothing wrong with being hungry. And there isn’t. I’m not starving by any means. But there are times when I really physically don’t feel well – headache, dizziness, and even sometimes confusion. I don’t actually understand at all how people can eat so little (or the Eat Stop Eat “method”) and not feel awful. (or maybe they do feel awful but they don’t admit it?)

I know everyone is different. I just find it so amazing that some people have what looks like an easy time with the physical part of weight loss. Perhaps it’s a good thing that this is taking me so long so that mentally I can develop and learn as well.

4 thoughts on “That thing about Weigh-In Day

  1. You know, there’s a really, REALLY famous blogger who’s my exact height of 5’9″ and she’s recently had another baby. She is trying to get back to the 140’s and is just 10 pounds away. I believe when she was 9 months pregnant, she was at my NOW weight of bouncing between 189-196. That’ll make your head feel fat!

    Seriously. I wonder, how do people do that? She’s a lovely person, but I cannot see how I could ever get another FIFTY pounds off of my body without seriously changing my whole existence. I love to eat. That’s not going to change. I eat healthy foods 80% of the time or more, I count calories every day. I hike, I run, I climb mountains for pities sake, and still, I’m a big girl. And yet, I’m a size 10. So if I lose another 50 pounds what size would that be? Do I want that? No. I guess I don’t. I’m thinking a smaller size would bring with it a “no eating zone” for me, that’s what I’m thinking.

    That said, I do the exact same thing: On weigh-in day I have a open eating day, and because I know me, and I know this about me, I stopped having weigh-in days. I just try to make every day a “pretty good” day. Of course I haven’t lost an ounce in months. Lol! But then, I’m simply not motivated to keep at it. I’ve decided that since it’s so ridiculously frustrating to be surrounded by little women who are my height and sitting at weights I’ll probably never attain, to drop my weight loss blog and start a new one that makes me much happier–talking about where I am NOW and the running that I love and the life that I have NOW. I’m tired of living in the land of what-ifs of weight loss. For me, I’m going to embrace the fitness cause I may not wear a size 4 but I sure can run!

    Lots of love to you, Missy!!!!

    1. Katie, I want to be you when I grow up!!! this is exactly why I should not even bother with weight loss anymore. I’m so much happier when I’m focusing on the good, the amazing things I have achieved and just trying to make every day a “pretty good” day. I’m 43 (almost *winks* ) do I NEED to be 150 pounds? Really? Maybe I’m ok just the way I am! what a concept!!!

      I’ve hit the wall again this week. Got my period and the scale went back up to the just after vacation weight. Mind games all around!

  2. From looking at your food diary on MFP I must admit, I am sometimes surprised at how big your dinners are. I am usually not that hungry for dinner or if I am, a ‘normal’ (whatever that means) portion is enough for me to be satisfied. But if you feel dizzy etc. you definitely should eat something. I never feel like this from eating 1600 calories a day. It really is enough for me but if it isn’t for you, then eat more. Everyone is different.
    Well, I hope your weigh-in on Wednesday will show you dropped that gain from last week (probably water weight, right?).

    1. I think the biggest problem really is that I am ravenous when I get home. I eat lunch at 12 and then most days now wait until 5:30-6pm to eat a snack (I’ll have tea in between or if anything a banana, some cherry tomatoes, some pickles, all low-cal items). So even with a snack at 6pm it’s as if there is nothing in my stomach at all by the time I get to eat dinner.

      I have tried to eat less, but most of the time I do tend to eat too much. I must work a bit harder on disciplining myself to stop BEFORE I’m stuffed.

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