Weigh-in Week #6

13 June, 2018 Off By Renée

Weigh-in Week #6

This week really was successful. Things I did:

1) *Most* days at daily points (23) or just under
2) I say *most* because Saturday and Sunday were a bit more “free” – I still logged everything to my best ability and used *most* of my weekly extras (35 points) in the weekend (including 1 beer and 1 glass of wine).
3) I definitely had a lot of exercise points from walking, running, RPM and Bodypump
4) Ate quite a lot of veg and a bit of fruit.

Things I didn’t do:
1) To be honest I did NOT eat a lot of carbs at all. Very minimal. And I feel pretty ok. I’m not dying of starvation (how I sometimes feel during this process). Protein is making me feel fuller, longer.  I can’t believe it; normally this happens to everyone but me! (like “oatmeal fills me up!  I’m not hungry the whole morning!”  – that NEVER happens to me)


I really did not expect a result like this! And to be frank, I find it a LOT in one go;  1.6KG = 3.5lbs ! Now that I’m training again, I need to definitely take in enough carbs to have the glucose that my body will need for running.

My plan this week is to try to replicate the same, but check out different carb options that will help me fuel but not “cost” me too many points.


QOTD:  do you eat carbs (bread, pasta, rice) daily or only on training days? What’s your favorite type of “real food” fuel you take in for training (not that bars, etc., are not real food, but hopefully you know what I mean).?