Initial Results: Tommie Copper Knee Sleeves

12 December, 2011 Off By Renée

You may or may not know this, but I am kind of skeptical. Usually I don’t “buy into” things very easily. My approach is really more no-nonsense than anything – usually takes a bit of convincing before I’ll try a product and even then I have the feeling it won’t work.

It took me quite a while to start thinking seriously about compression. I know that when you read people’s testimonials they say they are giving their own opinion – but I’ve hardly seen anyone say a product is crap when they’ve received free goods or services to try. Am I saying people are lying? No, but I am saying *maybe* it’s not all true…

Anyway, *I* did not receive any free samples. I actually ordered the Tommie Copper knee sleeves to give compression a chance myself. My physio told me not to bother with any extra help, and I really wondered about this as I see people wearing braces and compression gear all the time. If those people are doing it, who advised them and more importantly why? There must be a good reason.

I wrote earlier that I was already impressed by the service I received. My package arrived fairly quickly from the US and luckily even on the day that I had a day off from work (last week Tuesday). I immediately tried it on because if it wasn’t the right size, I needed to arrange to send it back immediately. I wore it on my left (bad) knee for several hours. Already I noticed that when sitting for periods of time my knee didn’t hurt when I started to move again. The next day I wore it in the train on my commute. Usually after 1 hour and 15 minutes of sitting still my knee hurts pretty bad. In fact, I usually start to get up out of my seat and work the kinks out about 5 minutes before I arrive at my station. I have a lot of pain for about 10 – 30 minutes after that; walking through the train, going up and down stairs at the station, getting into the bus, getting out of the bus (a real doozy). Already though the first day on the train with the knee sleeve – NOTHING. No pain. No kinks. Even the stairs and getting on and off of the bus was fine. Amazing!

Since then I’ve been wearing at least the left sleeve. I hardly notice it as I’m wearing it. Saturday I was out all day with my family and I wore both. My legs and knees were much less tired than normal. The real test though was to come…

Sunday I went for a run and I knew I was going to go minimum 10KM. I slipped on the left sleeve, got dressed and eventually hit the pavement. I have to say it went really well! I hardly noticed my knee at all!! My only regret was not wearing both sleeves. There was a very clear distinction between left and right knees; my left TC knee was fine, my right non-TC knee definitely had some mild irritation/tiredness.

So there it is :) Would I recommend Tommie Copper compression gear? Yes, I would. Even without receiving any free stuff from them to try :)

Unfortunately I didn’t win the contest over at Running With Spatulas, but I would still consider buying from them again regardless.

Have you considered compression gear but just aren’t sure it works? What sort of compression gear would you try? Do you know what makes Tommie Copper special?