WRD:: Weeks 12 + 13

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!


Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

As you know or may have noticed, I missed the Weekly Run Down last week because I was in the process of moving my blog to a new host as well as updating the name of the url. So I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, which shouldn’t be too hard considering week 13 there was literally nothing going on…

Week 12 planned vs. actual

  • Monday – REST (meeting friends for dinner in Amsterdam)
  • Tuesday – Day off switch – RPM in the evening
  • Wednesday – Pilates
  • Thursday – PT with Chantor
  • Friday – Last Runiversity training
  • Saturday – not sure yet, looking at a 10K race in the area errands in town
  • Sunday – not sure yet, looking at a different 10K race in the area marathon course support

So week 12 actually went to plan, except I did make the decision to let go of the 10KM PR and take care of some things so I’d be prepared for surgery. Saturday was also quite fun, but nothing really fitness related unless you count running around town arranging things (my crutches, Ron’s glasses) and eating and drinking with one of my favorite couples in the evening. I was definitely flexing my biceps and facial muscles that night with burgers and G&T’s!

My other favorite moments of week 12: Seeing my friends Carver and Meegan with Dani in Amsterdam, PT with Chantor and on Sunday, Ron ran his 23rd marathon as a training (I know!) and I was there cheering him on from the sidelines! Even with some issues (mostly with his back) the guy still finished under 3:30.

drinks and pasta with friends, does it get better?
my last non-running workout and the first in Chantor’s new personal training space
he looks so happy coming in to the finish, but there was a struggle underneath that he conquered!

Week 13

Let’s make this easy, shall we?

There was no real plan for week 13 except surgery and Monday was the day. Everything went well, in fact better than I expected (knowing what it was like at the hospital two times previously, and this was at a private clinic). My room was great, nice and private and comfortable for Ron, who took the day off to drive me to and from the clinic. I arrived right at 9am and was almost immediately set up in my room, my vitals taken and my lovely hospital gown issued to me. At 10:45 I went up to the the operating room where my vitals were taken again and at 11:00 I was given an epidural. it didn’t take long until I literally had no feeling at all from my waist down and the surgeon started on the surgery. It went so fast!! at 11:15 it was done and Dr van Dalen even showed me what she removed from my foot, including the nerve ending and some built up tissue (not unlike 3 years ago, though a much smaller amount). I spent about 45 minutes in the recovery room and then back to my own room-for-the-day for a couple of hours. We were out around 4pm and back home before 6pm. Actually this was the most efficient of my three foot surgeries.

Something else that is different this time: I have to keep my bandage on until my follow-up appointment, which is Tuesday (so 8 days). Also, I have no pain. Like, really, nothing. I started taking my “prescribed” pain meds (which is a hilarious joke, yet extremely Dutch in the meantime) of paracetamol and naproxen (two items you can buy over the counter) and I stopped as of yesterday (only taking it in the morning). I did get Tramadol and I haven’t taken it. I’m not into taking pills if I don’t need them.

Speaking of pills, I will stop my Nortriptyline in another week; I am taking this for nerve pain in my foot, but it is actually an anti-depressant. This has worked for the reason prescribed but I asked my doctor if I could stop and she said “after two weeks”. I can’t tell you how happy I am to stop putting this crap into my body, especially if I no longer need it. Fingers crossed I won’t have to go back on it later.

Other than that, bored, watching a lot of Netflix and about to work on a movement plan for next week!

That’s a wrap!

How was your week last week? Anything exciting to tell me so that I can live vicariously through you?

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  1. So glad to read that your surgery went well. Now on to the recovery phase! I pondered your question and could not come up with anything better than pasta with friends! :)

  2. Yay on an efficient and relatively pain free surgery. Gentle healing hugs
    Love the new colors on the blog too!

  3. I’m so glad this surgery is in the rear window, and that it went well for you. Upward and onward, right? Here’s hoping your recovery continues to go well ;-) Thanks for linking with us ;-)

  4. Glad that the surgery went so well! It’s hard being immobile, but it thankfully is only temporary and I have no doubt you’ll work up a plan that will work well for you.

