Catching Up || Recap: Week 11 + 12 2018

After my so called “hard reset” I still had some work to do.



Week 11 was supposed to have minimum three runs, but once again I had only two.  Monday night with Vincent’s Group was again intervals and technique but we mostly ran easy due to the Stevensloop Half Marathon that most of us were participating in on Sunday.  I’m enjoying this group and glad that I could join.  And it really helps me at least get an interval run done!  I am struggling to do these on my own.    On Tuesday I wanted to check out BodyAttack at the gym but I read the schedule wrong and was too late!  In the end, glad I didn’t do it because it looks less appealing that BodyPump (kind of like old fashioned aerobics really). So I did my own workout at the gym and it was good!  Wednesday was spinning night again with Vincent and Ron on the treadmill while we were sweating buckets in RPM.    Thursday I wanted to do intervals but I ended up working late and just didn’t have the energy, plus I’d already promised Vincent I’d give him a well-needed massage.  On Friday *I* finally got a massage;  I was hoping it would really help me for Sunday’s Half.  We skipped spinning all together on Saturday to rest our legs up as well.

ready to attack
mr speedy on the treadmill

Sunday was truly a disaster though.  It was colder than the few days before and the wind was insane. I mean INSANE.  I felt good that morning, it wasn’t like anything was wrong physically!  Anyway, I went into it just thinking it would be ok, I just had to get through the first half and then it would be fine.  When we actually started I had the feeling that there were less participants this year – usually it takes quite a while to get through the starting blocks but we were off fairly quickly.  The first two km’s were fine actually, and it was freaking windy, but I thought I could manage it.  Then we hit the first bridge.  Man.  I thought I was going to get blown away!   At some point it felt like I was running sideways instead of forward.  Finally over the bridge at 4KM I noticed I was second to last.  Which is FINE, generally.  I have been last before at smaller events.  This was a bigger event and the sweep busses were literally on my heels.  I did my best, truly, but the wind was just getting so painful on my face and the buses were messing with my head.   I stepped out at 10(.15) km.   Enough was enough. For the first time in my running life, I had a DNF.  I choose it.  I got in that bus and wrapped a blanket around me and tried not to be too upset about it.  5KM later 4 more people got in the bus.  They’d all had it.  Anyway,  It is what it is.  Bummed but nothing I can do about it now.

at least on our way with a positive outlook
omg the wind and the cold. just so over it. my first DNF



Total running Week 11:  17.2KM

Week 12 was the week that I actually got it back together again and I feel like I’m well and truly on my way.  I did however skip Monday evening training with Vincent’s group, but on Tuesday I forced myself to get out and do an easy run, even though I did have one massage client.  I only got out at almost 9pm but I DID IT.   Wednesday was RPM again; another great sweaty session.  Thursday I wanted to do my intervals, but I had to work late, and when I got home Ron was cooking and I thought “well that’s me in for the night then!”  On Friday I had to work at my “normal” job in the morning and then in the afternoon I had 4 clients!  So I was pretty darn busy day.  I was determined to DO MY INTERVALS though, so at around 6:30pm I kitted up and went out for 8 x 400.  I’m particularly proud of this interval and the last interval I did on my own because I did them on my own.   I feel like this is really helping me get that mojo back that I so desperately need.   Saturday I was back at spinning in the morning, though Ron and Vincent both weren’t able to go with me.

Sunday Running  –  I wanted to still tackle that half marathon distance and was looking around trying to find an event I could do but everything was either too far away, sold out or too short/ too long.  Ron was going to run the Amstelveen marathon as a training (I know… “as a training”) and Runiversity was hosting a long run (+/- 15K) so I decided to get up with Ron and run to the meeting point (9km) and then run with the group.  It was a beautiful, crisp day and wonderfully peaceful at 7:45 in the morning and I had more than enough time to get to Rijkerswoerd Plas by 9.  For some reason though I was running faster than usual and ended up at the lake 10 minutes before we started instead of with only a few mins to spare (I didn’t want too much down time).  Our long run was actually interspersed with some technique which I also enjoyed (to a certain extent, haha!) and in the end it was 13km I ran with the group.  So, in total, 22KM (and a ride home from one of the group).  Ron of course ran his “training marathon”  in 3:16… (insert shocked emoji here)

