WRD: Getting Ready to kick 2019 to the curb

1 December, 2019 Off By Renée

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One Month To Go

For real, y’all, I am so ready to see the backside of this year. I know some of you have had an amazing year with tons of accomplishments to proudly shout from the rooftops – me? not so much.

Anyway, you know the deal; it’s time to share all things fitness for this past week!

This Week In Fitness

Planned vs. Actual

  • Monday – pilates
  • Tuesday – in Amsterdam for work, will likely be a rest day
  • Wednesday – November project run? otherwise hotel gym
  • Thursday – hotel gym, own gym after I got home
  • Friday – appt with gym trainer
  • Saturday – RPM with Anne (my old instructor, now at a different gym
  • Sunday – Spin bike at home (unless there is an RPM class next week; my instructor is on vacation and usually it then becomes a spin class with a different instructor)

Out of my own comfort zone

Because I was in Amsterdam Tuesday – Thursday, I had less “control” over my time.


Didn’t make it; still have quite some stress and workload, and I didn’t even leave the office until 5:45pm when Pilates starts at 5:30. Better luck next week.


Really wanted to use the hotel gym Thursday morning but was absolutely toast after two full days training (mostly listening and going through a LOT of material), so I slept in until about 7, then got up, packed and went down to the starbucks to drink a giant coffee.

I did make it Thursday evening for a bit of cardio (some walk/run intervals on the ‘mill and the elliptical) and Friday I biked (10KM) there and back for an appointment with a trainer for new exercises for my program.


Well, I am really glad that I contacted November Project earlier in the week to double check the time and place of the Wednesday morning workout! A friend I met on Twitter YEARS ago (probably 8 or so?) is actually manning their social media so on Tuesday he messaged me and asked if I was still planning on going. I was, but the fact that he asked and then later offered to swing by the hotel and pick me up, sealed the deal for me. I had asked Dani if she was going but at the time she wasn’t sure of it.

I had a tiny idea what to expect with NP; I know they do a workout and a run in one session and Wednesday morning was no exception. Complete with my favorite… burpees (not)! What I didn’t know was how welcome everyone made me feel. Everyone hugged me when meeting me (they hug everyone and that’s very UN-Dutch) and Stephen hung out with me the most during the workout. It’s the first time we’ve actually done something “in real life” together besides when I once saw him on my flight to Liverpool (he’s a flight attendant) and during the Amsterdam marathon where I got a much needed hug from him and other NP members. So much fun! Too bad I live so far away.

with Stephen after the workout
with the group – happy people at 7:15am; who knew it was possible?

RPM with Anne

I didn’t make it to RPM at my own gym Tuesday since I was in Amsterdam, and I was not sure if there was an RPM lesson on Sunday (since my instructor is not there this week). Anne has asked me a few times if I want to pick up one of her classes at her new gym so, of course, I said yes! Finally I was able to go on Saturday! We had an amazing sweat session! I hope I can do another of her classes in the new year. As I’m not a member at that gym I really can’t go all the time and I certainly don’t want to take advantage of her invitation, but once in a while would be cool. She’s still my favorite instructor – it’s not quite the same at my new gym.

Our Spin Bike is here!

Our bike is here, it’s set up, the Apple TV set up, our Les Mills on Demand subscription is fully activated and we are ready to rumble! Ron was already sweating up a storm in our exercise room on Saturday with a spinning lesson and body balance.

Sunday was my turn; I did RPM 78 and funnily enough (I did not know beforehand) it was filmed in Amsterdam! Then I did 15 min Yoga for runners stretch (it was a half hour but I was dying – something to strive for now!).

I just started so of course I’m smiling
definitely need to work on my balance. this was HARD. I just don’t get how everyone does yoga so “easily”!

Update on my Health

Well, I went to the doctor and she thought that I might have an inguinal hernia (hence the “odd” feeling in my lower abdomen) so she’s referred me for an ultrasound. I don’t know when that is yet, but I’ll update as I know.

I do know that this is not something that can fix itself and that if it gets worse it could have pretty bad consequences so surgery is recommended at a certain point. It’s not painful but it is annoying. And I’m also annoyed that ONCE AGAIN some shit (excuse my french) is happening to my body. I can get upset about it, but I’m so tired of being upset, so I’m just moving right along here.

I didn’t mention it last week, but I’m IN as far as the Chicago Marathon goes so whatever is happening in October of next year with my foot (still screwed), back (is fine right now), or the new development (just call me Hernia Girl), I am going to cross that freaking finish line. It may very well be my last marathon and at this stage I’m fine with that. Ask me again in a month – hahaha!

Coming up Next Week

The Plan

  • Monday – AM spin, PM pilates
  • Tuesday – RPM at the gym
  • Wednesday – gym, cardio and strength
  • Thursday – REST (out with friends)
  • Friday – AM Spin or Run or some strength at home
  • Saturday – REST (away in Zeeland)
  • Sunday – home from Zeeland, will see what I can fit in

Friday evening Ron and I are driving to Haarlem to meet our friends Yvonne and Stephan for dinner, then I’m staying over with Yvonne and we are going to Zeeland for the day/night and coming back on Sunday. So I’ll see what I can fit in, but not worried about it.

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Did you smash some goals? Did you enjoy a piece of pie for me on Thanksgiving? Have you ever had a hernia or know someone who has (and did they have successful surgery?)? Do you find Yoga hard or a piece of cake? Are you looking forward to the new year?