    BTW, Some cats get overstimulated by petting (not mine!), but it does happen. So they really do enjoy it . . . up to a point.

    Sometimes they give clues, if you watch them — like if they flatten their ears (we call it airplane ears) but of course sometimes they don’t.

    1. Thanks! I’ve procrastinated that plan but it will happen. I have a fire under my ass now that I’ve got my bandage off!

      Ah you are so right too about the clues. problem with Nena is that she’s a bred British Short Hair and her face and ears are all kind of smooshed so you don’t see the airplane ears right away :) but yeah, I’m staying more on the lookout for signs.

  5. Glad your surgery went well and that you’re getting off all your meds.

    I’m heading in the opposite direction–started 2 new meds this week. I never wanted to be “that” person!!! Oh the humanity!

    1. Thanks! Are you new meds just temporary though, due to the flare? It sucks though, needing meds. I really do feel for you.

  6. So nice that you got to meet up with friends, including Dani, last week! It’s always nice to meet up with people and share laughs and good times :)

    I am glad that the surgery went well and that you aren’t in any pain!

    1. Yes it’s always good to meet up with Dani, let alone a huge bonus to see Mimi and Carver. It’s bean AGES.

      thanks! still no pain!

  7. Oh wow, I’m glad your surgery went well. Interesting they numbed you all the way down. That was nice! Glad to see your blog made it through the move. I switched hosts this year and it was stressful. Stressful because I moved it all myself (copying files). The first “new host” sucked, so I had to find a second one and move it all again. I didn’t know I had such WordPress skills, but I learned a lot!

    1. Yes I had an epidural the last time as well. WAY better than being put under and taking hours to come out of it, then feeling groggy for two days. epidurals ARE weird though if you ask me! I hope my host is going to work out – I’m noticing a few things that aren’t working 100%, but maybe there are just a few bugs to sort out. I hope I don’t have to learn more than I have already had to just with the new wordpress version! ha!

    1. I thought it went really fast too! I’m surprised at how little pain I have had in general. It’s kind of amazing!

  8. Everything looks great over there!

    As far as the surgery, it looks like everything went well. I know you’re absolutely ready to get moving again, but you are doing a great job of resting, even if you’re over it.

    I can’t wait for you to be up and at ’em again!

    1. Thanks Jenn! I’m looking forward to getting back at it, all in due time (in my head I’ve already run around the park across the street a few times haha!).

  9. I’m so glad your surgery went well and you aren’t in pain. That is huge! Remember to take it s-l-o-w-ly. Even though the surgery was quick and you feel pretty good, you did have your foot cut apart. ;-) Congrats to Ron – that’s amazing!

    1. thanks Coco. Taking it slow will be a challenge, but you are right. And Ron is reminding me like every 10 minutes haha!

  10. That’s great that the surgery went well and there’s no pain! Hope you find some fun things on Netflix to keep your interest. And congrats to Run for the marathon :)

  11. So glad the surgery went well! Wishing you a super speedy recovery!
    Well done to hubby on that training marathon! LOL, I’m looking forward to the day I can do a marathon as part of training! What a champ.
    PS: I love this – “I was definitely flexing my biceps and facial muscles that night with burgers and G&T’s!”

    1. Thanks! Yeah, he’s a nutter. I don’t think I’ll ever do a marathon as a training for a marathon! and yeah it takes special muscles to eat burgers and drink gin! ha!

  12. So glad the surgery went well! I couldn’t agree more about taking prescription meds. If I don’t REALLY need them, I don’t take them so I hope the weening period is quick and painless for you!

  13. Sounds like everything went off without a hitch. Yay! I’m the same way about meds. Hate them and more often than not I don’t need them. Here’s to a speedy and complete recovery!

  14. Great news that your surgery went well and I hope you continue to recover well!

    I have to admit that Liverpool RnR marathon (although only my 3rd official mara) is a training run for my ultra, really … !

    1. Thanks Liz! well I do get running a marathon as training for an ultra, that makes more sense!
      you aren’t doing the 5K on Saturday are you?

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