ready to catch Chantor
glad I decided to do the long run with the group <3


Total running Week 12:  36.5KM



Food –  I’ve been seeing a “lifestyle coach” to help me get my food and eating together.  I’m not eating the wrong things but I’m eating too much of them and possibly at the wrong time.  So she’s trying to help me with actual time and intake for sport days vs. non sport days.  It’s interesting, she’s very nice and super helpful, but I’m not getting too excited yet.  I did lose a kilo in the two weeks after our initial intake, but I’m very cautious about any sort of celebrations.  I do think she’s right that I got caught up in marathon training fueling and am in a constant cycle of refueling even if it’s not necessary.  I also bought a Body+ Scale but it’s not any friendlier than my own scale! ha!

Big Decision Life Stuff – in Week 11 my boss tagged me in a job vacancy post regarding a job in Chicago and I answered it saying that I would love to live in Chicago again but that I likely wasn’t fully qualified for the role.  My colleague who posted the job though… he called me and said that they would love to have me and would I be interested in the role I’m doing now plus a bit more responsibilities?  So I thought about it and talked to Ron about it and then informed my potential manager that I’d be interested in seeing what they had to offer.

Since then, however, my head is SPINNING and I’m sure at this stage it’s a no.  There are too many cons vs. pros.  There are some good, even great reasons to go back, but what about the quality of life we have here?  I’m not saying it’s bad in the US but let’s face it – health care, social programs, flexibility and protection at work, vacation pay, minimum 25 vacation days…  everything that we’ve built up here would just be at a dead stop.  We have no credit in the US, we’d have to get driver’s licenses, I don’t even know if Ron could work (plus getting him there is $$$$$).  But also… no vacations like we have now.  No jetting off because we can.  We are not spring chickens either.  I don’t care about material possessions – to be honest I could sell off everything i own right now and be gone, but I do care about the life we have now vs. how harder it would be for us.  What if Ron can’t get a job? What about the kids?

So yeah, that has been a major, major thing on my mind the past two weeks – I’m still waiting to see what they offer but I think my few days of thinking “how cool would that be?!” has turned into “not the right thing for right now”.

And… the foot – I had an MRI (finally) and they found NOTHING in my fourth toe.  So frustrating.  So now I have an appointment with the neurologist.    It feels like a never-ending story.  My foot started tingling in 2013… and yet NO ONE can tell me why that is or how to fix it.  Though the shots I had in my back did help my foot and my restless leg a bit, it’s back to it’s old ugly self again plus the weird dead/painful toe.  And this you can’t even google.  My symptoms don’t seem to get googleable.  Sigh.


Oh yeah, and The Girl and I (stepdaughter) went to see the Script in Amsterdam.  We had sushi beforehand and got to catch up and talk about all things life, school and boyfriend.  While I have always loved her, there is something about getting to hang out with them when they are older, you know?  Just super enjoyable.

her second concert ever!
painting the town green

Almost caught up.  Just busy, busy life.


So how do you deal with a huge life decision?

What’s your favorite way to do the long run, alone or with a group (or another person)?

Do you go to concerts with your (almost) grown kids, if you have them?  If not, what sort of activities do you do with them? 


  1. kookyrunner says:

    Running with the wind is always a challenge! It feels like you have to give double the effort to get half as far, lol

    I totally understand your pros and cons for re-locating and taking a job in Chicago. It’s an awesome city but you have so many more positives living where you do now.

    1. Renée says:

      so true! and yes ultimately we found more positives at this stage.

  2. It has been so windy here too this past month. It can be so discouraging! Good luck with the new job sounds exciting for you

    1. Renée says:

      hopefully we are getting over the wind portion of this weather soon! and thanks, decision has been made!

  3. Your DNF race sounds a lot like my solo 8-miler on Saturday. I’m honestly not sure how I managed those entire 8 miles on my own with no walking because the wind was n.u.t.z.o. I’m glad your other run went well, though. See? the good runs usually are lurking right after the bad ones are finished ;-)

    1. Renée says:

      ugh are we all going through the wind phase now??? awful!

