Week in Review:: Stop the World I want to get off Edition

Another week in review and to be quite honest with you it was almost the same as the last.

Busy, hectic, too much to do, too tired, too packed full of stuff.

In fact if I think about it now I have no idea what even happened two days ago let alone a whole week.

I do know there was no running (but the bag is packed to run at lunch tomorrow).

There was no gym.

There was somewhat of an attempt to do my body weight exercises.

There was less planning and too much random eating.

Friday I worked at one of our stores so I was not really in a position to have my regular food and snacks and Friday night was our company Holiday Party… there were *some* alcoholic beverages comsumed (and quite a bit of dancing, yay!) Saturday I was a wreck though (I’m not good with drinking much anymore… could be a good thing right?) so I didn’t eat or drink well and on top of that I had plans to go out with my friend M, meaning more food and drink was involved.

You know I don’t think the holidays should be a time when you say “screw it” and eat everything that isn’t nailed down, but it is a special time of year and very often you end up presented with food and drink that you normally wouldn’t have during “normal” times of the year. While I think my brain still wants to hang on to that a little bit (enter the panicking about food/weight Pinky), part of me feels really free. You know, I feel quite good. Healthy. I was looking at my body a bit the other day (which to be honest I don’t do much and maybe I should because it’s not exactly BAD…) and I thought “damn. for a 43 year old you really aren’t looking bad at all”. I bought this cute dress for the holiday party and it fit perfectly and I just thought “yeah! being this size/weight isn’t really bad!”

So yeah. Not the best example in the world, but I’m an honest example. It’s the holidays. Enjoy being with the people you love and if there is food or drink involved just use your head. You know, enjoy. Be present. Make memories. It’s nice and something to treasure. Nobody wants to sit around and pick at all the things they did “wrong” (ie what they ate and drank… people, life is too short!), pick at the things you did right!

I was in situations quite often this past week where I was late going home and hungry so I tried a few things I hadn’t had before:

Have you Had these?
I think these were 140 cals for two biscuits
Fruit Bites - Tasty, 90 cals but downside made from concentrate

I was in a BTL Chat about a week+ ago and we were talking about tips and tricks… one of my favourite tips is… if you are eating pasta with meat/tomato sauce, have less pasta and bulk it up with broccoli.

100g Kamut Pasta with 150g steamed broccoli

mmmm mmmmm leftover homemade (lean) meat and tomato sauce courtesy of the Hubs

Also I have a twitter friend who has a cook book shop in town and she actually blogs here (in Dutch); she has some great recipes that she shares but this past week she made what sounds to be like a very simple but amazingly delicious mandarin cake… she saved me a piece so on Thursday I went by…What a treat!!

mandarin cake courtesy of Riejanne S.

I love to support local businesses and I wish you all lived close to me so you could visit her shop!

One of my favourite things this week? Homemade cappuccino. Yes I’m back to making them again at home.

foamy milk and creamy espresso

A Perfect Beverage

Plans this week:
Monday – dinner with friends (and looks like I’ll finally be meeting Penny!!! YAY!) packing my bag to run at lunch time.
Tuesday – recover from Monday, make sure I make my lists for food we need over the holiday
Wednesday – I may again run at lunchtime; driving the car because I need to bring some stuff home from work, don’t want to be stuck in Traffic
Thursday – meeting up with my friend P after work. Last minute shopping?
Friday – am supposed to work in another store of ours. don’t know if I’ll make it.
Saturday – last minute (food) shopping, making cookies for the Hubs Santa Claus.
Sunday – CHRISTMAS! Whoo!

Calgon, take me away!

How was your week? How do you feel about all of the busyness and food and drink this time of year?

6 thoughts on “Week in Review:: Stop the World I want to get off Edition

  1. I carry liga in my purse at all times. My son loves them. My week was much about the same as yours. But I had a light bulb moment yesterday. Forced myself to just drop my todo list and get out for a run. As usual I felt so much better and realized it’s going to be another busy week but I MUST make me a priority! So that’s what I’m going to attempt this week. Try to balance out my eating, get my todo list done, and make time for exercise. And I can’t wait to finally meet you guys tomorrow :)

    1. I totally understand what you mean Penny. I had a whole day pretty much wasted because I had a hangover Saturday. And today we had to do the shopping we didn’t do yesterday :( this is why my bag is packed to run tomorrow. Since we aren’t having dinner until later that means I can leave later. You are so right though, we have to make ourselves a priority!!

      And YAY, I am so excited to meet!!!

      oh and I think I’m going to see if I can get the fruit bites and ligas more in bulk – the ligas you can right?

  2. I LOVE Snack-A-Jacks! I think they’re perfect for crisps-lovers who are losing weight, because they still give you that crispy flavour, with very little of the fat and calories. (Although they can be slightly cardboardy, if you get the wrong pack!)

    I usually get the barbecue ones, and if you get the BIG ones, I top them with low-fat Philadelphia with chives. DELICIOUS as a treat, or you can top THAT with cold meat and make a sandwich of it. :D (BBQ Snack-A-Jacks topped with low-fat chive philadelphia and grilled bacon is an absolutely delicious, over-the-top treat. It totally tastes like a hundred thousand calories, but isn’t!)

    And mmm, that cappuccino looks DELICIOUS. *slurp*

    1. wow, great suggestion Tracy, I’m going to look for the big ones in the store! Which ones are cardboardy?

      I’m addicted now to my cappo’s in the morning!

  3. Oh you know your week doesn’t sound so bad, being happier with your body is always a good thing.

    For me, I want to enjoy the holidays, and I have never been one to feel bad over eating a little candy or chocolate or cookies so I won’t at Christmas. I am going to log though and I am upping my exercise to make up for the food.

    1. Thanks Karen. I guess I’m just tired of being a bit out of control. Much prefer the planning and sticking to the plan.

      And you are right to not feel bad about enjoying the holidays. It’s always the same every year, so why feel bad right?

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