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Post-Op Update

Yes!! 12 days Post-Op today! So far so good. The first day was actually odd since my foot still felt a bit numb, slightly tingly. The 2nd day was when the pain kicked in but all in all it wasn’t that bad. I spent quite a few days on the couch doing nothing but binge…

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The sound made when (nearly) two months of the new year fly by and you haven’t done an update on your blog. I had about 3,682 good intentions since the beginning of the year to sit down and write a post about all of the stuff. I think we know by now that I’m constantly…

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hey Everyone hope you guys had a great weekend. many of you had a three-day weekend! I remember Labor Day… always around my birthday so I always celebrated by going somewhere or taking another extra day off. According to my time-hop, I’m still going somewhere in general for my birthday. What can I say? I…

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