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Beach Bodies

Tweet (written from the Beach in Stalida, Crete) At the beginning of each year, we are blasted with suggestions to “lose weight” and “get fit” because of course we have to look good for Valentine’s Day or Spring Break. Then around March we are blasted with all kinds of diet and exercise tips so that…

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Whatever You Want To Call It

Tweet So, hey guys – who listened to Two Fit Chicks Podcast #14 this week? As I love MizFit and Shauna, I of course was very keen on hearing their episode on Intuitive Eating. There were a lot of things they talked about which made a lot of sense, some things I had heard before…

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I’m Still Amazed

Tweet Since June 7th, 2009, after I got my new running shoes as a reward for losing weight and reaching a mini-goal of under 90KG, I have logged over 600 Kilometers on my Nike +. SIX HUNDRED. Dudes, that’s like to running to PARIS from here! I am still amazed! I’m a RUNNER people! I…

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Seven More Days

Tweet Seven more days and I’ll be lying next to the pool or on the beach in Crete. There have been a LOT of changes since the last time I went on holiday with the kids and Hubs to Greece. That trip was in July 2007. We had a great time (for the most part…

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