  4. Marcia says:

    Wow! The job change prospect is certainly an interesting opportunity. But, I have to agree. Chicago/IL is kind of a big mess right now, I’d get outta here if I didn’t have kids in school. I think you’re better off where you are. I’m a solo long runner. It’s the way I’ve always done it. Gah! I swear it seems like it’s cold everywhere! Sick of it!

    1. Renée says:

      interesting that you find it a big mess! next time an opportunity comes along I’ll be asking for your input!

      So you’ve never run with a group at all? that’s kind of amazing! (in a good way!)

  5. Wendy says:

    What Marcia said^^. I think you’ve got a pretty good set up where you are. From my perspective, anyways…

    The wind tho…you are in good company. We’re all suffering over here across the pond!

    1. Renée says:

      it’s true, we have a good life. I just miss having good/ best friends. I have friends here, but it’s just different. It’s so hard to explain. The culture you can learn and you can integrate as much as almost being “one of them” but you are never really one of them. You don’t have the same experiences growing up. you can’t joke about something that you learned when you were young. Making friends is hard in another country. Anyway, it’s so hard to explain but I can tell you sometimes I feel really, really alone. So going back to Chicago was kind of a feeling of hope that I won’t die alone here in case something would happen to Ron (that sounds dramatic, I know, but it’s a true feeling #beinghonesthere).

      anyway, it’s fine, it will be fine and I just have to keep making efforts :)

  6. Coco says:

    Wow, so much going on. I definitely understand the downsides to moving to the states. A family friend went through a similar debate and decided to stay in the UK …. Congrats on being suggested for the position though.

  7. I ran in the wind for my long run this weekend and it’s so hard! Sorry to hear about your DNF.

    1. Renée says:

      so brutal!!

  8. Sorry about your DNF – running in strong winds is just brutal on your body! The job offer sounds really interesting, but I can so see your point about the downsides. So sorry you still haven’t been able to get any answers on your foot – that has to be so frustrating!

    1. Renée says:

      yeah I’m pretty much over the DNF now. Since then I’ve run one Sunday 22 KM and last Sunday 21 so it was just not my day!! I wish the timing had been right for a Chicago move, but it’s just not. too many cons! hopefully I have news on my foot in May when I see the neurologist, but yes it is very VERY frustrating!

  9. runswithpugs says:

    Oh, gosh. That is a huge decision! I don’t know how you are going to make that one, especially with so many great things going for you there! I think if kids weren’t a factor, it would be a much easier choice, but I think they will be a huge factor in your decision.

    I’m sorry about the DNF. I totally get why you did it, but it would mess with my head a bit. The wind seems to be crazy everywhere! We’ve been dealing with it down here, too.

    I’m glad things seem to be settling down for you a bit. Good luck with your decision!

    1. Renée says:

      yeah the kids were a factor especially after hearing the Boy’s thoughts on the matter!

      thank you :)

  10. agsignor says:

    Oh man, what a whirlwind week. First, I know we’ve never met, but I can assure you that you ARE qualified for this new position. No, you may not know everything, but YOU CAN LEARN! Don’t sell yourself short. As for the tingling in your foot, how frustrating. I’m so sorry doctors haven’t been able to give you better answers/solutions! I hope that goes away soon.

    1. Renée says:

      ah thanks Andrea! you are right, I certainly am qualified and I can learn anything! thank you for that!
      hopefully I’ll have some answers in may about the foot… the story continues…

  11. So sorry about the DNF. I can’t imagine how windy it was! Where do you live? Seems like you are enjoying where you are and if there are too many cons in taking the job in Chicago, I think you should do what’s best for you and your family. My oldest is 14 and would love to take her to a concert! But it is dangerous here to even think of taking her somewhere with all the shootings that happen. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Renée says:

      oh man it was so bad! I’m in the Netherlands, in Arnhem to be exact. it’s the exact other side of the country (next to Germany) than Amsterdam :)

      that’s a bummer that you wouldn’t feel safe taking your daughter to a concert :( this is definitely a reason for us not to move to the states. not that things don’t happen in Europe- they do – but we just don’t have shootings. Having a gun is a privilege, not a right.

  12. Kudos to you for looking at both the pros and cons of taking the job in a Chicago. It’s clear that you’re taking your time with your decision. Best of luck in making your final decision. I’m sure that whatever you decide will be the right choice.

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