The Last Week – an update

21 August, 2011 Off By Renée

Haven’t had much time for a proper update post this week and this one will have to be quicker than usual –

On Wednesday I weighed-in and officially lost 1.3KG my first week back from holiday and following my food guidelines again. Whoo! I am going to talk a little bit more in the next post about what happened that day, because I’ve found a pattern and I want to find a way to deal with it…

On Wednesday I also went to the physio. The good news is, the knee is not painful at all, it can take 40KG squats and I’m allowed to do some warming-up type exercises, like what you do before you run (I’ll see if Hubs can’t help me with photos of these exercises so that I can describe them properly this upcoming week. We set an appointment for two weeks and if all is still going well, I’ll be on the road to running again! Whoo!

I have the Leontien Ladies Ride coming up on 18 September, which is 70KM; last weekend I did 40+ KM to Nijmegen and back and today I did just under 40KM to Doesburg and back. I still have 4 weeks to train a bit. I’m hoping next weekend to 60 and the weekend after that maybe 70KM just to know what it feels like. I finally remembered to wear my bike shorts today – what a difference! It was beautiful the first half of my ride and I’d never been to Doesburg before so I was really pleased when I saw how freaking cute the town is! Plus there was an Elvis Presley Festival going on, and a Photography Market. Always nice when things are going on at your destination! The 2nd half it was threatening to rain AND it was a route that I’ve done many times (especially running); I wanted to be fairly close to home so I was back before dinner.

Next week the goal is to do my physio exercises at least twice and get to the gym once.

Hope everyone is ready to have a great week ahead of them!

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