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How Weight Watchers fits into Life


Just wanted to report in that I had a GREAT day today. Yesterday I had a MEGA fail at running… or so I thought and then I switched it around… You know what?  I tried!  I went out there even though I was exhausted and had a bit of a belly ache (ate too many…

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So What?

Yesterday I met with my coach – I have been going through coaching for a few months now, for work, but it’s also helping me with my personal outlook on life – and there was something that we talked about that kind of caused me to have one of those light-bulb moments. No matter whether…

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The Road To Hell

Was paved with good intentions… That’s what the past, oh, I don’t know, 10 days has been like. Lots of half-blogs written, goals jotted down, notes of “I’m going to fill-in-the-blank-here” but honestly, it’s all been just a cover-up of paving the road to hell. Last week I was in London for work and before…

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Where was I?

Oh, yeah.  That Project I was working on.  The exercise. The food. I seem to have run out of steam. And isn’t that funny, right after I finally broke under 80 Kilos. Right after I went on a fabulous shopping trip, that scored me clothes that really show off how far I’ve come so far…

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Vlog Fail and The List

Yesterday I made another Vlog.  I decided I would try to do this for a while, do a vlog and try to connect using this medium instead of just writing.  Hubs goes to school on Thursdays, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to do the vlog at home without him doing something to…

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Project 42:5

Update from last week: These were my goals: 1) Eat well. Track Monday – Friday. (Sat – Friday no longer possible). 2) Running – 2 times 3) Get thee to the gym! Will go the evening I do not see my friend (I don’t know when that will be yet because she’s arriving tomorrow). 4)…

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