First Pre-Run Attempt

(I scheduled this post for last week, damn it!!! )

Last week Wednesday my physio gave me some exercises to do to prepare for running again. Then we made an appointment for two weeks to see how things were going.

Monday night after dinner the Hubs and I put our running gear on (which already felt great!) and headed into the park to do a half hour of exercise – with me doing my thing and he giving it a go running a bit in the park (he’s not run since end of March).

My exercises consist of:
Fast Walking
Quick/short steps jogging
Backward kicks (for the thighs)
Sideways Stepping

I tried to also do the balancing techniques he gave me which is:
Jump/step on one foot, other foot stays up, balance

Then I’m supposed to repeat that but pick the place where I want to jump, close my eyes, balance, open, repeat

That didn’t work out too well though, I was WAY too wobbly and I seem to have hurt my other knee in the process. So I just did a combination of the first five.

Who knew that skipping was actually so tough!?? Man my heart was seriously pounding!

I felt so happy to be out there again. I simply can not wait to start running soon. I know I have to be careful, but it does so much for my mind, my body, my brain… even Hubs said he just feels better mentally when he’s running, even though it’s not really something he’s excited to go and do (he likes it while running and the feeling afterwards, but getting started is another story).

I know I won’t be able to do a few of the races I was looking forward to doing, but at least I’m really on my way back!

3 thoughts on “First Pre-Run Attempt

    1. I have been meaning to talk to you about this! When I wss on holiday I was sure that I saw a message from you about it, but when I returned I couldn’t find the message any more! I really, really, really WANT to do it and as of last Thursday I thought I wouldn’t be able to, but I was talking to my husband and a friend of his and they both said “It’s 10K. It’s fairly easy to build up to a 10K again even after a short break, when you are a runner.” I thought, yeah! I am runner! I should be able to do it!!

      So long story short i just want to check with my physio if he’s OK with me doing it and then I’ll sign up!

  1. Hey, Renee! Have you read “Chi Running”? I’m in the middle of it and am loving it. LOVING it. It’s all about how to relax into the running and how to never, ever hurt yourself. They give tips that I’ve never heard on body placement, breathing, forward lean and all kinds of nuggets. I’ve started to run faster (immediately) because of the tips and am learning to relax so that even though it’s a faster pace, my body doesn’t perceive it as stressful. Given that you’re coming back from an injury it might be worth checking it out. (I got it on my Kindle) The author’s whole mindset is to teach you to run efficiently and carefully so you will never get hurt and you can run into your 90’s and I know that’s both of our goals.

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